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  1. The God Confusion
  2. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die!
  3. The conception of Jesus Christ.
  4. Does "Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me" Imply Other Gods Exist?
  5. Blasphemy laws
  6. Football the religion
  7. "End Of Days" - Preachers Suggest War May Be a Signal The Rapture Is Upon Us!
  8. Imagine a world without religion
  9. Immortality
  10. What Would God be Made of?
  11. Dark matter and religion
  12. Male Chauvinism reason for relgion?
  13. The real reason for religion?
  14. God is Light
  15. Religious Wars - "Thou Shall Not Kill" takes yet another beating.
  16. The way religions start.
  17. Will AI Affect Religion?
  18. How Could Sound Have Created Light?
  19. Ancient Roman Religion
  20. Angels and Demons
  21. Simulation Hypothesis Becoming a Religion?
  22. Adam & Eve
  23. supernatural?
  24. Synthetic Life is Godís Handiwork?
  25. Would such a being count as God?
  26. Deification
  27. Was Jesus a real person?
  28. Behemoths, satyrs, cockatrice, unicorns, dragons.
  29. Atheists are cowards!
  30. The ancient Greek religion
  31. How Evolution Proves the Existence of God (continuation of 2008 thread)
  32. Crucifixion, Christmas and Virgin Births
  33. Darwin and religion.
  34. Religion, Science and the News Media
  35. Combatting Creationists
  36. Say It In A Sentence
  37. Is the bible Gods word?
  38. An Interpretation
  39. Noahs Flood
  40. The scientific study of religion?
  41. ' Why do I care ?.'
  42. The negative correlation between intelligence and religious belief..does it exist?
  43. Methods of measuring religion?
  44. Delusions make the human mind that more amazing
  45. Interesting musing by Einstein wrtiting to a young girl
  46. Crowley and Hubbard.
  47. Are There Scientific Theories as to Why Religions Start?
  48. Is belief a decision?/ Is believing a choice?/ Is decision a choice?
  49. The Relationship Between Perception and Reality
  50. are we becoming more kind ? thoughts on evolution
  51. are all humans pure and maybe even animals?
  52. what religion believes there is neither good nor evil in the world?
  53. Historical Dreams mentioned in the Old and New Testament - Is there a scientific value to them.
  54. greek gods and wars between them.
  55. bahai faith and bahai religion
  56. Should religion be confined to the past and let science take over for the search of creation
  57. "Belief in God is apparently a psychological artifact of mammalian reproduction."
  58. Beliefs of Christians regarding curses. Have they changed over time?
  59. The Curse of Tippecanoe. Is there any evidence that is was true?
  60. Will a atheist believe if god sends sign to him 2!
  61. Agnostic thread
  62. what percentage of new humans born in america will become christian?
  63. Feedback thread about this subforum.
  64. What are the beliefs of Atheism?
  65. The Blood Moon
  66. The flood
  67. Will a atheist believe if god really sends a sign?
  68. Moving beyond religious/magical/astrological justifications (labelled "religious freedoms")
  69. What do you think of Pope Francis ?
  70. The distinction between an atheist and an agnostic
  71. Catholic Bullying
  72. Why DO you beieve in God?
  73. Death to gays.
  74. Have the ancient Israelites thought that other gods existed?
  75. How important is it to choose the God you follow?
  76. Afterlife/Paradise legend
  77. Nye versus idiots
  78. reasoning
  79. The God Lab
  80. Old religions
  81. Can you please tell me how your view of God fits into Physics?
  82. Quote from Darwin
  83. Are logic and faith/belief mutually exclusive? Why?
  84. Merry christmas
  85. Is there any meaning in the Bible verse "faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen" makes any sense?
  86. Why should it matter not to believe in God?
  87. Religion is not a scapegoat for violence
  88. Scientology
  89. The Global Religious SEX trade.
  90. Have not read Dawkins...
  91. Scientific Analysis of Ancient Documents
  92. Has Science Discovered God? -Requested by Cogito Ergo Sum
  93. why did pope quit???
  94. Where did the idea of Chakras come from?
  95. Video the Shroud of Turin is not Jesus' image
  96. living in the dark ages
  97. Distortions of Evidence is Evidence for the truth of Christianity
  98. Shiva, shiva and daeva
  99. Is there room for spiritualty in science?
  100. do you believe is the story of Jesus as written in the bible?
  101. I need help
  102. Responding to this YEC argument.
  103. Why Bother Debating Theists?
  104. OUR TWO WRDLDSFutile Confrontations has been updated
  105. What Went Wrong with the First Theistic Religion?
  106. Debunking Daniel Smartt' Atheism Article.
  107. How much time have we wasted on religion (assuming all religions are false)
  108. Abiogenesis - theology doesn't work either.
  109. Why is it so hard to disprove religion?
  110. Are there any famous video games that are not associated with the Illuminati?
  111. Two kinds of morality
  112. so i'm probably going to die within one year
  113. Atheist/Humanist/Skeptic Book recommendations
  114. Made in who's image?
  115. Did the person Jesus from the bible actually really existed in the past?
  116. The Eternalist
  117. Is god really exist or not? !! i know its very common question.
  118. Religion and War
  119. Richard Dawkins Documentary - Enemies of Reason
  120. Volcanoes vs young earthers
  121. Does entropy disprove religion?
  122. Thesis on Religion and Conflict, Please Help!
  123. How is the word "kind" in "two of every (kind)" (gen 6:19) exactly defined by the bible?
  124. The process of evolution
  125. Is this function of writings common among all god-scripture-religions?
  126. If science proves so in-depth that God-religions are false, then why are there so freaking many believers in the world?
