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    So I saw Captain America which was the best of the three and I would recommend it. Transcendence was so so and I wouldn't think it was that bad but not that good either. Divergence was not worth my time or money so don't bother with this one. Over 6 hours of watching them all so got my monies worth even though 2 of the 3 were not that good.

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    Divergent looked like crap. I'm tired of all these teen romance movies set to a random theme. I get that YA material is where the money is, but it makes for some really lousy movies.

    I hope I feel differently about Transcendence. I want to like it, but not enough to see it in the theater.

    I'm fairly indifferent regarding Cap when it comes to Marvel heroes. If they can make a decent Deadpool movie, I'm in.

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