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  1. Syria
  2. American politics, Accidental Chaos, or Brilliance
  3. Politics are silly.
  4. Brexit Progress Update #2
  5. Bernie sanders.
  6. 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee chances
  7. Green new deal- good idea?
  8. Why Shouldn't Science And State Become One?
  9. Trump wants to trump 14th amendment
  10. Are we going to live in a utopia soon?
  11. The Remaking of Federal Courts under Trump
  12. THE Salisbury Poisoning.
  13. is it true???
  14. A Science based community
  15. President trump.
  16. The donald john.
  17. Refugees in Crisis
  18. Korea>
  19. President scandals or President corruption?
  20. Does the media love mass shooting?
  21. Trumps 30% tariff on imported solar panels
  22. Trump's (USA's purse strings)
  23. Populism.
  24. Prostitution should be legalized in brothels
  25. A society with no secrets
  26. When will cops stop shooting black men for no apparent reason? I think the answer is that ....
  27. Economic Policy.
  28. Venezuela.
  29. Cyber Electoral Systems
  30. What is happening to society?
  31. Brexit Progress Update
  32. The British General Election on June 8
  33. The traitors in our midst
  34. War on terror ....
  35. How voting can suck
  36. why do banks charge interest
  37. Psychological operations (PSYOP)
  38. Is the globalization pain in the ass?
  39. Climate Change DEBUNKED as the liberal hoax it is
  40. A new wave of racism?
  41. Scottish referendum - my unanswered questions.
  42. Toronto, Monday, October 27, 2014, voting for a mayor.
  43. I'm waiting to long at the VA hospital Mr. Obama
  44. Enviromentalism more about politics than enviroment?
  45. Why can't liberals here admit they are wrong? Science is not infallible.
  46. My thoughts on Germany and life.
  47. The Middle East — How to use science to help mediate among a bunch of brats
  48. Is the LGBT movement all that?
  49. Muslims the new Holocaust?
  50. Hobby Lobby
  51. Obama seeks $500 million to train, equip Syrian rebels
  52. Political Cartoons
  53. Russian mass media and life in the West
  54. "Optimal" voting systems?
  55. The importance of Lester -- U.S. campaign funding
  56. SpaceX: Why does USAF gives rocket monopoly to United Launch Alliance ?
  57. No more private Schools?
  58. Propaganda?
  59. It's a Wonderful Life
  60. Is Marxism on the way back?
  61. Affordable Care Act failure to meet its most important objective
  62. What should we do to protect rights in another country?
  63. The Politics of Hair
  64. Class and Society
  65. Russia out of UN ...
  66. Issa "Botched" Contempt Proceedings in IRS Probe
  67. CIA Caught Spying on Congress
  68. FDIC Sues World's Largest Banks Over LIBOR
  69. No Logic Immigration helps the economy ?
  70. Edward Snowden; traitor or hero ?
  71. Venezuela Spinning Out of Control
  72. Stewart Vs nepalitano
  73. Political studies definition.
  74. The Science Forum Drone Thread
  75. Obama's legacy
  76. Politics and Peace
  77. European Union mistakes regarding Ukraine
  78. Ukraine crisis
  79. Affirmative action and skin colour
  80. The Hobbesian Trap
  81. Would you please explain these kindly?
  82. Religion is the Disease not the Cure
  83. Utopia
  84. NJ Gov Chris Christie and the Fort Lee lane closure scandal
  85. Petition To End Circumcision
  86. State of the Union Address
  87. Suicide and communism (actual communism not pseudo-communism)
  88. once upon a time...
  89. Patriarchat is better than matriarchate?
  90. Spectacle of comic - "antisemite" is prohibited in France
  91. government one step at a time
  92. FBI names musical group's fan base as gang
  93. Freedom of speech on U.S. TV?
  94. How to fix our government
  95. Similar Deaths
  96. Mandela dec-10 memorial happening.
  97. A.H.A. forces immoral conditions
  98. History of security cooperation betwen the US and EU
  99. Future and Transitional Governance
  100. Massive arachnid and bug emporium.
  101. Jokes
  102. Whoever you vote for the goverment gets in?
  103. "Graft" After Viet Nam
  104. If you're from an EU member state, would you say the institution benefits or hinders your country?
  105. Common Misconceptions about Communism
  106. Why are Canadians (and Brits) so worried about guns?
  107. USA spying on Allies
  108. The Political Wing of the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea"
  109. Political goals today
  110. Is trust in science related to political leaning?
  111. Guns in the USA
  112. Sen. Cruz, Presidency - unconstitutional!
  113. Libertarian Constitution #2
  114. 100.000's are out of work due to the govt. shut down BUT
  115. Furloughed "Non-essentials"
  116. Israel, Iran, and Forgetfulness
  117. Would public and Private health work better than just one?
  118. Superhero mentality
  119. "ObamaCare" Origin
  120. "Gun-free Zones"
