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    I just watched a film called Rivers and Tides about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his work, and the film was completely mesmerizing. You can see some of his art in the link, but the Google video doesn't do it justice. The film shows the process and the feeling, and I highly recommend downloading it from Netflix or getting the DVD. I have artist friends, and I paint a bit myself; but I always complain that I can only paint what I see - I don't possess that "vision thing" that sees the essence and brings it out. Well, true artists do and Goldsworthy is clearly a true artist. I'm quite overwhelmed.

    One thought that did occur to me was how different, and how much better is Goldsworthy's feeling for and sympathy with the environment than that other artist, Christo, who wants to defile our Arkansas River by hammering steel stakes into the rock and covering it with shiny cloth.
    More Goldsworthy images here

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