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    One of the best times to visit Kerala travel destinations is during festival time. The festivals celebrated here depict the rich culture of the state. The tourists are held spell bound by the spectacle of the festivals that are celebrated with great pomp.

    One of the great festivals in Kerala is the Thrissur Pooram festival. This festival was introduced by Saktan Thampuran, the Maharaja of erstwhile Kochi state. The temple festival of Thrissur Pooram has been attracting great masses of people with every passing year. Impressive and awe-inspiring processions are arranged by various temples that parade to the Vadakumnatha temple through the western gate and come out through the Southern gate on the day before the closing of the Pooram. The groups display their artistic prowess in the Pooram which is a treat to the connoisseurs of the festivals. Caparisoned elephants and the exchange of parasols are a great spectacle to watch. The fireworks that then begin go on for hours together and engulf the Thrissur city in a blanket of lights and colors. The Panchavadyam, which is a combination of five percussion and wind instruments, has a marvelous and magical effect and brings about a feeling of sanctity. The whole Pooram consists of the eight day Utsavam of nine temples. Among all the temples the prominent groups are the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi. The processions of these troops start from the Devi temple and Krishna temple. The celebrations start from early morning and are carried on till the break of dawn next day.

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