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  1. Why DO you believe in God?
  2. Old testement(tanah) school study... :/
  3. The origin of life - won't be found here
  4. Correction Jesus
  5. How many theists?
  6. define dead
  8. If there really was Heaven & Hell
  9. The christian trinity..?
  10. Yet Another Debate on Evolution versus Fundemtal Religioun
  11. Challanging Chaos
  12. Abraham
  13. Motives behind religious appraisal/disapproval
  14. Biblical Problems
  15. I will pray for you.
  16. Could the earth have been made in 7 days
  17. Religion 2?
  18. religion?
  19. God as the Glue that holds everything together?
  20. All the proof you need that god does not exist...
  21. Why are animals not very religious?
  22. When n why n wad make religion
  23. The Third Anti-Chris: Nostradamus' Prediction
  24. An Atheist's Creed
  25. Expelled
  26. What`s my religion?...
  27. Why do people laugh at Creationists?
  28. Complexity of God
  29. Expelled: Creationist/ID propaganda unleashed
  30. Atheism
  31. am I a poof
  32. Religous section
  33. Norse gods?
  34. am I an Atheist?
  35. was there ever meant to be a messiah
  36. A new study shows that Islam is the truth
  37. The Bible and children: what gives?
  38. The religious politics
  39. Our world's greatest scientists and religion
  40. Argueing about religion
  41. I can prove Heaven and Hell Exists...
  42. where have all the miracles gone?
  43. Faith Schools
  45. Why can't atheists leave believers alone?
  46. is "god" "open" for interpretation?
  47. Judas
  48. Systematic Classification of Diety
  49. Genesis 1 & 2 - Biblical and Scientific Perspective
  50. Biblical Flood
  51. arguments
  52. personal relationship with God
  53. Which God are you?
  54. Cloning Humans
  55. Was Noah's Ark a Time Machine?
  56. Is there a link between the worlds religions?
  57. Heaven and hell
  58. Is it bad to NOT be religious?
  59. Why do some people believe god(s) exist and some don't?
  60. the biblical flood
  61. scientology
  62. Is there a hell?
  63. god/science
  64. Enlighten me about Christianity.
  65. What about the other guy??
  66. this guy on this bus
  67. Why is Atheism nearly always linked to high intelligence
  68. ...
  69. The nature of debate
  70. Islam
  71. Define Religion
  72. Sunstroke???
  73. what is real? what is science?
  74. What religion of Islam?
  75. Injustice of God
  76. Bigger PITA...
  77. I guess that about wraps it up for god?
  78. Why do people spend so much time with religion?
  79. Miracle website
  80. Westboro to picket heath's funeral
  81. God is real!
  82. Does anyone know why...
  83. Guilt is the origin Religion
  84. What would you do if you were some allmighty entity??
  85. After belief I've had a revelation
  86. Customer Service
  87. Meaning, Purpose
  88. Are atheists agnostics?
  89. Religion breeds ignorance
  90. The bible
  91. Religion free will, or conditioned?
  92. Genesis and science agree
  93. muslim history in europe
  94. How did the Holy Grail idea arise?
  95. God's Reason For Humans?
  96. All hail the flying spaghetti monster
  97. Were you baptised?
  98. Why are atheists angry?
  99. Do some atheists make science appear dogmatic?
  100. "the naked truth"
  101. fomer muslim ladies speak out
  102. How do atheists get married?
  103. prooving atheism
  104. What religion?
  105. Jesus whatever.
  106. Why Religion can be discounted as a science.
  107. Is Religion Entitled To Superior Respect?
  108. The need for faith
  109. Borne Atheist
  110. Will the definition of good and evil exist in the future?
  111. Are all religions right? RELIGIOUS ONLY
  112. Delineating the burden of proof
  113. A well written article, i thought i'd post
  114. dawkins at aai 07
  115. Are agnostics atheists?
  116. Which came first the Mushroom or God ?
  117. I NEED HELP
  118. Improving Your Odds
  119. Is Atheism another rebellious group?
  120. A Fascinating Video about the current ATHEIST MOVEMENT
  121. Theists only please. Country or religion.
  122. I Am God
  123. The age-old question that atheists love to dodge.
  124. A Soul's Dilemma?
  125. 10 Questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
  126. God vs. Science
  127. Why are there more atheist scientists than religious ones?
  128. You decide
  129. Mankind before the Bible
  130. A poll mainly for the atheists here.
  131. Science, the new religion?
  132. closed mindedness is a waste.
