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  1. Scientific Evidence of Consciousness outside of the Brain, and the 'After Life'...?
  2. Das Energy overunity pseudoscience
  3. Hypothesis which states the sun's imminent death
  4. How is a selfsupported space station constructed?
  5. Non-stop engine
  6. Nikolas Tesla... The man who tried to give us free energy?
  7. Plane of Simultaneity
  8. Free if not Cheap Energy Proposal
  9. What will happen if we sopose the Universe as an Open System?
  10. apparently it's magic
  11. Imagine you're self dead, to become a better scientist. {Apatheist-Atheist scientist only)
  12. Free, renewable, reusable energy.
  13. Newtons laws of motion are not valid
  14. Teleportation and movement.
  15. Infinity cannot exist in reality
  16. Cam Follower Mechanism Prototype And Clean Energy Research
  17. Telepathy test: which number did I write?
  18. Need someone to create my magnet powered generators.
  19. Questions about a mass consciousness experiment.
  20. relativity
  21. Scientists offer quantum theory of Soul's existence
  22. Is Motion the boundrys of Time
  23. The law of conservation of total energy plus 1.
  24. Mass
  25. Compare sound wave speed / light/radio / and gravitation
  26. neaderthal still exists; bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti et al
  27. Flying round (UFO)
  28. The Essence of Big Bang and "Galactic Alignment"
  29. Einstein : Gravity.
  30. Water to Oil
  31. Origin of 'dream and vision' Accounts FOUND
  32. Sleep Psychosis-2
  33. Sapient Dinosaurs
  34. So God made His Eden. Michaelangelo made his David.
  35. Can Time Travel Backward?
  36. Supermassive black holes come from?
  37. grappling with curved space time and gravity
  38. Planting my vegetable seed in a very strange way.
  39. Dark matter
  40. Changing the behavior of genes and neurons by a non chemical,non surgical process
  41. Ruggero Santilli
  42. Celegonome - Theory of THOUGHT!
  43. Science of Solving Equations - can you solve them all?
  44. Voynich Manuscript
  45. Logical testing of Einstein's Relativity
  46. I'm Tesla 2 from Poland not exist similar to me engineer http://www.maroszvsnewton.cba.pl
  47. Are somebody familiar with George Hammond theory of "life after death"?
  48. TK Neuron Connections
  49. ESP: Extra sensory perception? Do you believe it?
  50. $100 for the answer
  51. Artificial Telepathy
  52. Bill and Forrest's pseudo from push gravity thread
  53. A theory of matter3
  54. Ken Jopp Vs Shaun Johnston
  55. Observations on Time
  56. Twin's Paradox
  57. Invitation to a New Fluid Universe by Volovik and Cornell University , Follow the Link !
  58. Two possible sources for global warming: Greenhouse gases and the Earth's core. Both could be caused by man.
  59. Curiosity Conspiracy Theories
  60. Is F and F' a couple of force and reacting force?
  61. Proposal for a propellantless propulsion using fluids
  62. the Evolution theory... how much evidence is there?
  63. why erich von daniken is called pseudoscience?
  64. M/F hijack of galaxy thread
  65. The physical nature of mass
  66. A theory of matter2
  67. do we need costly lab to conduct scientific study all the time?
  68. Definition of "Pseudoscience"
  69. Ron Pearson and his "physics of survival"
  70. Belief in Aliens coming in UFOs visitors from where?
  71. Relativity
  72. 'Modern Objects found Back in the Past' - Conclusions will Re-Write Religious History
