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Thread: I Wrote Something Impossible.

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    2 Liters Width this Bottle Neck had her Thirsty when i Pop Off.
    "Hes Got a Unique Meter!"

    Thinkin outside my Thoughts Manipulate Face hands off my Clock
    Box a Movie Theater

    Soft Drinkin my Equilibriums "DAnkh"...
    Hook up The Bracelet of Anubis Call it my I Watch
    Achilles Heels turning red and blue takin on a Dog WALK
    no roads better to cross Sapphire bird " Call that a Cold Cock¡!"
    from a "Pacman" in Paris Pans Panning Labyrinths A Mazed running
    on music like Tha Rock whippin better then jimmy Neutrons

    ... Style makes Our Classic Modern Eighties cheatah?
    UhDDuz(UDDERS+ADIDAS) "GODDARD" "SkyWalker" Call that Harry
    Potter at the Roboxer smoking bud from jimmy Wonkers

    give that a D +
    Oh Gosh Sex in CVS / HoMâge/ Po-ca-hon-tas chair gifted like Op-
    rahs-Hola-no bras vuela-ar tuoi o-Yâ aur-revior no-mas Veteran Indi-
    En Sit-in on ma stick shift of Mua Cö-Brâ..... engine Knocking sicker
    then Jehovah with pneumonia

    Can we get every Ticket so i can load the Super Bowl Comon!
    Makin her Jaw Drop ready to turn Dragon Rude into an tan Dra (Gone)
    Dolph-in ima RAOBAWT fly fishin Santa Cla₩§ Idle Hands Examined n
    Exposé Gods

    lips im here to naturally Lift I'd Volunteer for Slavery if the Hills were
    rich like Jessica Albas Exposed Bod

    yo problems in the street
    I get hi on Florida Keys You a Hero Touch Down!
    Stranger Danger in my End Zone

    I know all secrets now

    You want a philosopher stone like Vlad the impaler?

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    Makes Joyce look like an amateur. Imagining Jehovah with pneumonia not being sicker than a knocking engine is an interesting way to look at things, I must say. Do you have a tune for it?

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