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    So we start this reading at 2:58 AM, December 16th, 2005, I am 19 years old, My name is Polarbear((edited for privacy)); and my adventures in life are just beginning. I have hopes for the world. A world shrouded by envy, evil, hate, and misunderstandings. All in all I believe in people. I believe people have the power to change somehow even no matter how deep they have been brainwashed by the ill tidings of life’s misfortunes or the clouding of the brain caused by the rush of today’s society. There is good in everyone…sometimes you just have to find it. There are two ways to win an argument with a fellow man. You can prove your argument more valid, but what you can you accomplish by this? Perhaps nothing at all, or you can gain the trust of the man/woman. You can enable them to open their mind to better understand your argument. To truly change someone’s inner beliefs is by far a very difficult task.
    All men commonly seek their purpose in life. We seek to understand the inner workings of nature. We seek to unravel all the mysteries of life. The only problem is what will happen once we have opened the lid of everything we desire to know? What else is left afterwards? What excitement, what adventure, what purpose? Are these thoughts of mine even just even more showing my lack of understanding of the mysteries of life. Perhaps so. Most likely so.

    -Written Last night...

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    You afre a very eloquent writer well able to express yourself. My hat is off to you . . .

    Just what are the mysteries you write of?


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