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  1. Old Generals New Technology
  2. How tank work?
  3. Lasers - Tradeoff Between Bending And Power
  4. More than one grenade lobbed at same target - would the first set off the others?
  5. AIM 9 and AIM 120 warhead
  6. Scrambling, Jamming, Blocking
  7. What happens to a plane approaching the speed of sound?
  8. Is the laser the ultimate weapon?
  9. Why do we not build nuclear powered space ships?
  10. plane shot down by mistake ?
  11. Missile interseption systems
  12. Coilgun/Railgun recoil question
  13. Is Americas missile defence program a waste of money?
  14. Stealth vs. Hypersonics
  15. US Navy 'game-changer': converting seawater into fuel [horrible technical writing alert]
  16. Guns
  17. Go Canada!
  18. Chelyabinsk meteor shot by a secret russian rocket
  19. Mind control
  20. Zeppelins as a counter insurgency tool
  21. Radar to detect stealth planes
  22. Speculation and Theory on Advanced Gravity Weapons
  23. Explosively injected railgun projectiles
  24. How many newtons can railgun projectiles take?
  25. What is the weight of a typical improvised explosive device?
  26. Railgun projectile mass and materials and velocities of railguns
  27. Effective range of laser weapons in space?
  28. Launching nuclear warheads with railguns
  29. New TAVOR IWI 5.56
  30. Drones R us
  31. Research for zombie fiction.
  32. laser guns
  33. Kriss Vector SMG Technology Question
  34. Questions: Self-loading Rifle Gas System
  35. New fighter plane-- madness?
  36. What energy weapons would fusion power make available?
  37. China goes one better!
  38. what is the latest stealth technology currently in development?
  39. Buliding underground cities - scenario for nuclear war?
  40. Total war & how we're gonna lose
  41. usa vs china
  42. Weapons of War That Were Basically Cheating
  43. Railgun Update from General Atomics
  44. OPINION: Were Nazi weaponry a waste of time, talent, and treasure?
  45. Possibly the best military weapon of all time - and I'm halfway through building one.
  46. What methods can poor people use to defend against well equipped oppressors?
  47. Speculation: Is a Katana made today superior than an ancient one?
  48. New Laser for Navel ships
  49. Military Industrial Complex
  50. Cyberwarfare
  51. New danger from Iran!
  52. Modern Day Wars!
  53. Challenging the Taliban to Sword Duels II
  54. IFLOLs
  55. Modern war
  56. The Tank Thread
  57. MiG-21 - still unpleasant surprise at Cope India exercise
  58. Non Lethal Weapons - The Ultimate Crowd Control Weapon?
  59. Dynamics of Shell howitzers!
  60. Magnets.
  61. There will be no more Wars. Let this be the end to it.
  62. Psychological Warfare: Wheelchairs as ordinance
  63. A Weaponized Insect Army
  64. Military robots, Artificial Muscle concept idea.
  65. Weapon System Development; What has you excited and what would you like to see.
  66. Military Weapons best used against Zombie's
  67. Sling Shots, Pea Shooters, 155mm Howitzer Rounds Cartridges whatever, I made them.
  68. Zeppelin Transports?
  69. Creation of techonology depends mostly on what?
  70. Armored Police
  71. The New Age
  72. Under water cannon for submarines?
  73. Why tanks need tracks?
  74. Spreading Anti-fertilizers
  75. War Planes
  76. Tanks
  77. Carbon nano fiber blanket sheild
  78. The use of cannons in space?
  79. Anti-Gravity Bomb
  80. Tripods! (or Quads, Hexapods)
  81. Defensive Tactics: moving vs cover?
  82. a robotic exoskeleton based AI vehicle operated in a armor suit for primarily close quarters combat
  83. Could anyone, anyone at all point me in the direction of a warfare simulator?
  84. Smart Bombs, are they possible as they are illistrated in scifi?
  85. Marines back in Australia.
  86. Robotic Firefighter
  87. Who wants to see uncensored footage from the dark side of the internet you won't see on t.v.?
  88. Afganistan Mine and IED Deterrent Idea
  89. Iran nuclear objects could be destroyed with bombs?
  90. How far do you think future warfare technology will go?
  91. Is it a war crime to kill cattle?
  92. How viable / effective would a Tsunami bomb be?
  93. Corona Drag Reduction?
  94. What is the sense to use a troops in Afghanistan?
  95. The 1984 strategy
  96. Hopping Vehicles
  97. Bio-Enhanced Weapons and progressive medical treatments
  98. NUCLEAR BATTLESHIP! Get Yours Now!
  99. active aircraft defense systems.
