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    Anyone can write if they have learned how. I propose people learn to write with a stencil still as it will get them into the habit of writing the letters correctly and quickly.

    If you want to write like a genius you need to, as in skethching, develop your conscious relating to your actions, your dream becoming life, is not as hard though.

    If you want to make people laugh make a joke. Take a scenario that seems funny to you and work it backwards as to how it got like that. This could be made easier with a note pad to jot notes down onto describing the joke. The great thing about writing a joke instead of saying one is setting the mood. You have an idea of what you want your joke to be, so you set the scene as finely as you can - no author enjoys more than to set up a joke, as making people laugh is the best feeling as a writer as it is the cleanest form of entertainment. No tears, no fear, yes it must be the best way to write. When you set the scene for the joke make sure to describe everything you want to be included in the joke you have planned as briefly yet with at least on describing word before or after the objects. This gives detail to the reader, you want them to picture a vase, for example, but you also want to add the way you see it, and, being a joke you will want to make it look the way it should to fit into the joke.

    If you want to make people cry with the love scene then you need to be sensual. Describe stuff as if it were the most romantic thing in the world. For writing a love scene you need to make everyone imagine they are one of the lovers to make them cry, and that is very endearing to the reader, that they connect with the characters. Talk about things that they will identify with themselves, like designer brands and the way the food tasted, the composure of the leading men and the innocence of the women. These descriptions will set the tone for the love scenes, as you can relate them to people you see in movies or in the news paper every day, and especially magazines, as there are such nice adverts in magazines that people are bound to read from time to time. These adverts are always about social sex appeal and the more you refer to brands the more they will picture all the people they have seen, so you will be using a whole lot of subconsious messages to the person that the person in beutiful and desirable, and refering to them the whole time - with active voice - reffering to each other as [you] and so forth will make them think they are really one of the people with thier loved one on a mystical voyage around the world, in another place, on a holiday that would be desired, and so forth. To set thing up you need to describe the things around them too, not just what they are wearing. Talk about the breeze being gentle as a sleeping child's snoring, or a pudding so tasty it makes thier tongues tense up. Be as mystical as possible, use words that describe the scene in a slow way, like a crawling pace to se tthe scenes up, then a explosion as the man grabs the woman and well... yeah!

    How about a horror? This could be eay enough to do with a little work. As in the joke you need to set the scene, as in the romance you need to crawl along the scene to build up tension. If the scene is built up like in the romance you can also explode a character onto the scene and then we have action, oh yes! If there is ever a good way to build up a scene without a formula, because that gets old fast, you need to take into account the way the scene will pause before the explosion of horror - a shocking find maybe - and the way the scene will end, then the introduction to the scene. You should try to lay a marker for where you want the scene to be half way in, say, like a box being opened? If you know where you want to take it halfway you can bend this way and that towards the 'middle', complete your ideal scene event, and then twist and turn towards the end of the scene. This is made easier the more 'markers' you have and if you carry on making markers then you will probably end up with the whole scene perfectly as you want people to read it with no need to improvise, as that can be challenging. Set up your markers, plan ahead and you cannot go wrong. Remember to use words that arouse a panic in the reader, but not directly. Words to use would be similar to damp, haze, rusted, empty and calmly. These words are, as you can see, descriptive yet holding back on information about the scene, yet describing the specific things as they come to the characters attention. Lay the see with objects, then describe their role in the scene slowly, one by one. This is also a tactic for writing an adventure, but then it is the events no the objects that the writer should focus on.

    Writing for children is easier than you think and a heck of a lot of fun. You are aware that you have a broader knowledge base than children and can set a lesson easily for them. There should be rich detail here, enjoy making the simplest thing so amazing to the character that they will be engrossed in each thing as they come about for the characters. If they talk to a frog then make the frog have something unique about them, or, at least, rare. This is really out of your mind condescending language, but, all the descriptions will ad to thier mental image of the scene in question. Adults are not as interested in detail as children, as children have more active imaginations to satisfy, so go ahead, use ery descriptive word you know, but make sure it is easy to understand. Make fools of your characters - children love to laugh at the limitations of others as they are very sensitive to thier own limits as they are not allowed to do much and find it great that a deer tripped over a log or somthing, as it makes the person look stupid, which is all they really care about, social posture and making a fool of yourself. If you make a fool of someone else it will relax them and then they will attach more to the scene as the characters are acting like nerds and cry babies at school, making it more enjoyable to be as if you re safe from ridicule yet able to view it.

    I hope you have learned how to write a scene that you want to with more skill. Yes sir!

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