  127. Who is Robert Ballard
  128. Physics and Hinduism: Sri Krishna the first to purport Conservation of Energy?
  129. Define Atheism
  130. The DA VINCI CODE
  131. Is it true that the only legitimacy of God-religions is the ask for the proof of non-existence?
  132. Define Faith
  133. Where could the "mark" from Johns Revelation have originated.
  134. Anyone know of a measure designed to rank importance of aspects of religious belief to the believer?
  135. How do young earth creationists explain...
  136. So do Christians just competely deny the SCIENCE ..
  137. Hall of Fame
  138. I noticed
  139. Will Supercomputers Reach Self-Awareness?
  140. Science of the Crucifixion
  141. Could Satan use music as a vehicle to doom?
  142. The Morality Arguement
  143. Have you ever wondered what goes through people's minds?
  144. Evidence for Christ
  145. Again with the place gods
  146. Disproving God's special creation
  147. The scientific study of religion.
  148. Intelligent Design
  149. Some things just get real old real fast.
  150. Is a christian god a male ?
  151. Anti-atheist
  152. Critical Thinking from a squirrel
  153. A Field Guide to Critical Thinking
  154. Gold Dust Phenomena?
  155. Do you believe that the universe is conscious of itself ?
  156. What moments/things make you think of that God exists?
  157. Can you define God?
  158. Misconceptions made by (some, and not necessarily most) Atheists
  159. Was divorce or getting remarried allowed in early christian communities?
  160. Religion and the Environment: is God ok with His creation being trashed?
  161. Should advertising of religious and superstition be illegal?
  162. Misconceptions made by (some, and not necessarily most) theists
  163. Religion according to a squirrel
  164. Noah's ark..
  165. Biblical Errors
  166. Is there a testable religion?
  167. My Mothers Religion. And why westwind was a bastard.
  168. Cosmic gods
  169. Biblical Errors or How I became agnostic again
  170. The Pure Theist is Rare.......
  171. What is the point of religion is it coming to an end ?
  172. Women Bishops
  173. Wheres the thread about the universe creating a god?
  174. I need to talk to someone smart
  175. Assume that you believe Christian scientists that say ....
  176. Illuminati = psychologically disfigured minds of the apex predictor's society?
  177. We need to talk about Atheism.
  178. Could Atheism Be Improved With The Addition Of A Potentially Valid Redemptive Element?
  179. Pseudo-religions
  180. Religion and mythology as metaphor
  181. Stockholm ....er...Religion Syndrome
  182. Do scientists
  183. The future of religions
  184. Physical Immortality or Spiritual Immortality - why do we have to choose?
  185. Change in Religious Numbers
  186. ALL religious texts
  187. Is this new?
  188. The begining of Earth
  189. Is a religion truly a religion if it has no creation myth?
  190. What if the options aren't just Atheism and Monotheism?
  191. Odin Spearing himself to the World Tree
  192. Does religion help you to live longer?
  193. Religion maybe works a bit like Placebo treatments does? Expectations!
  194. David Sloan Wilson and the Evolutionary Study of Religion?
  195. Connection between Scientology and Scizophrenia
  196. Existence proves intelligent design
  197. The Misery of Those Who Claim That God Does Not Exist
  198. Why do people think, that Christianity states, that one day the world will end?
  199. Why Ask a Theist to Prove God?
  200. Proving the non-existence of god?
  201. What do the Jews think the messiah will be called when he comes?
  202. What is right and wrong
  203. Quick question about the argument that the bible is inerrant
  204. Can we know the truth?
  205. death
  206. How hard would it be to bring back pantheonism?
  207. How many believers worry about hell and doubt their religion?
  208. Why do we waste our time with religion
  209. Any gods like this?
  210. The existence of place gods
  211. New age beliefs
  212. I want to believe in God, but my reason says it is absurd
  213. theists vs. atheists
  214. Religion still impedes science.
  215. Euthanasia is wrong!
  216. Creationism vs Evolution
  217. Could Our Universe Produce a Real God?
  218. Why do people with an understanding of science despise religion so often?
  219. Empirical methods to test non-empirical beliefs.
  220. Experiments on the 'karma effect'
  221. Religion Is Science
  222. I can't believe in the extrordinary supernatural phenomenology of New Testament
  223. Reason for faith
  224. Where does religion come from?
  225. why do people of Jesus "invent"?
  226. Twelfth Insight
  227. How do you talk to someone like this?
  228. Paying someone to help my dad out with religion
  229. Are Religious People Happier? If so, why?
  230. Is this westwind's 100th Post?--- The Astral Window in the Mind.
  231. Religion and Pseudoreligion
  232. The End Of Faith
  233. Did Christians keep slaves?
  234. creationists don't play fair.
  235. Vinegar
  236. Mayans and 2012.
  237. Mystical Brain
  238. Is this true?
  239. The next biblical empire.
  240. End of Days.
  241. What do Islamic militants believe?
  242. Why I'm Agnostic
  243. One way to irritate a God botherer
  244. Weird belief
  245. Choices
  246. Scientists and Faith
  247. How does soft cells/tissue found in dinosaurs survive MILLIONS OF YEARS!!?
  248. For daytonturner: Fifty ways to irritate an atheist
  249. How To Spot A Phoney Christian.
  250. Religion vs Spirituality