  73. Pi^3 = 31.00 62 7
  74. Science trolls
  75. Moved from "Time and Distance"
  76. Philadelphia Experiment
  77. A Theory of Matter1
  78. open challenge
  79. Yes, there are ouija evidence...is there anybody studing it?
  80. Is that possible?
  81. Will the box move?
  82. We're bipedal because of (semi)aquatic ancestors? [Aquatic Ape Theory]
  83. God vs Chaos, how order can come from chaotic systems without the need for intelligent design.
  84. Evolution issue of the month 2, "Natural Selection," press release and article
  85. Collapsed Particles
  86. Natural selection has been debunked
  87. a trivial consequence of the many universes
  88. the law of conservation of mass can be proven false/stephan hawking was wrong
  89. Time travel/Destruction of mass
  90. Are we alone with our SKY or just too slow to notice?
  91. Welsh?
  92. The Great BigFoot Hoax Of 2008
  93. FUll property rights
  94. Imagining the Tenth Dimension
  95. Magnetic pole reversal
  96. Iron 59 Nuclear Waste Product
  97. Mysterious Hole Phenomenon
  98. Challenges to the big bang. Are they credible?
  99. Doctors only treat the symptom
  100. Gikuyu Civilization Radiation
  101. Why So Many Sites Calling Albert Einstein A Fraud?
  102. What is wrong with the Relativity of Simultaneity?
  103. Physics & Philosophy: Inertia and . . . Spin.
  104. The 95% fuel saver jet engine
  105. Membrane Gravity
  106. For the first time, humanity will have a glimpse of the African science as known to the African sages and seers.
  107. LiTE: Liang’s Theory of Everything. Part 1: What is velocity? What is time?
  108. Vacumm Energy Magnet
  109. How Do Phenotypes Get To Be How They Get To Be? (or) Is Natural Selection Biology's Phlogiston?
  110. Elephant: The First Primate?
  111. Genetic manipulation on humans already decades a fact
  112. The Universe( in new prospective).
  113. Origin of oxygen in earth's atmosphere
  114. spirits ( ghosts ) - are they more than a field of energy ?
  115. Is chi a real force?
  116. Controlling Human Body through ?
  117. Need some more help with dealing with apparent "woo"
  118. HAARP weather manipulation
  119. directed mutation?
  120. Discussing the possibilities of psychic and spiritual phenomenon
  121. is everybody crazy but me and a few?
  122. The Upright Ape
  123. Independent Birth of Organisms
  124. Take On Darwin
  125. the colour wheel and the blue shift
  126. Keep the good bit of quantum mechanics
  127. Real Non-Perpectual Gravity-Magnetic engines.
  128. Fourm Thinking: Alien Grey Speculation
  129. What happens at the moment of death?
  130. What are UFOs?
  131. The human soul caught on camera
  132. Universe is not expanding
  133. The Resourcer: A self-propelled electric generator or perpetual motion device.
  134. Non-Darwinian evolution is on the rise
  135. Big Bang Theory is WRONG - 33 Top Scientists Object
  136. measuring longitude without clock
  137. Energy, form & Matter e=mc^2+m
  138. Journey to the Center of the Yellowstone Caldera
  139. Did humans originate in America?
  140. creationism or evolution
  141. Riddle of the Universe Solved - Universe Evolved
  142. Ronald Patrick Marriott
  143. Galileo's pi
  144. Does colour exist in external reality?
  145. How to debunk new age Quantum physics crankery
  146. ive been ten years regarding this as an hallucination till now
  147. The Theory of Everything
  148. Over 100 alternatives to neo-Darwinism
  149. Did anybody hear/read about Dr. Stephen M.Phillips?
  150. Achallenge to established phyisics on the mechanics of light
  151. Problem with the wave theory of quantum particles
  152. Attiyah's Blue Sky (Developed)
  153. dinosaur's extinction
  154. The roundtrip time of light travel and how it really works!
  155. What is "nothing"?
  156. What is "nothing"?
  157. Which theory may explain paranormal phenomena?
  158. do you think the UFO exists?
