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    I had a wonderful science fiction dream. This dream is like time-travel in time continuim where the time is divided in different phases. In the first phase, i open my eyes and found myself on a planet civilization similar like earth. There are many houses built like the mohenjodaro and harappa valley civilizations. Then there are tumblers kept containing food on the corners of the houses. Like magic a leader man appears in superhuman dress. Then at other corners there are sci-fi robot soldiers and the residents only communicate through telekinesis. There is also a mutant cyborg which appear in the latter part of the dream. The leader then offers me their food which he conveys through telekinesis that its for superhumans. Then i try to move away from the valley to return back to earth. The unknown planet has lesser air-resistance and gravity, so it enhances greater movement and long jumps. There is a split in the unknown planet a crevice which runs deep into the unknown. I jump over through it and through tele-portation return to earth. The time-travel instead brings back me to a second phase of earth when the sun seems diminished. The mutant cyborg of the unknown planet even appears on earth. It has the ability to tresspass into a human and pop itself out rupturing the victims' head. Then many mutants are seen on earth. Then i again travel and in the third phase found myself on a space-ship. There are many other scientists working on top of the space-ship. From above the earth seems like a watery mass with some lands. I had a geographical map and in my study its said that since the passage of time at many places there are water expansions. And i am viewing earth in its fourth dimension, so the water(and perhaps life too) makes its way into the earth's atmosphere not as clouds but as watery dimensions in space.

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