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Thread: A Man Needs A Woman

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    No one knows a man needs a woman better than a man who does not have one.

    I got my job
    I make enough to get by
    My bills are paid
    I own my own place
    But every night when I come home
    I look around and I'm alone
    A Man Needs A Woman

    I got some friends
    We hang out together
    It's baseball games
    Karaoke bars
    But when they turn out the lights
    And you've got to face the night
    A Man Needs A Woman

    This loneliness surrounds me
    As I rise from my bed
    The Waffle House
    Has become my second home
    They turn around to look
    As I walk through the door
    They're desperate
    I see it in their eyes

    The sun comes up
    I tell myself I must go on
    Who could she be?
    This woman that I need
    This emptiness inside me
    Is more than I can stand
    A Man Needs A Woman

    Jim Colyer ascap

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    Jeez. If all you do is go to baseball games, hang out with knuckleheads, go to karoake bars and the Waffle House, well no wonder you don't have a woman. Why don't you do something worthwhile with your life, something to make you interesting? Maybe then the women would notice you.

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    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
    Jimi Hendrix
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    think of the counterpart
    A woman needs a man.
    Then fulfill her needs, and yours will be met as well.

    wei wu wei
    (doing by not doing)
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    Interesting lyrics, though kind of sad. Is this a country song? Im not sure any romance tips i could have would be any good because of cultural differences

    (had to lookup wikipedia to know what a waffle house was, i looked up youtube and found this
    Jim Gaffigan talks about Waffle House
    Apparently its worse than a iHop, i dont know what a ihop is either but the clip is funny nonetheless)
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