  159. Quantum Necklace
  160. How can you marry to rich man and can not you marry to whore or sexual-frigid woman?
  161. It involves a mountain, a tongueless corpse, nine deaths, and radiation!
  162. Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012
  163. Size = Mass / Energy
  164. Resonant Entrainment and the Body.
  165. This might belong in the Trash, I don't know.
  166. Dualistic biology and secondary information system?
  167. Area 51
  168. zero gravity magnatic's (-)(+)push factors
  169. Is there any 6th element in nature?
  170. Jack's clutter
  171. 2012, making choice
  172. could the ancients be right and be the sky a dome?
  173. if someone were to crack the space-time code.......
  174. Reason why we don't go to the moon/Origin of Man
  175. Fission and fusion
  176. HI everyone. I have this odd thing with protein synthesis that i want you to verify.
  177. Architecture: where science and art collide.
  178. Were there woormholes and Stargates in Ancient times?
  179. David Wilcock - Is he using Science correctly
  180. Is Quantam Physics showing reality as just an illusion
  181. "Nyan Cat Theme" --- Played on two 24kW Musical Tesla Coils
  182. Scientist confirm that human DNA has 20 alien strands
  183. Chris Everard - The ether/Television/LHC creating black holes?
  184. Evidence for the presence of Extraterrestrial life?
  185. The Organic Cosmos
  186. Radii of gravitational fields
  187. Kalopin's off topic post from solar/wind/nuclear
  188. Big Bang - impossibility
  189. 1811 A Comet and A Quake
  190. Voids as Anti-Gravity Bubbles
  191. The Truth about Gravitation
  192. Universe is same as Atom (in formation)
  193. Origin of the mass. By Espinoza
  194. proof of colour blind aliens who dont even see b&w but 3d shapes infiltrated among us
  195. Fibre Optic particle accelerator
  196. Rick Thielen's Theory On Black Holes, The Big Bang, and Gravity
  197. Intelligent Design ????
  198. the scientific basis of a more tolerant society
  199. The creation of elements by electron-cloud condensation.
  200. Just How Did DNA Come About?
  201. Can this be? hidden planet
  202. Aliens
  203. Precious's off topic speed of light thread
  204. Possible solution to the mystery of why the universe began in a low entropy state?
  205. Mahesh's necro of quantum theory thread
  206. Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
  207. Babbling
  208. Special Relativity in air.
  209. Terressentials Organic Hair Mud
  210. The black photon theory
  211. Preconditions to the Big Bang discussion
  212. Speed 2, order
  213. windmill design
  214. Statistical Reproducibility
  215. The Coming Ice Age?
  216. Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
  217. This paper gives a specific numeric problem in SR
  218. speed
  219. the Reverse Theory
  220. Demonstration Scientific the existence of the Aether…
  221. Pseudoscientific purpose of life
  222. Spacetime no longer exists is true or false?
  223. A dream about planetary motion and light
  224. please pay attention to Graviton Line
  225. science proof of creationism
  226. why we dont perceive depth like a 3d movie?
  227. This is not a sensation
  228. could the world be staged by angels who dont see colour, not even b&w
  229. Mankind Wondered
  230. Could 'subtle energy' (chi, life force, etc) be 'diffuse magnetism'?
  231. Advertising: how it uses and abuses science, affecting us all
  232. Fractals, the Key to True Artificial Intelligence
  233. Single piston engine & 95% final thoughts.
  234. Synchronizing clocks on inertial frames by measuring absolute motion.
  235. the deep-pond solar-electric generator?
  236. the 95% fuel-saver jet engine
  237. Critique of the Universe, Introduction
  238. Measuring DC electricity -- suggestion.
  239. The most-efficient wind generator?
  240. Aliens, what do we think about them? And what would they think of us ?
  241. Periodic Table of Physical Elements
  242. Gravity well depiction in TV science
  243. How space ships hover, in sci-fi art.
  244. The universe is made of a particle, not dark energy
  245. vanadium-cobolt perpetual 'alnico' electricity
  246. How to open a Dimensional Gate...
  247. Rule of STV(dimA) of Physical Units
  248. 95% fuel saving jet engine further developments
  249. superstring electromagnetivity?!
  250. Kenhughes' imagination of SR