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Thread: Come and see my Garden. I have bees and flowers.

  1. #1 Come and see my Garden. I have bees and flowers. 
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    Art and Culture Forum. Creations that add to the well being of the Flora and Fauna and human living conditions. Therefore Survival. Don't grunt or growl, grow things. Don't be seen as a nasty weed, not fit for the compost heap. Be Life -enhancing. Don't like the bhuman race? thats OK, don't fancy some of them myself. But you should see my pink petunas, my purple aspadepras, my violet chrisamtheems, and the lilies of the valleys. Invite strangers in to see your marigolds and buttercups. Make an effort to have a ghetto with mosses, water lilies, and tinkling water drops. This then is your canvas, your contribution to your Culture. think about it. The choice is yours. You only pass this way once, so what sought of footprint do you want to leave behind.? This is really boring, I haven't really got all those flowers and things, just rusty old car bodies and meter high weeds and thistles, and you will never see any footprints. And all those lovely giggly dinners at Restaurants, all those wild Parties, all those days surfing at the beach, running around the tan in 39 minutes to the 8 mile, tell someone who cares....westwind.

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