  100. Giving People non-Violent Recourse
  101. Grass Roots Mechanized Warfare
  102. Methanol Fuel Cells on the Battlefield.
  103. Resonance Frequency Weapon
  104. Why not use RC car bombs to clear bunkers?
  105. SR71 conversion
  106. Radioactive Tracers to Track People.
  107. Unmanned Humvees
  108. Blinding with light
  109. More SEAL team 6, less bombs.
  110. Future Carriers
  111. Horses in Afghanistan?
  112. Challenging Taliban to sword duals
  114. Switchblade
  115. Trick Cell Phones
  116. Sparta
  117. Black projects...
  118. Chinese Military Strength
  119. Exosuit Superhuman Strength
  120. Liquid Body Armor
  121. Killer Flying Robot Design Types
  122. Indo-pak wars!
  123. Bomb the piss outa' them.
  124. Anoying a hostle population
  125. Anti Agriculture Warfare
  126. Rad Sats
  127. P=NP Business or Military applications
  128. Killer Bees.
  129. Cardboard Cutouts
  130. special special forces
  131. New kind of explosive low-velocity round.
  132. Why does everyone hate the US?
  133. Biological Warfare
  134. Finding the Severed Head
  135. Likelihood of a Nuclear Catastrophe
  136. Using dice to make attack/search strategies unpredictable.
  137. Frightening subject.
  138. Trying Taliban for Warcrimes
  139. US Navy Rail Gun = totally awesome
  140. Views on UK Losing Harrier
  141. Winning Hearts & Minds vs. Appeasing Everyone
  142. Just in time for Xmas
  143. Benevolent Scorched Earth
  144. Navigation Guided Missile Systems
  145. Poke the Russians!
  146. GT 15 Gas Turbine by Adolph Saurer, INC
  147. Zeppelins
  148. Orphanages
  149. Hiring South Americans as Shock Troops
  150. Particle Bomb
  151. Christopher Nolan's move "Inception"
  152. Pending menace
  153. Economic Strategy in Afghanistan
  154. Carl von Clausewitz and War
  155. Resonance Weapon?
  156. Aerial Refueling Tankers
  157. Using dogs to track terrorists
  158. Designs for next-generation all-terrain armoured vehicles
  159. Selection of Special Forces
  160. world armies
  161. Military Diplomacy
  162. What would be a realistic set of rules?
  163. Hypothetical ICBM Question
  164. Artillery guns on satellites?
  165. please help me
  166. please help me
  167. Spitting Cobra
  168. Forum game help.
  169. Internment Camps (Changed from Concentration Camps)
  170. Smoke and Sonar
  171. Learning to fight like cowards
  172. Bombs on Wheels
  173. Insurgencies and Morale.
  174. power!!!!
  175. Taoist Philosophy in War
  176. Electirc Goo Ball
  177. Emitting Sounds
  178. Best way to guide an autonomous combat robot?
  179. Could we use dogs as "bunker busters"?
  180. 1911 versus 9 m.
  181. Signal Triangulation Strategy #2
  182. The Philadelphia Experiment and Area 51
  183. The IED approach to warfare
  184. I need to know what to major in
  185. What are the best improvised weapons?
  186. Muskets vs. a Modern Rifle
  187. How difficult is it to manufacture small arms?
  188. influence of wars for development in orthopedic
  189. Signal Triangulation as a Strategy for Finding Taliban?
  190. Spark Gap Jammers against IED's?
  191. EMP bomb
  192. "Voice to skull" technology
  193. If Tesla's Death Ray were real
  194. Anti-Terror Tech
  195. "Lightning guns" and Electrical weaponry
  196. China vs. the USA: who would win?
  197. Electrical Ignition Bullets?
  198. sand jamming fixable with magnetic weaponry?
  199. submit your superweapon
  200. Ok
  201. A strange, noisy idea
  202. Harrp and Rail
  203. Martial Law
  204. .950 JDJ ~ when overkill just doesnt quite come close enough
  205. Detection of submarines via gravity detecting satellite?
  206. Need Your Help Please About My Tesla Coil !!
  207. plasma shields
  208. The robotic suicide bomber
  209. Really Surgical Artillery?
  210. M16
  211. Sensor Fused Weapon and more.
  212. ~make your dream bullet~
  213. Best body armor material with lowest weight?
  214. the revenge of the destroyer and cruiser
  215. EM Weaponry
  216. best weapons ever!
  217. Mech Proposal
  218. Biological warfare
  219. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  220. EMP bomb
  221. The Man Who Patented the 20th Century
  222. Satellite Lasers
  223. will mech suits ever enter the battle field?
  224. Medias and War
  225. War study
  226. Invisible
  227. starship troopers
  228. General ???
  229. Project: Laser Sky
  230. Force Fields
  231. Battlefield Weather Research Program
  232. Cheap camouflage
  233. F35 vs. F22
  234. Robotic bugs set to invade the battlefield
  235. Salamander suit
  236. How limited is prosthetic technology?
  237. Caliber to replace the 5.56x45mm
  238. area 51
  239. A time where all countries act as 1
  240. Iran
  241. Mott Coefficient B
  242. Tesla's Particle Cannon
  243. new russian artillery
  244. experimental robot vehicles in the army
  245. E/O sensors for law enforcement vehicles?
  246. The U.S. Military uses the force...
  247. UNAMID 'Peace Support' Force...
  248. Laser Gun Ships...
  249. anyone know how fast is a shooting bullet?thnx
  250. the proverbial pointed at you