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  1. Cuneiform Script
  2. Tapui travel longshot
  3. Why did we evolve to see things like this illusion?
  4. species (human)
  5. The National Geographic Genetic Project
  6. Mythological creature in English-speaking countries (or Isle of man): Pymodee / Phymodee?
  7. Beringia
  8. A complete conodont plus an unknown
  9. Sulawesi cave art challenges stereotypes.
  10. A fish is not a fish: Aquatic food may have had implications for hominin evolution
  11. Homo floresiensis - advanced brain features
  12. evolutionary specialists
  13. Neanderthal and human lethal interaction
  14. Where a chimp out smarts you
  15. From the Collector's Den
  16. The indigenous and the arrogant.
  17. Stonehenge?
  18. Why would evolution stop?
  19. Missing link between humans and apes
  20. So when Homo Erectus has disappeared?
  21. land and manure
  22. Human evolution, big brains, meat and TB
  23. First coral reef
  24. Genital Mutilation: Scroll
  25. Pugilistic prehumans
  26. Women and the paleolythic age
  27. The first egg?
  28. How much time is left for humans?
  29. Arguing with my creationist father about evolution...
  30. The first Americans may have been Japanese?
  31. Artifacts that do not fossilise
  32. Transitional fossils?
  33. Did T-Rex had feathers?
  34. Why is there no fossilized bones from recent time?
  35. For UK members - TV series
  36. Could there be other kind of life/civilizations in our past?
  37. Why are creationists dolts?
  38. Homo Erectus Paleojavanicus
  39. Human vs Neanderthal
  40. 200,000 years ago - homo in Africa
  41. Intermediary fossils
  42. Paleoanthropology and overinterpretation
  43. How did the human form develop?
  44. Self domestication of humans
  45. Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk
  46. Ice age extinctions - Is this nonsense?
  47. Was a lost lake needed for "out of Africa?"
  48. Gate to hell found in Turkey
  49. Religion development
  50. History Channel is Really Ruining the Public's Idea of Science
  51. Emotion and body shape
  52. Spinosaurus Jaws and Diet Discussion
  53. Where can I post marine fossil pics for identification?
  54. Gods in earlier civilizations
  55. Would you kindly help me in English?
  56. Maybe Dinosaurus didn't die from meteor.
  57. From Paleolithic to Neolithic -- Gender role changes and other interesting facts
  58. archeology
  59. Seal and inscription
  60. Is there an "-ine" word for hominids?
  61. 7 deadly sins in nature
  62. Skull of Homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray
  63. Luzia skeleton
  64. How can the study of fossils be considered science?
  65. Good anthropology study books - any recommendations?
  66. Have any human fossils been found at any dinosaur fossil digging/excavation sites, among the dinosaur strata?
  67. peopling of the americas
  68. If every fossil is a transitional fossil, why are specific fossils labeled: "Transitional"?
  69. Has transitional animal fossils been found? How many? And are the real or frauds? Links please :D
  70. Oldest Petroglyphs in North America!
  71. Bigger T-Rex then Sue/FMNH PR 2081?
  72. Pyramids
  73. How is this possible?
  74. Is Carbon 14 dating reliable for dinosaurs age determination?
  75. Why do all animals have the same skeleton?
  76. What is cuneiform doing there?
  77. Wonder why Native Americans had no cooling stations for the heat?
  78. comparing neanderthal vs.sapiens birth strategy
  79. Origin of life problem
  80. Ida Fossil
  81. Incan "Cult of the Dead"
  82. Wonder why Native Americans had no jails
  83. "Why did the dinosaurs die out?"
  84. Social Darwinism Pseudo-science?
  85. cloud sourcing a novel?
  86. bipedalism
  87. The Domestication of Plants and Animals
  88. Giant camel fossil found in the Arctic
  89. Narrow hips broad shoulders.
  90. New dinosaur fossil challenges bird evolution theory
  91. First Americans
  92. Cat scan and 3D print fossils
  93. Systems to inform future civilizations over expected disasters
  94. If we originated from apes where are all the ape to human forms in between ? Does evolution cross species ?
  95. Genealogy/History of Mankind
  96. Hominins are older than we thought.
  97. On going Intelligence. Based on Hereditary.Limited Pool of Intelligence.
  98. Information about Australian vertebrate fossils from Riversleigh
  99. Human survival.
  100. Toolmaker Legacy
  101. Paisley Caves, Oregon
  102. Nanotyrannus=T.Rex?
  103. Carbon 14 Dating
  104. Starvation.
  105. What is this rock?
  106. Why do Women put their Best Face forward?
  107. The Accuracy of Atomic AcceleratorCarbon Dating
  108. The genealogy of the Chinese
  109. Ethics & Morality in Family Tribal Pre-Historic Isolation.
  110. Roots of the Biblical Flood Story
  111. Genetic Engineering..Next step in our Evolution?
  112. Ancient understandings of sex
  113. What primitive (or medieval) house design best resists hurricane winds?
  114. Would anyone care to discuss: The Baldwin effect, C.H.Waddington, Gregory Bateson
  115. Is Human Brain Function more developed since the Sumarians? ( clay tablet inscriptions? etc? ).
  116. Polish - Russian languages similarities
  117. Possible ancient bone bead??
  118. Technological Advancement and Human Development
  119. Intermixing of Early Civilization Religion
  120. English-Russian language similarities?
  121. Astronomy in Africa - Gikuyu Civilization
  122. Permian extinction - what caused it?
  123. Noah's Ark
  124. Island of the Gods search - west of South America
  125. How reliable is carbon dating?
  126. We're all 4% Neanderthal?
  127. King Tutankhamun: The Boy King of Ancient Egypt
  128. Did our ancestors using tools and cook with fire 1 million years ago?
  129. Online resources about prehistoric or geologic times.
  130. Fossils Of Red-Deer Cave People Discovered In Maludong, China
  131. Prehistoric life vs Dark Ages
  132. Prehistoric life vs Dark Ages--cleaned