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Thread: More nudes, less dead people wearing old clothing

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    A few weeks ago I ventured into the National Art Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Many beautiful paintings and sculptures, from Artist Unknown to the Great Masters, each worth a King's Ransom.

    I'm not the most cultured or refined guy so walking through there took a lot of prodding from my wife. (I have trouble drawing stick people). Anyway no tour is complete without visiting the Art Gallery 'store'. A few souvenirs to remind me of just how unappreciative I am about art in general. Just when I thought I was beginning to understand the wonder and beauty of the masterpieces I had seen, the first thing I notice in the shop is a book entitled 'Art for Dummies'. I wondered what Rembrandt might have thought of that! The irony, to see that book in a place like that caused me to chuckle so loud that only my wife, with a stare so cold, could get me to stop.

    If you need that book then I wouldn't expect to see your art anytime soon.

    Who's in charge there? Just how many 'Dummies' manuals are there?

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    I rather like the idea. The idea of the Dummies book are to provide a concise introduction to the fundamentals of a subject, so a person can get a good outline of what s/he doesn't know.

    I think 'Art' is a good subject for such a book; there are people who can not tell Manet from Monet. They would probably like to learn, but are either intimidated, or just too embarassed to admit how much they don't know.

    But I know what you mean. I will see Art for Dummies with my copy of Philosophy Made Simple and raise you Beethoven's Greatest Hits.

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