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  1. Particles theoretically predicted by"A New Light In Phy
  2. Fractal memory stored in the genes
  3. RF-collapse time, Constant?
  4. Another Time Question
  5. The actual King of Pseudoscience?
  6. How it feels to convert gravitons to photons
  7. Unknown ancient geometry
  8. Gravity increase mass hence it's outer
  9. Coriolis though, might determin where the plant grew?
  10. Creating bacterias that destroys creativity.
  11. The King of pseudoscience?
  12. are you "LUCKY?"
  13. SCIENTOLOGY a la SouthPark!!!
  14. Are Abductions Real?
  15. New Discovery of a Universal Life Force
  16. What time is it?
  17. Time Machine?
  18. Pi, e and Alpha Encoded Within Scripture
  19. Masstime variation cause HighD space pulse creating distance
  20. An alternative explanation for Hubble Red Shift
  21. changing mathematical axioms
  22. So, how many holes can we punch in the Big Bang?
  23. Does anybody belive in past lifes?
  24. Do you think Faster than Light travel is possible?
  25. Curing Viral Infection(and some cancers?) with electricity
  26. informationalization
  27. The Museum of Unworkable Devices.
  28. Relativity is THEORETICALLY wrong!
  29. Gravity Probe B suspicious...
  30. Cryptozoology
  31. stan meyers water powered car
  32. dimension evolvation
  33. A tumbling magnet electrical generator
  34. Relativity of simultaneity vs other "relativistic"
  35. Unified theory that explains nature as a fractal of cyclones
  36. Black Hole Morse codes
  37. The Origin & Future Of Intelligence
  38. Mysterious Dark Matter
  39. A theory of three dimensional spacetime
  40. Expansion of Light Waves verses Expansion of Space
  42. Memes
  43. A flying saucer design
  44. Dinosaur descendants, dominate the oceans...
  45. Dc^2 = m
  46. E=mc^2 (expanded)
  47. Antimatter-the feasability
  48. dark energy
  49. Chaos Theory and Parallel Universes
  50. Happiness!
  51. Ferromagnetic nanoboxes splitting blood-cycling viruses
  55. Cold Fusion
  56. Is Our Universe Inside A Black Hole-Daughter Theory
  58. Flux: A hypothetical argument.
  59. Crop Circles
  60. Alternate Reality Theory
  61. What is Pseudoscience?
  62. Exotic matter and the Tachyon, do they exist?
  63. electromagnetic propulsion?
  64. Alcubierre Drive fact or fiction?
  65. Dark matter
  66. The Existence of Ether
  67. The Dotleak
  68. Orbiting Universe
  69. Photons and Gravity
  70. New theory of the universe
  71. Can the universe be a line?
  72. NEW Theory of Everything (existence, life, time) all :D
  73. Magic and Forms of Energy
  74. ZPE and its use (or lack there of)
  76. How universe works?
  77. New View of Life Based on Coriolis Effect: Body is Hurricane
  78. ghosts
  79. Borrowed energy
  80. Paranormal... anyone here have any experiences?
  81. Thoughts about the Infinite Spongy Universe
  82. About Deja Vú
  83. Jurassic Park
  84. Invisibilty
  85. Black Hole force, where are the vectors?
  86. how do we know?
  87. The ancient egyptians flying vehicles
  88. My Interesting Theory.....
  89. My model of the atom based on the work of Milo Wolff.
  90. Non-expanding universe
  91. Wow!! Telekinesis actually works!
  92. Man never went on the moon !!!!
  93. Voodoo Science
  94. General Theory of Nature and Variability
  95. Miracle of Iron
  96. Telekinesis/Psychokinesis Possible or not?
  97. Humour in the Science Lab - Spot the theory....
  98. Another evolotion question
  99. Chickens and epigenetics
  100. Another Cause for Global Warming
  101. The great error of Einstein (the proof)
  102. A physically expanding universe? KeyToRelativisticSpaceTime?
  103. "Intelligent" Design and other Anti-Science Ra
  104. Anyone who believes in Astrology?
  105. Attention all biologists, Phds and various scientists
  106. Evolution Question
  107. Another perspective of a double helix
  108. Theory Of Evolution
  109. A New Light in Physics!
  110. tai chi
  111. LOST & FOUND In Space?
  112. Alternative to Einsteins theories
  113. ET question
  114. Water @ 4oCentigrade (H20 @ 32o Farenheit)
  115. Theory explaining the acceleration of the galaxies!
  116. E = mc^2 Credibility
  117. THE GREAT ERROR OF EINSTEIN! (the proof)
  118. Ufos on consideration!
  119. Intelligent Life in the depths of the ocean.
  120. The Gravity Model vs. Big Bang Theory
  121. Free energy.
  122. Non-invariant laws in Physics
  123. Russian Alien Footage Stirs International Debate
  125. Making the Consciousness Singularity a Reality
  126. The Pseudoscience of Energy
  127. What Electricity Is Really Made Of
  128. Evidence: Real Rocket Motion
  129. like that
  130. shhh
  131. Cold fusion success at ICCF
  132. black holes/singularities
  133. Fossil Evidence says evolution is false
  134. Timing of Noah's Flood
  135. Grand Unified Theory
  136. A fesible experiment that can decide!
  137. A new possibility for Mercury precession
  138. Acredited Unified Field Theory
  139. a Black Sphere
  140. Strange experiences.
  141. Intelligent Design as a Pseudoscience
  142. Coulomb Force
  143. Star Formation
  144. IQ differences between races
  145. superluminal aether
  146. Why People Believe in Alien Abductions
  147. On Gravity, Oreos and a Theory of Everything
  148. DNA Phantom Effect
  149. Quantum Evolution
  150. Quantum this, Quantum that
  151. The expanding universe proves why c in E = mc² is squared.
  152. NanoTechnology reaches ZPE Threshold Scale
  153. H.A.A.R.P at work
  154. UFOs versus Modern Technology
  155. evidence for creation and intelligent design
  156. New energy source?
  157. Bioenergetics
  158. The perfect problem to show the INCONSISTENCE of Relativity!
  159. What Is This? (UFO Or Other?)
  160. Chrono Mechanics
  161. The Mind of a Fanatical Skeptic
  162. Meditating for World Peace?
  163. The Spitsbergen UFO Crash/Retrieval Incident
  164. quantum mechanics???
  165. Does sight have speed?
  166. Evolution is bad science
  167. Prince Harry -- Who's son is he?
  168. Astrologer Sues NASA for Deep Impact Experiment
  169. The Psuedoscience of homeopathy
  170. M.E.G , (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator)
  171. A Scientific Explanation of the UFO Mystery
  172. Unexplained Sitings - several new (tonight) - one old
  173. The Perendev Magnetic Motor.
  175. Freemasons...Evil or Good?
  176. Strange Object on Google Maps
  177. Evidence for a tenth planet... and more?
  178. 3 Different Moon Images, same location, different objects?
  179. De Broglie against Relativity
  180. A New Physics can rise!
  181. A New Light in Physics: start-point towards a Real Physics
  182. Can this be rock, or is it alive instead, on Mars?
  183. Space Ends
  184. The Universe
  185. 6th Century BC Heelstone Scroll Trench
  186. Immortality? Is that possible?
  187. Galactic Geologic Interval Hypothesis
  188. What could be the possible propulsion mechanisms of UFOs