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    Words cannot represent feelings
    Or thoughts
    I always want to write these down
    Yet I had bad mouths
    You are like a flower
    In open garden side
    Where itís known as wide
    Maybe you appeared in spring
    When the whether is mild
    Just one more soul in forest
    Just one more daisy in hide
    One more plate on the table
    One more smile in wild

    God gave you life, He created you
    He gave us many things and a purpose too

    ĎWelcome to Earth ladí
    Neighbors mayíve said
    When sun was shiny
    When rain poured down the forest
    And birds looked funny
    Wild and free, everyone was friend
    Bees and flies, bugs and that ant
    Grass was green, sky was blue
    Life was new, one cares but who
    Those who appreciate life were those who were smart
    Soil and root were what they really want
    One day one was to take you by the hand
    And a new life was to start in this forest land
    Mostly, things happen and they donít get to change
    We look at it years later, and we say what strange

    Yet when the time goes by, life goes with it
    Those happy days are those you make the best of it
    When you put on top, when you invest everything
    You look years later, and you said what a great thing
    When you make your prayers, when you work real hard
    These are the things that draw the path of heart
    Before you know you are old, and one foot in the trench
    Those who invest their lives in peace, are the ones who ranch
    Leave hard work and family behind, this is what goes with you
    And if you made peace with above, this is the story of you
    Did you make a chance, did you make a difference
    Did you serve your life in attendance?
    Honey, Iím so glad that I one day found you
    It is Ďall of the aboveí when multiple choices ask you
    I have love for you with a great hope
    Youíre my salvation, you are my hope
    I took you by hand, and swore before God
    For this reason Iím thankful to God
    I took you as my lady in this journey of life
    Never look back, look forward, you are my life
    Life is not fair, and so we make the best of it
    If we stay together, no can bend of it
    Life is good when we have friends and when we invest in it
    When we work hard to pray God, I think that is very it
    I devoted my life to the union of us
    If this is not faith, I donít know what it was

    Sugar, you are my good resort, my last chance in life
    I am so glad that I run in to you in this life
    Lives are short compared to time
    Who says once upon a time
    There shall be a time where we shall no longer exist
    They will say he and she spent their lives in co-exist
    They had many days
    We just donít know how
    Left memories indeed

    Life, What a Great Gift
    Love, What a Great Life
    Peace, What a Great Love
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    This poem is very nice and i really enjoyed to read this. thanks for sharing this poem..............

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