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  1. Does cell towers and Wi-Fi devices emit positive air ions?
  2. Where Does Our Energy Go When We Die
  3. The rocky planets
  4. A New Theory of Everything
  5. The Laws of Energy
  6. Antigravity, engine and experiments with a flying saucer.
  7. A possible nerve gear
  8. 5g what to expect?
  9. Did Time have a start?
  10. Prehistoric Advanced Civilizations (industrialized)
  11. How might we detect alien life?
  12. What do you think about flat-earthers?
  13. Was Ron wyatt a charlatan?
  14. Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry...
  15. Aether nonsense.
  16. Non-Einsteinian Physics, Aether theory
  17. Torsion fields
  18. Eelectro magnetic energy third part to wave can cancel inertia?
  19. Does everything have a start and end?
  20. More "logical" explanations wanted
  21. All Science Is Pseudoscience
  22. Hadronic Fission and Tetraquark Particles
  23. the challenge of the flat earth
  24. Black Hole Problems
  25. People reporting 'glitches' in the laws of physics such as people vanishing into thin air, travelling through solid walls, time stopping, etc. Thoughts?
  26. Science must pay more attention to Buddhist scriptures
  27. Big bang in buddhist pali tipitaka suttas
  28. Michael Odent on "Homo, the Marine Chimpanzee"
  29. Non Magnetic Movement From Magnetic Fields
  30. Institutionalized: Man In The Box
  31. Bigfoot/Sasquatch
  32. Conceptual Dimensions
  33. I think I discovered the true mechanism of electromagnetism
  34. Warren York
  35. What is the Pythagoras theorem?>
  36. Physics Basis for Greenhouse Effect
  37. Any help or advice re electrical interference from a person.
  38. Faraday's Law Is Not a Law!
  39. Cancer cures
  40. Remote viewing (scrying)
  41. Telepathy
  42. The Displayed Time Of A Clock Is An Invariant of Lorentz Transformation
  43. Equations and Factors of Real Doppler Effect
  44. A text Game around Einsteins Special Theory of Relativity
  45. Kent Hovind "Doctor Dino"
  46. Pre-human hominid shelters. What did they consist of?
  47. How did the DNA change over the years
  48. I know there is no such thing as 'free energy' but what if it was possible?
  49. Did pigs and hominids evolve (live) in the same locality (specifically in Africa) 2 - 7 million ya?
  50. Its posible to combinate chemical and Dna for use of energy (high energy) and time travel
  51. The origin of life on earth
  52. Electroreception In Animals - Why it has not been proved?
  53. Neurobiologist Question: Electrophysiology - Measurements
  54. Still some work to do
  55. Does free energy exist?
  56. Push Force (Pressure) Gravitation
  57. Mass: a tiny step for atoms, but a huge leap for us.
  58. The theory of blocking the truth
  59. How exactly does the placebo effect work?
  60. How to explain conspiracy theories(for newbie).
  61. Aquatic Apes Again.
  62. How can we be sure that Neil Armstrong actually landed on the moon?
  63. Superior body
  64. Do sea serpents exist?
  65. Linguistics: Asset Theory
  66. Human Consciousness Video Neuroscience Debate The Other Side
  67. astrology base
  68. Human combustion
  69. The Wow! Signal
  70. Is DMT Fibonacci?
  71. Humans having the ability to manipulate metallic objects.
  72. Neurological implants
  73. Is oil the life blood of the planet?
  74. Quackery relocated from Health & Medicine
  75. Documentary Questioning the Copernican Principle
  76. Copernican Principle Invalidated?
  77. David Ickes
  78. FREE ENERGY MACHINES Pedulums and Magnets
  79. The Onion Drive
  80. Black hole at the center of the universe !!!
  81. [Debate] Can people Spontaneously Combust?
  82. Ok, brainiacs, and all, any thoughts on this?
  83. Agw
  84. desktop particle accelerator?
  85. Quantum Atom Theory
  86. Help
  87. Electromagnetic perception in animals & fish
  88. Why a Pseudoscience catagory ?
  89. Alien Believers! Paranormal TV Presents its Free Youtube Video about Alien Encounters and Abductions
  90. Guess - Psychic Test
  91. Aliens teach man super advanced math equations - a must see
  92. Paranormal Activity : We should discuss!!!
  93. I believe i'm on to something really big here!? Accelerated travel fold space time light speed?
  94. !Spirits/Ghosts and electrical charges!
  95. Hello, are there any true intellectuals here?
  96. How will the human species and the world end
  97. longitudinal scalar waves?