  133. god (aka david attenborough) about religion and nature
  134. Life according to Fossil
  135. The Movie: Zeitgeist
  136. Is faith delusion? Poll: ATHEISTS ONLY
  137. Why Doesn.t God Eliminate All Evil?
  138. Genuine Goodness
  139. Mazhara
  140. Religion and birth control, contraceptives
  141. copy and pasting muslims
  142. Can we know anything outside our direct observation?
  143. The root of a religion
  144. What about religion >12000 ya?
  145. pol pot evil atheist despot
  146. My apologies
  147. Whats your star sign?
  148. What happened to the disciples
  149. Monetary challenge for Geezer
  150. radical islam war against the west
  151. A Review of Dawkins by Prof. John Cottingham
  152. About Biohazard's deleted post (Thread off-shoot)
  153. time we dropped the label - the problem with atheism.
  154. this is one angry lady
  155. Evolutionist/Atheist Mano Singham Interviewed
  156. Deprogramming
  157. About Biohazard's deleted post
  158. What's ur Religion ?
  159. god punishing athiests
  160. The Most Logical God
  161. Is God associated to time?
  162. Understanding Delusion(long post but worth it)
  163. Words
  164. To the Muslim...er...'apologetics', if you can call 'em that
  165. Islam ...
  166. new testament
  167. Funding of Faith Based Schools
  168. Are Muslims free to abandon their faith?
  169. The importance of religion
  170. Did God create?>?>?>?
  171. The Power (ability) equation
  172. Should Atheism be Part of the Education Curriculum?
  173. Proving God.
  174. Atheism an easy way out?
  175. Punishment for disbelief
  176. Argument against omnipotence
  177. Good Death, Bad Death
  178. a measure of evil
  179. Punished for Atheistic Protest
  180. Why does he give us eternity in heaven, but only 80yr life ?
  181. bloodthirsty fundies
  182. 5 minutes before he dies.
  183. The great fundie poem
  184. Are you afraid to reveal you're really atheist?
  185. morality in apes
  186. Surathun Najm
  187. the bible and morals
  188. If Jesus was not Son Of God, then who was He?
  189. Does Science Begin with a Belief in God?
  191. Richard Dawkins [VIDEOS]
  192. Revelation-The Truth
  193. the genesis of hell
  194. Higher aliens and religion.
  195. The definitions of atheism and agnosticism
  196. Proof for God's non-existance?
  197. witchcraft
  198. hey, check out my new signature...
  199. Nothing Else Matters
  200. Did god create us to shoot for the stars?
  201. no phoneys in the army of god...
  202. What is "The bad book"?
  203. On the existence of gods.
  204. A question for you
  205. is the church interested in science?
  206. Mother of God, could this be true??
  207. if jesus is God, did he suicide, or was it a scare tactic???
  208. Religion and education.
  209. "Christian child" or "Child of christian pare
  210. Hypocrisy of Religious Site
  211. When God's Actions Don't Make Sense
  212. Jesus was an alien
  213. What will be the next fad for religion?
  214. The Probability of a God
  215. Was Mankind Created Immortal?
  216. Islam view On coexistance (muslims & non-muslims)
  217. Was Jesus of Nazarath homosexual?
  218. Bible Redundant?
  219. The Golden Ratio
  220. Is anyone else here a henotheist?
  221. IS THERE A PRIME MOVER? How did the universe begin?
  222. How do you define God?
  223. What are Your thoughts on the book: The God Delusion
  224. Origins of Environmental Religions
  225. Evolution
  226. If God Clicked Start
  227. for those who expect virgins in paradise ...
  228. My Temple
  229. Origin of Religion
  230. A new step?!?!?!
  231. If God Suddenly Showed Up......
  232. christians practice hypocrisy to the highest degree.
  233. Religion Rears It's Ugly Head
  234. Eye to Eye book, The Science of God
  235. Nature as God
  236. What Pentecostal Christians call...
  237. Is this dumb, far fetched?
  238. The case for a creator
  239. Seven great lies of organized religion
  240. Noah's ark
  241. If I were to write...
  242. The definition of atheist: the revised edition
  243. The reconcilliation of science and religious beliefs
  244. i]u]b] A world of atheists /i]/u]/b]
  245. Atheist vs A Religious
  246. apostates of islam
  247. How did Religion Get Going in the First Place?
  248. Is God Evil?
  249. Athiests and their supposed "lack of belief"
  250. No...it's not "one of those threads" again.