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    Life's short lease

    I once lived a life devoid of pain
    Once enjoyed the Summer rain
    I once knew a friend with a gentle soul
    Until he heard his death bell toll
    I once loved a woman with all my heart
    Until she tore my soul apart
    I once knew happiness
    Once knew peace
    Until I realized
    Life's short lease

    Eternal Hellfire

    Languid souls falling down
    A fiery spiral abyss
    Which takes them from the
    Familiar and kind
    To a place which would harrow
    Even the sickest mind
    Down they fall, through a seemingly
    Bottomless pit
    Shrieking and screaming for
    The terror to end
    Until they realize that the terror
    Has only begun,
    And that there is no end
    Black Hellfire, burning bright
    In a dark world
    Of eternal night

    There I'll Be

    Long ago I tried in haste
    To fill that void, that empty space
    From which my heart had been displaced
    But now I know, the truth be told
    That my heart was weak, my spirit sold
    You left me alone in the chilling cold
    You let go and a devil took hold
    But listen as I wonder hence:
    From the other side of the darkened fence;
    If you hear me calling, calling out your name
    Reach out to me, with all your heart
    And from this world we will depart
    Follow me through the abysmal dark
    Void of the buzzing of the bees
    And the song of the lark;
    But even if you decide to stay
    In the land where the birds sing and Children play
    You will never be free from me
    For where darkness falls
    There I'll be


    The streets are empty except for the dead
    Whose reeking bodies lie astray
    Whom, if alive, would say
    In unison
    That the Apocalypse has begun
    Those who survived
    Will wish that they had died
    When they see the destruction
    That never subsides
    When they feel the hand
    Of Death on their shoulders
    They never could feel anything colder
    When they realize their mortality
    And how Death comes so easily
    The Earth will shake and the Heavens tremble
    But the outcome will be all too simple:
    The World will be consumed by fire
    And all that will remain are ashes
    Which will drift away,
    like forgotten memories
    Into the darkness

    Bleeding Heart

    When it's late and he's all alone
    No one calls him on the phone
    He sits around passing time
    Nothing in particular on his mind
    Far removed from public sight
    A bleeding heart cries
    Alone at night
    He looks in the mirror
    And is appalled by the view
    He sees the man no one else knew
    From his bedroom window
    He can see the park
    Children playing in the dark
    Young people playing and having fun
    His bleeding heart comes undone
    He lacks emotion due to his pain
    People regard him as being insane
    He cannot feel because he is alone
    His bleeding heart
    Turns to stone


    The master puppetry of overbearing parents
    Has ruined me
    Taken me far from my own devices;
    Removed me from my individuality
    I pray for salavation
    In my thoughts and dreams
    I pray to my God
    Not my father's God
    Not my mother's
    But my own
    I pray for my tattered soul
    To a non-religious God
    One who cannot attempt to force His will
    Upon a man's beliefs
    A God who doesn't question a man's actions
    Or try to make His doctrine every man's
    I pray to the almighty sky...

    Tainted Souls

    Can you hear the voices in the dark
    Crying out in vain?
    Screaming loudly, but to no avail
    To see the Holy Light
    Reaching out with all their might
    To grasp something, to touch something, to feel something
    But they are tainted souls
    And they are dead and very much alive at the same time
    The pain lets them know that they are alive
    There is a fire burning where their hearts used to be
    But at the same time, they feel no emotion
    Millions and millions of souls at the bottom of a bottomless pit
    Which grows deeper and darker by the minute
    For these dark spirits there is no salvation
    They are forever condemned to live in a sea of darkness
    Flooded with the souls of the misguided

    That Thought

    It sneaks upon you from behind
    That thought you thought you left behind
    But out of the deep subconscious of the mind
    The thought returns
    And, to it, you are no longer blind
    You try and try
    But cannot find
    A way to escape the terrors
    Of your own mind
    Out of the darkness and into the light
    To no avail is fight or flight
    It will haunt you wherever you dwell
    And as long as you're living
    And also in Hell

    A Heart Designed for Loneliness

    A heart designed for lonliness
    Of an evil mind contrived
    A sinner's bane; a life of pain
    Is the antithesis of
    Everything for which I've strived
    Hidden thoughts of passion
    Skillfully stowed away
    While a long forgotten love song
    In my mind, forever plays
    Rays of happy sunlight
    Blockaded by a shroud of heavy darkness
    A blanket of grey;
    Like the agony of eternal Hellfire
    Comprised into a day
    Unending love unrequited
    Undying pain that thrives
    Are forever burning embers
    Which will never,ever die

    Copyright 2007- Mike Potter

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    Who wants to know?
    Well, you're a right little ray of sunshine, aren't you?

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    It's an interesting thought that, it's so much harder to right decent poetry/songs about happiness than misery. Maybe because the feelings are more intense or something like that.
    The wise man believes half of what he reads. If he knew which half to believe, he'd be a much wiser man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incoming Dessert
    It's an interesting thought that, it's so much harder to right decent poetry/songs about happiness than misery. Maybe because the feelings are more intense or something like that.
    Hmm.I'm bored so I'll give a happy poem a try:

    Radiant rays of sunlight

    Cascading through a window of time

    Illuminating a memory

    I can only call divine

    The laughter we shared

    That penultimate bliss

    The savory solitude

    Of a requited kiss...


    FUCK YOU!!!
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    I nearly wet myself reading that!
    "The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair." ~ Douglas Adams
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