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  1. new energy resource
  2. science and spiritual reality
  3. The Hollow Earth: Fact or Fiction?
  4. A Mathematical Model of the Fossil Record's Creation?
  5. Psychic Readings
  6. Martillo on Relativity
  7. The core of cognitivity - The God Soul & Strangelete
  8. Human tails
  9. Aluminum...Moon.... Earth
  10. Ideas on how to stop a thermonnuclear reaction.
  11. Faith in science
  12. How a still man experiences a moving man in lights direction
  13. Do the phenomena caused by special genes?
  14. The Greatest Lies Ever Told Revealed- The Human Skull Defect
  15. Time & Space
  16. 7 aspects of 'regular time' + 4 aspects of 'hypertime'
  17. Psychology?
  18. jsaldea12's pretend science of alternative medicine
  19. Blackhole Reality
  20. Astral Projection.
  21. Einstein is wrong !
  22. Where are the bees going?
  23. light speed does not equate to time travel
  24. The health effects of light bulbs and lighting
  25. 0. theory
  26. Origin of The Universe
  27. Almost Science
  28. gravity is a bit of bull
  29. The Science of Reincarnation
  30. ZFC invalid due to axiom of seperation Rus paradox stands
  31. Physics and Mysticism
  32. Colin Leslie Dean Crackpottery
  33. Genetics cant account for generation/origin of new species
  34. Did Earth coalesce from 2 medium sized planets?
  35. Biology ends in meaninglessness-nonsense
  36. Matters reaction to relativistic gravity
  37. Godel has no idea what truth is so theorem is meaningless
  38. EVOLUTION AGAIN ... important questions!
  39. Reincarnation
  40. Australian scientist a threat to world security accord NATO
  41. why relativity is overwhelmeling wrong to me
  42. Anti-Gravity Technology: Nikolas Tesla & John Hutchison
  43. Work Together On Sept. 11 Experiment.
  44. I'm closing down human bipedalism. Redevelopment vacancies?
  45. problem
  46. A Hyperthetical query on 'Subtle Radiation'
  47. Einstein & Tesla involved in The Philadelphia Experiment
  48. Multiverses
  49. NASA Conf reveals PLANET NESTOR - our 'Next-door Neighbors'
  50. Science vs. pseudoscience, what makes science superior?
  51. Is 2012 the year we get time travel?
  52. Behavior of Electricity
  53. Is evolution impossible?
  54. why the full moon isnt as rare as eclipses?
  55. The German New Medicine
  56. Quarks, Black and White holes, and the Multiverse
  57. pocket sized universe?
  58. Are dinosaurs impossible?
  59. The Philadelphia experiment
  60. Could it be CMBR isthe making of spacetime and not Big Bang?
  61. What makes outer space super-cold?
  62. Question about the credibility of eyewitness reports
  63. mathematical production of dimension and mass
  64. potential
  65. temperature concept and other modern science absurdities….
  66. Mark Isaak
  67. Evolution
  68. Multiverse theory
  69. A Mysterious Light Circle Beyond the Current Optical Theory
  70. Preferred Theory of Everything
  71. infinity minus one equals time?
  72. quark mass ratios
  74. Some of our theories prove science wrong...
  75. Error
  76. 8-circuit model of consciousness
  77. As Our Planet Slowly Fades Away..
  78. Wondering this after Discovery Channel show..
  79. Atlantis is found in Russia
  80. Out of place artefacts
  81. working with genetics, has God given some clues
  82. Powerful New Evidence For The Theory of Devolution
  83. Zecharia Sitchen???
  84. A Raw Core Organic Substance Theory
  85. science and pseudoscience
  86. Spiritual Procedures and Events
  87. Distance healing on pets
  88. Dragonflies Use Movement as Camouflage
  89. The visible vibration of life
  90. NASA GISS drops nearly 80% of recording stations since 1989
  91. Creationism vs Evolution
  92. Tree Lobsters: Skeptics & Charlatans
  93. Secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organ
  94. Gravity and the Nature of the Physical Universe
  95. What Big Bang?
  96. Why does light travel at 186,000 miles per/sec.?
  97. Neurological Explanations for Near Death Experiences
  98. how do UFOs float, propultion???
  99. our universe is within our universe
  100. Gravity: related to dark energy as a contracting opposition?
  101. This will surely convince you 2012 will be very significant!
  102. The Everyday UnifiedField for TalentedTruckDrivers
  103. Find an error
  104. Does HIV cause AIDS?
  105. Why Gravity acts like an acceleration
  106. A phase universe
  107. An accelerating expanding univese?
  108. What a photon really is
  109. Can a motor run without experiencing back EMF? - Steorn Orbo
  110. Harold Saxton Burr & Robert Becker
  111. cypress as per usual 2
  113. What is a miracle to science?
  114. Reiki. Your thoughts?
  115. Are WSEAS conferences a Pseudoscience?
  116. Can one support ID and be an atheist?
  117. Double standards in peer-review
  119. How it works time machine.
  120. To would you do if you were editor of reality.
  121. Scientific definition of miracle
  122. The informational physics
  123. NDE-like Experiences
  124. Magnetic Monopoles
  125. New Minimal Pollution Abundant Energy Source
  126. How to discover time travel?
  127. Measuring Velocity of an Inertial Frame in Free Space
  128. Gravity and conciousness?
  129. Ox's Pseudoscientific Assertions about Consciousness
  130. Please help with some 2012 facts for my disertation
  131. invalid dating techniques and evolution
  132. Alien Virus 2 - Darwin Sunk
  133. Atlantis Site Mods, is this link ok
  135. Anyone into free energy?
  136. reference for absolute velocity - what works?
