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  1. So, what is a religious person
  2. Solution to the Atheist Problem
  3. The meaning of Good Friday.
  4. returning to my faith
  5. Forum
  6. Can we judge God? Can't judge God?
  7. Does religion affect in politics?
  8. Creation paper
  9. Did Darwin Kill God? (Documentary BBC)
  10. Logic in a nutshell
  11. Galileo, Socrates, etc. Invoking religion
  12. My Logic
  13. The Theist Challange
  14. is christianity intolerant?
  15. the question of all questions
  16. Angels value
  17. Just who has Dominion on earth anyway?
  18. Why do you want kids ?
  19. Arriving At One's Stop
  20. is creation outside of the scope of science?
  21. A way to disprove biblical creation by using evolution.
  22. Thank God for athiests!
  23. Atheism is relative...
  24. The biblical earth age
  25. At it again?
  26. The Blasphemy of Witnesses
  27. Devaluation of God
  28. Theist --> Atheist Guidance.
  29. Mother Teresea's Facade
  30. Fred Alan Wolf: quantum religion?
  31. Slaughtering MUSLIM in Palestinians in the name of Democracy
  32. Secular law is better than Religious law.
  33. Should God be judged?
  34. The golden rule (theist version)
  35. Religion is here but i'm okay with it
  36. Please tell me this is an Islamic black flag operation again
  37. The Misconception of Islam
  38. Misrepresention of Islam by media
  39. Evil is good. As all of God's gifts are.
  40. does hell exist?
  41. An Astronomer Who Says "We're Alone" in Our Galaxy
  42. Enough God, Already.
  43. Nostradamus predicts the collapse of US capitalism and the w
  44. God of quantum uncertainty.
  45. The kingdom of heaven and the mustard seed......
  46. The Problem with the Religious Forum
  47. The Answer To Everything
  48. And suddenly enlightenment (or agnosticism)
  49. question: if supposily "GOD" was to stand before.
  50. The Case for a Creator Movie.
  51. What Color Was Jesus?
  52. Religulous The Movie
  53. Gnosis. From fame to fool.
  54. God's finger is faster than speed of light?
  55. are animals robots?
  56. It's immoral to have pre-marital sex!
  57. God learns to be perfect.
  58. Jesus/God sacrifices to Jesus/God. This is not a sacrifice,
  59. Sex - a christians perspective?
  60. What God is Made Of
  61. The nature of death
  62. Creationism and Torture
  63. is there any evidence to prove that the universe...
  64. christianity and vikings
  65. PhD's and creationists
  66. The dark side of magic
  67. lost gospels documentary
  68. I am now a believer
  69. descartes demon
  70. Jesus like people in other religions
  72. God cannot breed a perfect man. Incompetence?
  73. Where is the tree of knowledge? In the Bible?
  74. Belief in a God or Gods?
  75. The Christian Reconstructionists
  76. Religion is equal to Schizophrenia
  77. does islam/arabs support extremist muslims(terriost)
  78. Religion and peace
  79. Nostradamus predicts the collapse of the capitalist system
  80. Even theists think this stuff is made up
  81. Man creates god, God creates man?
  82. Present for Daytonturner
  83. The hypocrisy of the religion sub-forum
  84. Knowing of God and heaven is a curse.
  85. atheism: ?