  121. The Elected "Servant"
  122. Late, Great, Mayor
  123. Adding an option to vote for "not that guy"
  124. Iraq, Syria, Lebannon, Libya
  125. Politics of Freedom Loss
  126. Clever misdirection of the populus
  127. What is a nomenclature?
  128. Comission and Committee
  129. Why get involved in Syria?
  130. Offensive fool
  131. Yelena Isinbayeva.
  132. What are the traits of an ideal political leader?
  133. Do new EU members get disappointed?
  134. The United Nations — The New "Too Big To Fail"
  135. Transgender Rights
  136. Automotive Tire Safety Law
  137. How does war solve problems?
  138. Is Americas "debt" issue working as intended?
  139. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  140. Today's Spying on Citizens
  141. Egypt
  142. Centralized World Government
  143. Libertarian constitution
  144. Iran-Contra...What do Conservatives Think?
  145. Minimum Wage: To Raise or Not to Raise?
  146. The N Word
  147. "Conspiracy theory", a flavor of ad hominem
  148. Social Security..Do We Really Pay Less in than We Receive?
  149. Give this 1960's Literact Test the Old College Try
  150. Black Republicans
  151. A Note on States' Rights...Do You Agree or Disagree?
  152. Morning-after pill loses age restrictions in U.S.A.
  153. Human genes cannot be patented
  154. Martian Laws
  155. Problems with Region/Community based Democracies, and Solutions...
  156. Edward Snowden IS a Hero
  157. Transparency comes to political forums
  158. have we outsourced slavery?
  159. Robbing the vote! Please do not underestimate the effect this will have on your life.
  160. Does Google Know What You Vote?
  161. Will technical progress make democracy impossible?
  162. Will ObamaCare result in FEWER people with Health Insurance?
  163. Video about Propaganda
  164. Explaining decentralization in parliamentary democracies
  165. IRS Targeted Conservatives and groups that “criticize how the country is being run.”
  166. New paradigm required urgently!
  167. How to see imagined communities in politics?
  168. Political Compass: Where do you fall?
  169. Interesting Headline : Hagel stresses Israel's right to strike Iran
  170. Why Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information should be the things most dear to us
  171. Dissertation/thesis help. 3 weeks to go not started
  172. Obama seeks money for brain research
  173. Another Chance to Strike Down Obamacare?
  174. Did Boris Berezovsky was killed or he had escaped from?
  175. Aliens and Politics?
  176. New World Order, is it needed, What would be the benefits
  177. China, too big for effective democracy?
  178. CISPA Again
  179. what problem?
  180. American Values
  181. Who owns the Moon?
  182. World economy in total decline is the end nigh
  183. Keystone Oil Pipeline
  184. Tell me about the New Deal
  185. Britain and India - A new special relationship
  186. Dealing with Partisans
  187. Politics and How To Be A Good Leader
  188. Obama using drone attacks to kill Americans, american children and "first responders"
  189. New fuel for pro-gun rights group?
  190. United States and Britain
  191. 2016 Election Candidates
  192. Cheapest Obamacare Plan $20,000 per family per IRS Estimate
  193. Distribution of income poses a danger to the social fabric as well as to the American economy
  194. Texas open to teaching creationism.
  195. The new immigration laws that the Congress came up with
  196. Condoleezza Rice CBS-News-Contributor Inauguration Video!
  197. Gun Control Debate
  198. What comes first????
  199. Independent Scotland
  200. Books and articles for paper on how corporations control governments.
  201. An Idea for a Hierarchical Direct Democracy
  202. The fiscal cliff - Deal getting closer?
  203. Fire Hillary Clinton for she was in charge
  204. Hawking demands pardon
  205. How To Make $71 Billion A Year: Tax the Churches
  206. Isn't this sexist?
  207. 'Freedom of the press'... The Levenson enquiry etc.
  208. radical islamists
  209. Party System
  210. So much for freedom of speech.
  211. Elect New Governments for Six Months Only.
  212. the Right to Vote
  213. Our election system: is it fair
  214. Legalization of Marijuana question...
  215. American politicians (comedy) roasting each other. And entertainers roasting US politicians.
  216. The Chinese People, the Chinese Nation, are not natural Enemies of Australia.
  217. Bungle in the Jungle
  218. Space Colony : Transparency vs Privacy
  219. Isreal - Syria... East meets West? Whats going on?
  220. Sunni Shia war
  221. The United States and the Leftist Realm
  222. Romney pledgest to accuse China of Currency Manipulation
  223. Climate of Doubt
  224. US Election
  225. Japan/China vs China/Tibet situation.
  226. Mitt Romney's tax cuts for the rich and corporations, would cost $7.8 trillion over 10 years.
  227. Malala Yousafzai - unites girls in support of female education
  228. People died, Obama lied
  229. How can the US proclaim to be "the land of the free" if...
  230. Space Colony organization?
  231. Political backgrounds: Who should run the world?
  232. United Front Against Austerity
  233. Lunaticism: Brazil scamming other countries?
  234. China - Japan island dispute escalates
  235. paul ryans ideas
  236. as/re anti islam movie?
  237. "Happy anniversary"
  238. Olympics
  239. The US republicans made/created America's national debt, and then they lie, and say the democrats did it.
  240. So, you've survived the Zombie apocalypse . . .
  241. Confucian meritocracy
  242. Switzerland, were the left and right, are somehow united?
  243. A billion to run for president? So what?
  244. Afghanistan NATO Taliban Pakistan Jihad Madrasah Arabs Drones Raids - AfPak strategy
  245. Is ``the Matrix`` unavoidable?
  246. Maybe there are different versions of socilism
  247. Taxpayer Welfare Supports Boat People.
  248. in usa most doctors are against obamacare
  249. Political discussion from "drop in sea level"
  250. Why don't we just divide up Afghanistan?