  98. Noninvasive (Possibly Psychic) Surgery?
  99. Happy groundhog day!
  100. Just curious
  101. Aliens
  102. earth orbit
  103. Can you help me with debunking "Reptilians"?
  104. Light-Time Correction for the Moon
  105. Aether is Measurable
  106. Would you rather give a TED talk and be banned, or just give a TED talk?
  107. Why is it so difficult to find evidence of pre-mortal existence?
  108. Orch-OR model new evidence??
  109. Can you please explain ways in which Physics can disprove karma?
  110. I need some help involving Radiation/Particles
  111. The Technological Singularity
  112. Vakuumenergy
  113. Is it possibIe for a human to SpontaneousIy Combust?
  114. Atlantis
  115. Proof ; Light Speed is Variable (To Observer)!!
  116. Faster than the speed of light?
  117. What Shields For Spaceships Might Be Like...
  118. Is every star connected by pillars of light?
  119. Gravity and Electromagnetism
  120. Why FTL Travel Is Impossible In A Way...
  121. Panax Ginseng and its effects on the life-span of humans
  122. Defining c = i/E(when -1 = m)
  123. Ioio ii r r
  124. The contest of creation
  125. Origin of Neutron Stars
  126. What are the fundamental requirements for a theory of gravity?
  127. Hi
  128. Do Viruses drive Evolution in Multicellular organisms?
  129. perpetual motion
  130. Worm-holes my theory although very basic
  131. Simple solution to the QM question
  132. P = NP, subset sum problem solved.
  133. What's your opinion of modern Pterosaur sightings?
  134. Kinetic energy E=1/2mv² : speed x2 requires work x4 > Why ?
  135. SPLIT : More Anti-Relativity Nonsense
  136. New Train Embankment Experiment
  137. comet stuff
  138. Microscopy and "Morgellons"
  139. The Big A Critique of the Big Bang Theory
  140. Morgellons - I'm a real live one
  141. Origin of the Planets
  142. Antigravity
  143. Lesser Known Cryptozoological Creatures
  144. The Paradox of Uncertainty Principle
  145. Archaic Crust Theory:
  146. Discoveries need to support
  147. The idea of "racial memory".
  148. Storytelling: Psychiatry Potion
  149. Technology Habitats
  150. Am I A Schisophrenic or A True Investigator ?
  151. Electronics Batteries: Neo-Stress
  152. Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Psyche
  153. Could this be our true origins?
  154. Could this happen if dinosaurs didn't extinct ?
  155. On conservation of energy.
  156. ugly people
  157. Calculating Doppler Effect by Time
  158. Do monopoles exist?
  159. My “Eureka” moment. A cure for cancer.
  160. British scientists claim to have found proof of alien life
  161. The Big Bang: Crank Science?
  162. Arabic, the mother of all languages???!!
  163. New member wants to revive suppressed energy technology, is anyone interested?
  164. A hypothesis regarding time & space: as it is, and as we experience it
  165. Futurosophics - Gravity is deceiving - E = m x d - predestination ?
  166. A theory of Mind and its perception of the Universe
  167. The two postulates of special relativity are . . . . . .
  168. Challenge to Bigfoot skeptics
  169. Possible cancer treatment
  170. DNA capable of being reprogrammed by words and frequencies
  171. Psychic Web Series
  172. Big Bang potential problems
  173. Psychokinesis
  174. Fight club life lessons and philosophy
  175. The Rodin Coil
  176. Is gravity merely thrust?
  177. Serious opinions on this please
  178. Telekinesis, power armor, and foresight?
  179. Early humans, Neanderthal, and Cro-magnon, Hsapiens.
  180. Denis Noble debunking the assumptions of neo-Darwinism
  181. All mediumship is fraud
  182. Question about travelling at warp speed squared?
  183. Possible Bigfoot body found
  184. Dr emoto's water Experiment
  185. Mind wave
  186. Steady State Theory
  187. Can u make this work?
  188. Cellular Memories
  189. Telepathy is related to telekinesis?
  190. Aquatic Humans?
  191. Ichthyotherapy: Quackery?
  192. new renewable energy?
  193. Something better than the hive mind?
  194. what are our signs?
  195. BEMR – Bio-Electromagnetic Radiation
  196. Is Medicine Scientific?
  197. A mark of Quantum Gravity.
  198. An Address to the Flat Earth Society
  199. Complexity by substraction (by D. McShea & W. Hordijk)
  200. Hello... Binary Black Holes Restore Entropy to the Universe
  201. The end of the Universe
  202. Atoms, quarks, and God's sense of humor
  203. The Elephant that Speaks Korean
  204. Lorentz symmetry broken!
  205. Addendum: "Is Technology Making Us Crazy?"
  206. Is technology making us crazy?
  207. What evidence is there for the cosmological dark age?
  208. Before the Big Bang???
  209. Quantum particles and Aether.
  210. Whole Brain Revelations
  211. Is there such thing as: Something too complex for the human mind to understand?
  212. Beauty described in terms of mathematics?
  213. Universe, alternative model
  214. Scientists and Sports
  215. Roof House Paint For Hot Summers
  216. If we had all the information of the current universe, can reverse-causality (back-tracking casuality) be used to calculate the past events?
  217. Is it possible/not for something to exist, that's not composed of matter/energy?
  218. Thermo-nucleur neutral magnet state.
  219. Viktor Schauberger
  220. V x b ...
  221. Is it possible to attract ALL Electrons within a range to one spot?
  222. Science fiction psychosis?
  223. How does Bell's theorem deny the deterministic behaviour of Nature?
  224. Time Dilation, One Assumption, and Possible Implications
  225. Is it at all logical for Christians to use "Why does 1 + 1 = 2 ?" "There must be a God who created these laws."
  226. Sound travelling faster/slower than the "speed of sound" in the same medium?
  227. Which conditions transformed primates into homo sapiens?
  228. Geoengineering fuelling the Runaway Greenhouse Effect on Earth?
  229. I saw a replication of the universe in my glass of water
  230. The time has come to move propellantless propulsion from pseudoscience back to science where it belongs
  231. well, here's a question
  232. Eaglepass relativity denial
  233. Symmetry of Special Relativity
  234. Past lives
  235. Resonance
  236. More debunking on the way...
  237. Apparently, the redness of the Sun at the horizon is visible evidence to the naked eye on the lack of expansion of the universe [PDF]
  238. How to create a very powerful sound wave?
  239. Microwave weapons
  240. Atoms- Why they can stop in space/Why they vibrate.
  241. Holographic crystal.
  242. Dualism = Idealism.
  243. Spiritual world
  244. The dinosaurs demise
  245. star consciousness alternative to dark matter
  246. Solon...father of Atlantis?
  247. Mans redistribution of atoms on earth
  248. Graphology?
  249. Re-post: A Field guide to Critical Thinking
  250. Problems with mainstream science