  137. Microevolution and Macroevolution
  138. Ether and Light
  139. Cherry picking cycles
  140. The Munns Report on the "Patterson/Gimlin" film
  141. which side would you rather be in this relativistic event?
  142. Building an island with explosives.
  143. the time is not exist objectively,an important evidence
  144. Intergalactic Terraforming
  145. Yielding frest water from ocean salt water.
  146. If a UFO really existed what would it be made of?
  147. Were the continents once gathered by Equator?
  148. Faraday's Law Is False!
  149. Alternate theories to the theory of evolution?
  150. Bible Numerics holds mathematical proof of Bibles validity
  151. Acupuncture, Chi, Blood, & Kinetic force related?
  152. Best phoney science books
  153. ID comedy
  154. The science of the Freemason's on the US dollar
  155. Can modern biochemistry falsify current Evo theory?
  156. Cosmology Debunked
  157. Bishadi from "Does light exert a g force"
  158. TERM PROJECT: Altering ones magnetic field with yoga
  159. ESP
  160. Do Evolutionists Accept the Fundamental Principle of Science
  161. What is a natural thing?
  162. "just a theory"
  163. Science doctrine, changing understanding of psychology.
  164. My theory about the life on the Earth
  165. The Theory of Dark Matter
  166. The Theory of Devolution
  167. Intro to MaxtheKnife.com
  168. Math calculates (earth doesn't move) & moon distance off
  169. supermuble's views on induction.
  170. A Scientific Refutation of Methodological Naturalism
  171. Mathematical Proof
  172. Why Do We Have to Go?
  173. A couple of paranormal things I have questions abouy:
  174. Light speed travel.
  175. Please read before posting in this forum
  177. My friend & my own take on existance.
  178. What if planets, stars are "natural supercomputing syst
  179. The Collective Unconscious - Holy Spirit
  180. My theory of how life came to be on Earth
  181. Cause of aging
  182. How Might Aliens Perceive Our Planet?
  183. Alien Government Theory
  184. Mods, seriously, can I post about Religion/Sci Here?
  185. My Essay on Black Holes & The Universe
  186. New analysis of "Cripple foot" tracks
  187. Universe Physics System Flaw
  188. Universe Physics System Flaw
  189. gravity
  190. similarity between Bible & Physics
  191. do we have an ATOMIC DESTINY?
  192. Theory of the sun's fusion is de-bunked!
  193. Parapsychology - Responding to the proof?
  194. 2012
  195. Time
  196. Does a smaller light speed in a medium rule out the wave the
  197. A Brilliant IDEA
  198. Gravity is rotating- help!
  199. theory that explains secrets of the prophets
  200. Earth cosmos
  201. Dianetics
  202. Inexplicable Detection
  203. 9/11 science
  204. Seven Misunderstandings of Evolution from a Creationist POV
  205. E = mc^2
  206. Gas tube discharge, charge movement and absurdities of moder
  207. Remote Viewing
  208. Dowsing "Witching a well", nervous system, moon cy
  209. Senator McCain
  210. Law of Motivation
  211. Recommended reading
  212. Is there a supressed CANCER CURE ?
  213. Big Bang
  214. the location of sodom and gomorrah
  215. Why There is No evidence for the Exodus
  216. Modern Laws of Global Life
  217. Magnetically Levitated Speakers?
  218. Chinese teleportation experiments?
  219. Creationist Archaeology
  220. Attiyah’s Ring-Shaped Venus and Attiyah’s Venusian Daylight
  221. Types Of Deja’vu I experience.
  222. Poll: Have you ever seen a UFO, alien or cosmic object?
  223. Law of Interdependency
  224. Electronic world!
  225. quantum entanglement in the 11th dimension?
  226. there are 6 fundamental forces not 4...
  227. Moderator Never Tried Breathing Helium
  228. Holding Your Breath After Taking In Helium
  229. Raw Electricity from perpetual motion
  230. Breathing Helium
  231. How should science deal with the paranormal?
  232. global warming, time travel and science fiction
  233. Strange phenomena?
  234. My theory on what really happened at Roswell
  235. Self Projected Colour And Light
  236. Theory of Quick Space Travel
  237. What is Pseudoscience?
  238. Online Kabbalah Courses
  239. theory of continuity please don't steal or repost
  240. Theory of continuity (Please don't copy or steal [repost])
  241. Giant bones?
  242. Psychic?
  243. My Theory on Thoughts, Memory and Consciousness
  244. Zero And Beyond
  245. Astrology
  246. homo sapiens older than we think? forbidden archeology
  247. An ouija board
  248. Sources for Pseudoscience or Fringe Science Please!!!
  249. Nuclear Fusion (pseudo)
  250. Vedic Mathematics