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    Everyone sees fashion every day. You wear it to work or when going out, but is it really fashio? You might have an idea of what to buy in the ordinary shops, and you need to know someone to get into that. Everyone can make their own radical clothes for others to wear, and that is what we see all the time, what used to look good while ago.

    Fasion carries an eternal flame. What was in about ten years ago migh be coming back. How about that bell bottom resurgance that went on a while ago? didn't really catch on, but it made it's way onto the walkways, yes?

    The best place to look for design ideas is in magazine adverts. Here you will find all the simple clothes finely pressed with people in make up wearing them. These are always either sexy outfits or maybe something practical, but then the main dress code is simple stuff because that takes the attention away from the advert as to the item being shown. Nevertheless you will get ideas of what to put on a model by looking at them, as they excite everybodies imaginations as to what it would look like on the viewer. Take note of the faces, shoulder spans and height of the models, you will probaby be using people like this to display yuor wares. Once you have a good idea what a model looks like you can begin designing the garment.

    Let's start with a skirt. Skirts come in all different sizes, so, you need to make your pattern match your skirt. Usually a short skirt wil have very little detaila and a long dress like skirt will have a lot fo detail. Think of what a skirt would look like if it was all colourful and random. No good? Try a skirt that has structure, that is 'boring' or carries little detail. Look at the trends people buy into then! You will find that there is no exotic skirts because you do not go exoic in the work place! Seeing as how there is no other detailed skits walking around the trend for skirts is 'simple'. The skirts are actually worn for comfort, not to impress people. Skirts of longer length will be more detailed you will find, unless it goes with a top that is also detailed or also plain. leving a plain skirt allows for an exciting top or blouse that doesn't clash with the skirt. On the other hand, if you were to wear a submissive top then you could make a statement with the skirt! If you wear a mediu length skirt you will be trying to submit or hide things from people that day, maybe a sense of insecurity? You will find that the most promiscous women are into medium length skirts as they allow freedom to move while concealing thier bodies - mayeb they feel discomfort about what they have done, or are rather shy? A full length skirt will make the statement that the woman is feeling sexy, seducing people by showing less, becoming a 'fantasy'. You will see a lot of this at parties where women try to tempt men by wearing a long skirt to add a hint of mystery to themselves, as it conceals their legs, making them more comfortable and confident when speaking to men, as they will no longer be in the bikinis they wear on the beach which is blatantly 'provocative'. So, look at womn that wear long skirts. They like to feel the freedom of not being hampered by inner leggings, or, will feel as if they are in their own fantasy with the rub of their thighs against each other every now and again. Oh yes!

    Tops are very varied. They are usually very revealing or very conservative because they want to show thier beutiful skin to the peers of thiers, or, want to dazzle them with thier modesty - one or the other it seems. If they do go half way then they are not sure about what their friends think of them and will emit a message of interest for criticism fro thier peers and the people they meet when dressed up. If the top is exotic then they are drawing attnetion to themselves as if they were very interesting and vibrant. If the top is uniform or has a definite pattern then they will be saying that they are outgoing and ready to meet new people. If they wear something normal or blank, they are not interested in making new aquiantance or are afriad to indulge in the people. If it has a plunge at the bottom they will usually be playing possum by making other people's subconscioud think they are vulenrable to being seen from behind, sort of like a 'trap', or having people takl about you behind your back. If the plunge is in front then they will be asking people to approach them directly and with eye contact as they do not yet feel comfortable enough to let people talk about them, but rather to them. It is an invitation to a flirt more or less. Sleeves can be long or short, but the longer they are the more they will be saying no to engagements, as they are hiding their arms meaning they imagine themselves doign work and are resisting, or, they have less sleaves and don't feel the need to do work for anybody but will if the need arises. They are more outgoing if they have less sleeves as they expose thier arms to invite people to talk to them or are ready to do some work. Think of strippers, they don't wear sleeves because they need to get people to like them! If they do not habe sleeves then they will be in an outgoing mood where they are exposed socially to critisism and want an answer by, once again, playing possum.

    Shoes are another thing that needs to match the skirt or pants. The skirt or pants is the decisive facotr here as they cannot clash with the top nor the shoes. If they do clash then it is a failure and they need to change the shoes - the shoes are dependant on the lower garment for thier 'fitting in ability'. The best shoes are black of course. Sandals are something that you want to wear with white leggings as white is an explosive colour full of cceptance of the world around them suiting the sandals very well. Heels will make the model look taller and also more elegant, and might just suite a shorter skirt in a 'cheeky' way! Keeping the shoes simple is imperative for modelling designer garments as the order of information about the 'gear' coms from top to bottom as the people look up at the ramp and then focus on the waist first, as, believe it or not, people that go to these functions are high society and will break bread with the models if they liked the last one, acepting them at eye level, which would be in the shins or so. Then it is a trip upwards to the top, and mayeb down to the shoes. As long as the shoes don't draw too much attention, unless they are studed with diamonds of course, then there should be no problem at all with the shoes. Open shoes go with short skirts or pants, and heels go with dresses to my knowledge.

    As long as you don't mess with the cultural norms you can create anything you want. Try even the stupidest thing you can think of on paper, just thrust something onto the pad and then improvise. Use a photo copier to copy you joke out on, and then when you are finnished laughing you can alter each one a bit differently detail by deatail. If you were to add one thing from this or that you will be adding ideas onto the outfit as you see them individually, now put them together. If that doesn't wok use a second copy to use different styles on that one. You made it you better improvise something or you wasted your time. Think of this as a lego adventure...

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