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    My list of 100 movies keeps evolving. I included some astronomy documentaries, having a vague feeling that one should eventually outgrow movies. I will not say these are my favorites. I will say they are the 100 that for one reason or another ended up on this list. Movies might be like people, half good and half bad. My list is a bit kinky. Thirteen titles relate to some of my favorite music (Elvis, Beatles, ABBA), followed by an array of Broadway musicals gone Hollywood. There are comic book movies and those that feature some of the most charming actresses of their era (Natalie Wood, Jane Fonda, Jenny Agutter). There is comedy and Greek mythology. There are three Woody Allen flicks balanced by three bios of Jesus. There is classic science fiction and war, no doubt because I was in the army. It is a baby boomer list and runs the gamut from Shakespeare to the New York Yankees. I like movies that teach me, take me to foreign lands, maybe into the past or into the future. My annotations are personal and contain links to youtube trailers or reviews or pictures that expand each entry.

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