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  1. USA - World Police
  2. Why is gambling illegal?
  3. American Healthcare System, Is it up to standard?
  4. About corruption
  5. Legitimizing Thugs as a strategy II
  6. Cyprus in European Union
  7. 9/11 Betrayal of an Ally
  8. Defining "Democratic Process"
  9. Incentive of sending troops to other country?
  10. How far away are we from living in a 1984 police state?
  11. Has the foreign policy of the US changed significantly..
  12. Social Justice and the Gun
  13. US Obama Administration, doing fine or maybe not..
  14. How do we counter the Taliban feudalists?
  15. health, the individual & society
  16. Health Bill
  17. Obama muzzles top military leaders...
  18. Why doesn't Africa move forward?
  19. Micheal Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story
  20. How does America feel towards the BNP?
  21. how do i get a scientific testing program approved by law?
  22. New system of economics solves poverty around the world
  23. Why it's United Steelworkers of America cares tyre so much?
  24. Obama's Healthcare System
  25. Death Panels Controversy
  26. Fox News on Top
  27. Scientific literature from Russia
  28. Cold War --> Terrorism
  29. Boycott of the Vancouver and London Olympics?
  30. Home made electromagnet
  31. Same Sex Marriage.
  32. Army and the Peace
  33. How do you think about the things happened 7.5 in Xinjiang
  34. Coleman concedes. Franken wins MN Senate seat.
  35. Defining "Terrorism"
  36. Power laws and Interstate War
  37. Veto players and democratic trade-offs
  38. Legitimizing Thugs - as a Strategy for Progress?
  39. The Pirate Party!
  40. Having to Deal With Only 1 Superpower
  41. Growing hemp in the US
  42. UK petition laws.
  43. economical recession
  44. Political scientists' engagement in practical politics
  45. Can Israel survive in the near future?
  46. In order for a culture to deserve life it must...
  47. The Poverty -> Undereducation -> Poverty Cycle
  48. Nationalism and the illusion of unity
  49. Obama is a fake ruled by wall street?
  50. Is universal atheism inevitable?
  51. general public
  52. Our economic system-- How it really affects our world
  53. The Bilderberg group- Who, What, How?
  54. The social relevance of gangs
  55. Groundbreaking Death Penalty Ruling
  56. Entitlements
  57. Scientists suck at PR?
  58. New ERA with NEW President with Muslim Countries
  59. Politics: My Wrong Predictions.
  60. AIG bonuses for their excutives
  61. American Dominance
  62. Why don't we just get rid of the UN and have a nuclear club?
  63. President Obama's Administration
  64. The Myth of Free Speech
  65. Trillions of Dollars
  66. Thoughts from a non voter
  67. Mix it Up
  68. Obama -> Smart = Win; Black = Huge Win
  69. Embryonic Stem Cell & Gov
  70. I am SUPERGENIUS, i have a plan to make some money
  71. My "Big Government" Theory
  72. Obama's Bailout. Feelings?
  73. Estimates of the future
  74. Stem Cell Research & Abortion
  75. A Quick Fix
  76. Science under attack?
  77. 7,000,000,000
  78. Why all this evolution on Israel?
  79. My Brand Of Socialosm
  80. Obama: Science Over Ideology...NOT
  81. America's ideals
  82. Elaborative Democracy
  83. Israeli airstrikes in Gaza leave over 225 Palestinians dead
  84. Does culture really matter?
  85. The Next Depression
  86. The right to conscience
  87. Technocracy Poll
  88. Congress shows ignorance...again
  89. This may be a little old..
  90. So... Obama won. Feelings?
  91. PiggyNannan
  92. ETS
  93. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  94. understanding Middle East history
  95. Congratulations on Obama's victory
  96. Obama or McCain?
  97. Problematic concept of wealth
  98. US constitution vs Tyranny
  99. Afganistan - Iran others
  100. The Opinion Makers: An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the
  101. Afganistan - The Kite Runner
  102. the coming collapse of the middle class
  103. Offered without comment
  104. Human rights in Islam (1)
  105. Zeitgeist: Addendum documentary
  106. Palin and Dinosaurs
  107. Who will be the next President of the United States?
  108. The Coming Revolution
  109. Overpopulation root of all evil?
  110. Was America created by and for Freemasons?
  111. Should Banks be punished?
  112. democracy preservation
  113. zeitgeist
  114. Elections 2008: The Psychology of Voting Behavior
  115. Sarah Palin, a woman potentially dangerous ???
  116. POLL for US election
  117. Georgian conflict
  118. McCain/Palin (2 problems)
  119. Republican convention
  120. Labour Day 2008: Do you take part at the Labour Day Events?
  121. The Major Flaw I See With Democracy -> Breeders
  122. Impact of the second Cold War.
  123. Potential vote fraud in Ohio.
  124. Imigration?
  125. Broken Arrows
  126. The machines are rigged!
  127. Side-by-side comparison of the answers provided at Saddlebac
  128. oil wells what happens when they all run out???
  129. Were the Manson Killings a Black Op?
  130. Statement for our Future
  131. Edwards and McCain
  132. Iranís right for N-technology.
  133. We Are The End of Us
  134. Running out of options
  135. Prevention of the Global Economic Collapse
  136. Sicko, by Michael Moore
  137. Political Identity Crisis Syndrome (PICS)
  138. How to Cure Abortion
  139. transportation
  140. Islamic politics
  141. Why oh Why did they kill government
  142. The circle goes around
  143. It's A Mystery!!
  144. Hey you friggin' Irish pricks.......
  145. The Donkey vs the Elephant
  146. way to make large donations to campaign
  147. The Flaws of Democracy
  148. Who's really to blame for the politicians we get?
  149. A ‚ÄúPeople‚Äôs House‚ÄĚ or an oligarchy?
  150. Why not have a super genius as president?
  151. living in a democracy
  152. the next generation (fucked up or being fuked over?
  154. Abolish IRS?
  155. drugs, should they be illegal?
  156. china ,shoddy building in boom time, usa too?
  157. S2433 bill in congress anti gun
  158. fdr on pbs
  159. rex 84
  160. Code of conduct for politicians
  161. A unique identification
  162. Say NO: petition...
  163. Jacob watch, [url]WWW.ICEDOUTPLANET.TK[/url], Replica Jacob watch, Fake
  164. A Perfectly Honest Politician
  165. Militias - Okay, or Not Okay?
  166. Supreme Court Ruling and Impact on International Treaties
  168. Obama's Pastor
  169. 2012
  170. Petition to stop subsidising fossil fuels
  171. Conservation groups sue over polar bears
  172. U.s. Elections
  173. A question about Democracy....
  174. Democratic Socialism (US)
  175. Men Will Farm Women In The Future! No Joke!!
  176. The american political system
  177. Videos: Extraterrestrial World Contact (June 6th)
  178. Single World Government?
  179. Candidate calculator
  180. Subliminal Political Messages
  181. Nuclear power plants get the go ahead
  182. Scientific American: A Solar Grand Plan
  183. Oil And The Economy
  184. *Weapons-grade Uranium close call!!!*
  185. 50mpg is obviously not that hard...
  186. The Disappearing Tuna...UhoH Spaghettio!!!
  187. They've only bloomin' assassinated her haven't they?
  188. Gay Marriage
  189. American Imperialism
  190. Admin/Moderator
  191. US 2008 Elections...
  192. British Only---Vote Liberal Democrats
  193. An Obligation to Future Generations?
  194. War on terror. Are we winning?
  195. The Two Beasts