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    The subject qoute from Horace is an introduction to a discussion I'm hoping to have with fellow artists about the mortality of art.
    I'm what some might call a contemporary online artist - I mainly do photos and computer arts. I'm sure that for some that is not even art but what is?

    Recently while browsing the net I came across a project willing to promote art, but not only to display it here and now but to display it in a thousand years.

    This description comes from the project's website.
    The purpose of the project is to collect in 2009 exactly one thousand
    studies/works: texts, photos, and videos, for which the reference
    point is the year 3009. The collection of studies stored on a hard
    disk will be deposited in a safe place. Passed on from generation to
    generation, the collection will be displayed to the public on the 1st
    of January 3009, but a part of it: 100 works: texts and photos, with
    the agreement of their authors will be published at the end of 2009 in
    an edition of 1000 copies.

    Imagine that you live in the year 1009 and that you do something for
    someone to have in 2009, now come back to 2009 and think in the same
    way about 3009.

    Potential studies should refer to:
    - something ordinary showing how it really is at the chosen time of 2009,
    - showing/describing something or somebody symbolizing something that
    is - important (positive or negative) characteristics of situations in
    your world in 2009,
    - showing your vision of the year 3009,
    - whatever else that in your opinion is worth immortalizing.

    From the perspective of a thousand years our world, our lives and this
    present year 2009 will have hardly any historical significance, but
    our 'greetings' to those who shall come after us will have an echo. In
    a certain sense it will make us immortal.

    I invite everyone, who is interested to take part: famous and unknown,
    young and old, beautiful and ugly, wise and foolish.
    I'd like to talk with you about it. What do you think about it. Do you feel it's needed. Would you like your art to be immortal like for instance Turners paintings?
    I've send a few of my photos and who knows, maybe my great great great great grand children will reckognize them.

    If you're interested the project's website is

    Best regards,

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