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    Over at my mom's during the holidays. She pulls out pieces of my early schoolwork from some drawer of an old chest she keeps memorabilia in. My wife starts looking through it and finds something I wrote when I was in Grade 8 and 12 years old. She starts reading it, we have a few laughs but then asks me why I called it The Poem that Never Ends. My simple answer was because at the time I realized there wasn't an end to it and there would always be more to add. I simply gave up on it.

    If I remember correctly, I originally wanted to call this poem "Someone" and you'll see why. Since we all love to play games I'm going to show you what I wrote and hopefully new lines/verses/stanzas can be added by the membership. Basically it's a game of opposites and rhymes. Maybe they say something, maybe they don't. Here we go....

    The Poem that Never Ends

    Someone lives, someone dies
    Someone laughs, someone cries
    Someone saves, someone kills
    Someone empties, someone fills

    Someone strong, someone weak
    Someone knows, someone seeks
    Someone loves, someone hates
    Someone early, someone late

    Someone kind, someone mean
    Someone hidden, someone seen
    Someone brave, someone fears
    Someone leaves, someone nears

    Someone wins, someone loses
    Someone heals, someone bruises
    Someone runs, someone walks
    Someone listens, someone talks

    Someone always, someone never
    Someone challenged, someone clever
    Someone couldn't, someone could
    Someone wouldn't, someone would

    Someone borrows, someone lends
    Someone breaks, someone mends
    Someone praises, someone rants
    Someone takes, someone grants

    Someone now, someone then
    Someone won't, someone when
    Someone present, someone past
    Someone first, someone last

    ......That's as far as I got according to what was found but I think there might be a page missing. I'm asking for forum participation to continue the poem ad infinitum. I was 12 many years ago and things have changed a lot since then. Perhaps we can catch up with the times a bit.

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    Someone braves, someone scampers
    Someone helps, someone hampers
    Someone gives, someone steals
    Someone thinks, someone feels

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    Someone sleeps, someone wakes
    Someone destroys, someone makes
    Someone loses, someone finds
    Someone loosens, someone binds
    Someone meek, someone bold
    Someone young, someone old
    Someone joyful, someone sad
    Someone good, someone bad
    Someone loud, Someone mute
    Someone homely, someone cute
    Someone infects, someone cures
    Someone repels, someone lures
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