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  1. Mars is inhabited by people: the Martians.
  2. Sci-fi movies
  3. Telepathy - how it works?
  4. Urod-isms from physics
  5. This paper makes interesting observations about SR
  6. Big Bang & the size of the exploding object.
  7. Seeing Timelessness
  8. Just for fun, Physical relativity!
  9. Water Ckoset Toilet design and P-M Machine?
  10. Aether dynamic theory
  11. Do you think its possible that when people say the same things....?
  12. Seven "talking type" Seals
  13. Expansion of the light waves
  14. The use of invention ideas, the GE
  15. The mysterious Veegtrón!
  16. scientific and social progress comment
  17. Solar spots, gaseous star model and absurdities of modern science
  18. BBT Fallacy
  19. could tv use subliminals?
  20. Electricity - Ancestral Action
  21. Cellular memory!!
  22. HIV/AIDS denialism
  23. Aquatic Ape Hypothesis
  24. i redorded an hallucination
  25. The Holographic Star carpet
  26. Do aliens exist
  27. global warming- a scam!
  28. could be beating black jack after 17,000 games be psi?
  29. Do natural energy vortexes exist?
  30. Theory that Stonehenge is all about the proof science
  31. Mass energy conversion and absurdities of modern science
  32. Colour according to temperature
  33. human perception and Albert Einstein's special relativity
  34. Red-shift establishes gravity is an electromagnetic force?
  36. A timid attempt to the Unifying understanding of Nature
  37. Genesis Geology
  38. rationality,has anyone measured earth radius themsleves?
  39. am i seeing auras or is it hallucination and suggestion?
  40. Could we engineer a dinosaur out of a bird?
  41. Could gravity be the result of antimatter.
  42. Does the religion of Shintoism have a doomsday prophesy?
  43. Available ions
  44. Solar Panel Electrical generation Invention
  45. Science is in the Matrix
  46. 30% and 95% fuel-saving Jet Engine design briefs.
  47. things are not what they seem?
  48. A UV solar-power electrical generator.
  49. A salt battery of nuclear-reactor high power?
  50. Higgs Boson-The Information Store?
  51. Have we measured the entropy of gravity correctly?
  52. bio station alpha on MARS?
  53. Gravity is a shielding effect
  54. Heat reaction, yield engines and absurdities of modern physi
  55. Atmospheric electricity and modern physics absurdities
  56. Mars and Jupiter collision
  57. Anyone believe in the existance of psychics?
  58. Brain plasticity theory.
  59. DC Electricity Theory Simplified by the Nest
  60. Sacrilege Tuesday - Randi's blaspheming head
  61. question on earth phases from the moon
  62. Einstein's train experiment
  63. 9/11 and Afghan War Proves Governments Run by Drugs Sleaze.
  64. A car tunneling through another
  65. Error in steady state theory
  66. Fundamental Forces solved by layman
  67. weird ratio, mass of Earth, Mayan prophecy
  68. Resource-sat sattelite through Black Hole.
  69. new theory of female orgasm-2
  70. "Elementary particles" - aren't elementary?
  71. Possibly, human brain has a defect.
  72. The psoriasis itch
  73. How long should a psychic reading take?
  74. Can Natural Selection explain cell differentiation?
  75. Saty's unsubstantiated posts
  76. I am lost, looking for psychic/spiritual help.
  77. How supernova and white dwarf are born
  78. Does not the moon cause tides on Earth.
  79. Black Holes
  80. A Problem with the Equations of Physics work and energy
  81. Telepathy - Schizophrenia - God, mystery of my life
  82. Is this in relation with quantum entanglement...?
  83. My thoughts on what people call reincarnation
  84. Theory on consciousness
  85. quantum entanglement and you and the universe
  86. Little doubt of the existence of the Orang-Pendek
  88. Darwin Eclipsed & The Rise of Evo Devo
  89. Leonov's theories on the Nature forums
  90. Help with Love Tarot Reading...
  92. Mayan prophecy
  93. a possible was to create a tear in space
  94. Can Rayleigh Scattering Explain the Sky’s Blue Colour?
  95. Yet another theory of the universe
  96. New model on driver of climate.
  97. Anomalous perihelion of Mercury solved.
  98. Natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms
  99. i found a way to percieve the fourth dimesnion :)
  100. Is John Edward a real psychic or a fraud?
  101. relationship between meditation, religion, and conciousness
  102. Superior Intelligence and it's implications and applications
  103. ESP online test/game
  104. The Definition of the Known Universe...
  105. Proof there exists spherical light waves in the rest frame t
  106. A rope between Sun and the Galactic Core
  107. spirituality, physics, psychology
  108. The Power of Negative Thinking
  109. Wave-Packet Collapse in Quantum Mechanics
  110. black hole and white hole
  111. When Black Holes Merge - A New Line of Thought
  112. Doppler Effect Unveils the Nature of Light. How?
  113. Telepathy - read someone's thoughts
  114. Attiyah's Light
  115. 'Special Relativity' Supports that Hubble's law is Wrong.
  116. A Russian 911, a tall tale made believable
  117. Finding Thomas - a book about a Near Death Experience
  118. 'event horizon'-caused redshift says: goodbye, Hubble's Law
  119. Attiyah's Universal Impossibilities
  120. Travel to other planets.
  121. Preparation of sarcophagus for melting reactos - japan?
  122. Attiyah's Cosmological shift and 'Attiyah's galactic shift'
  123. Power Balance of a Simple RC Circuit
  124. Hubble's law is wrong. Why?
  125. Motives to fudge experimental data
  126. Attiyah's Cosmology and Attiyah's Law
  127. Leonov's theories
  128. Attiyah's razor
  129. Judgment Day - - The End of Atheism
  130. 6 Senses???
  131. Linear Acceleration of an Electron in an Electric Field?
  132. Is the "Big Bang Theory" stolen?
  133. Pendulum eases pumping of water
  134. Judgment Day - The End of Atheism
  135. jules verne cannon for astronauts
  136. a new atom model
  137. mass of Earth
  139. Evolutionary 'half-step' backwards?
  140. Is Momentum or Kinetic Energy Conserved?
  141. The FV Theory
  143. Adding Blood Root to a Salad could give you an extra 15yrs.
  144. Transitional and Oppositional States Account for All
  145. The Veegtrón Theory
  146. Impending 'nemesis doom'
  147. Vortex-based mathematics
  148. The mass of Earth and Mayan prophecy
  149. A 9 Minute Beat Poem on Pseudoscience
  150. Graviton lines are the main reason of natural disasters
  151. The Atom
  152. The vacuum cleaner, structural engineering
  153. hotplasma's Big Bang Theory
  154. Amending Immaterial Science
  155. accelerating space
  156. Teleportation?
  157. the perpetual motion machine created by conventional science
  158. Wondering of dark matter concept
  159. The human brain in an artificial body?
  160. Is spacetime of Dr. Einstein the real gravity?
  161. Toward a 21st Cenury Cosmology
  162. 9/11 Conspiracy Theory - Thermate - Debunked
  164. Cyberia's speculation on Black Holes
  165. Evolution vs. Inteligent Design
  166. The pump that 'thinks'
  167. I know how the human race started
  168. Is there spirit?
  169. Pseudoscience of Creationism
  170. Stacked complex function
  171. 'Triple effect' of Ayurveda
  172. Universal Wavicle Mechanism?
  173. Updates on the Law of Emotional Balance
  174. Unified Field Theory (revised/polished 2010)
  175. More about the Veegtrón
  176. What is space?
  177. The point of indivisibility between space and substance
  178. what's the reason of natural disasters.
  179. The mass of Earth is wrong.
  180. Whyis gravity all attraction?(2010)
  181. The Aether light carrier wave
  182. Genesis of Consciousness
  183. Challenge for Evolutionsits RE: Lenski Experiement
  184. Death of the Big Bang Theroy
  185. A dialog on gravity
  186. I have discovered a new particle...
  187. What is the unified field theory?
  188. Are all gravitational fields electro-magnetic?
  189. is the afirmation everything inflates falsifiable?
  190. Infinite theory of Energetic Relativity
  191. einsteins theory of relativity disproven
  192. jsaldea12 gravity
  193. The nature of true scientific progress and example study
  194. Theory of a Dodecahedron shaped Universe *Intelligent Design
  195. What do electromagnetic waves "ride on"?
  196. Why is it that...
  197. Perpetual Energy
  198. Time Machine
  199. Building a UFO, easily made idea
  200. The Philadelphia Experiment, what supposedly happened?
  201. Fundamental Errors in Newtonian Mechanics.
  202. Things that Shouldn't Still Exist
  203. Is Light Really Made of Photons?
  204. Theory of Life, the Universe, and Everything
  205. Are we descendants of "alien" life?
  206. There isn’t any experimental evidence to support SR!
  207. how the blood pump works trough artificial gravity
  208. a torque without an arm
  209. How can sientist calculations be correct about LIGHT WAVES?
  210. Brain to body or body to brain communication question?
  211. The law of conservation of energy could have been beaten by
  212. The Beginning of the Second Holocaust
  213. The hypothesis of ones
  214. Prove that P = a ± b?
  215. Is horoscope match really essential for love marriages?
  216. everyting is relative.
  217. Did God create us on his image?
  218. Binary Universe Theory
  220. Placebo and double and triple blind studies destroyed cures.
  221. What is Ayurveda health & Indian medicine ?
  222. Revised total approach to potentially poison cancer cells
  223. We can control our immunity.
  224. Is Marxism a pseudoscience?
  225. Slowing down of an object
  226. A wierd thing just happend some one go over the math
  227. What If Senario..
  228. I'm Looking For Special Research Group
  229. time dilation pseudoscience
  230. An Alternative for Plate Techtonics????
  231. Big picture Idea
  232. Tin Foil Hats
  233. Leedskalnin & The Coral Castle: Why is this a mystery?
  234. Cold Fusion
  235. What if life is not the same everywhere.
  236. Why chemos fail whilealternative treatments succeed?
  237. Blood Electrification Causes Spontaneous Remission of Cancer
  238. Could the PLAIN of a Galaxy have a Pos/Neg effect?
  239. Please Scientific Community, Shutdown the Hadron Collider!
  240. what is Einsteinian Pain Waves theory?
  241. what is BIS theory related to earthquake?
  242. Origin of religion
  243. science, please, wake up, you are in the Matrix
  244. The Origin of Evolution of Man - "K-Radiation"
  245. could this be an stable inverted pendulum?
  246. The Pseudoscience of Spirituality
  247. A connection Between Space-time and Dark matter/Energy
  248. a torque without an arm, the flaw of vectorial physics
  249. Is this war real or imagined?
  250. The search for the god particle.