  86. Why would god create sinful people?
  87. Is Jesus as genocidal as his maniac Father?
  88. I can prove God and life after death.
  89. Religions from around the world!
  90. How is religious development in current society?
  91. soul and evolution
  92. Happy Holidays!
  93. Things from the bible..
  94. The prayer experiment.
  95. Going to church on christmas eve
  96. Anti God Signs are good for All Religionists.
  97. Tax Churches.
  98. Why Reincarnation is a Certainty
  99. Another Einstein's quote
  100. God: Narcissist or low on self esteem?
  101. Fundamentalist Extremism
  102. a true christian
  103. The "New" bible
  104. Is Dawkins really an atheist?
  105. Soul
  106. Proof That Richard Dawkins Does Not Exist
  107. To all those who say the universe is only 6000 years old.
  108. God gives you freedom, and then forces to do as He Commands.
  109. Richard Dawkins--The Blind Scientist
  110. Are Fundamentals faithless?
  111. Hell exists, proof inside.
  112. Can We Really Trust Each Other?
  113. Women, is this overtly chauvinistic?
  114. Interesting video i saw
  115. Jesus admits he is not God. Do we need a new Bible?
  116. Should nuns do it.
  117. The Problem with Dawkins
  118. Raises hand.....
  120. Most here attack or defend. Are there any that just seek God
  121. your views ?
  122. Is Proof of God Really Necessary?
  123. Complaint from little sinner in HELL.
  124. I am now... an Anti-Theist
  125. User pavlos charity challenge
  126. A met an old friend today..
  127. Give me 5 reasons why God DIDN'T create us.
  128. Bo Burnham - Sunday School
  129. An Atheist Meets God
  130. Learn from a true believer ...
  131. An imperfect God
  132. With prop 8 comes hate
  135. Greatest I Am.
  136. How Evolution Proves the Existence of God
  137. God + woman = abomination.
  138. End evils. Find the Money Man.
  139. answer please
  140. Christians getting thier morals from the bible...
  141. I suffered prejudice for the first time...
  142. Is it moral to teach children that there are talking snakes?
  143. Is this proof that the first God was a man?
  144. Jewish question. Can the temple be built, ready for shipment
  145. Initial thoughts on The Holy Bible
  146. God is evil if He has miracles and does not use them.
  147. Why did you become religious?
  148. Why Skeptics Should Pray
  149. Has God said Heís sorry for drowning Us? Will He ever or doe
  150. Believers of reincarnation. Are we in Heaven and just slummi
  151. The God Who Wasn't There
  152. Believers. At end time, What is the first item of Godís perf
  153. Dawkins and Lennox
  154. Not reading Godís Word right, is just wrong. No talking snak
  155. Disappointed Christian
  156. Is there a Christian Church that follows scripture?
  157. Is God back sliding?
  158. Is it moral to take anotherís wife? God did it.
  159. Here is the Proof of God's Existence
  160. Reason for your (non)beliefs?
  161. A question...
  162. Origin of Religion
  163. Mrs. God says God is a one woman God. No Mary thank you.
  164. The Final Freedoms
  165. has religion highjacked salvation?
  166. Underwear, Bikini,APPle Ipod,GHD, Apple phone, Nokia 95, Nok
  167. Another thread to bash religion
  168. Bible
  169. Why did God send Satan to us instead of hell.
  170. God was a man first.
  171. Godís philosophy.
  172. How do you explain NDE and OBE
  173. The historical Jesus didn't create a new religion!
  174. All worthy Gods must be able to produce perfect souls.
  175. Creationists and Evolutionists Are Correct
  176. Objective evidence vs Anecdotal evidence
  177. The Father of The Holy Trinity.
  178. I Have No Father! How a Muslim Became an Atheist
  179. Religion and Children
  180. The fight against religion
  181. God, Bible - Have they outlived their usefullness?
  182. Irresputable proof that god does not exist
  183. Scientology in French trial.
  184. Is LHC The Super Collider Or The Super Dud
  185. ID id
  186. Picture of Galileo, Monk or Priest, and a telescope?
  187. Age of religious consent
  188. Necesary Torture
  189. Heaven and Hell -- Does it matter?
  190. including Einstein's name in every story/idea...
  191. What is so faulty about religion...Why is it bad
  192. The fear and Dogma of Islam.
  193. The Superiority of Mormon Faith
  194. Seek truth and you shall find truth
  195. What would become of god if our universe were a simulation?
  196. What it all boils down to?
  197. zeitgeist
  198. Come out the doubt and you shall see truth
  199. Would Consciousness Travel with a Soul to a Target Machine?
  200. Paranormal Topics and Scientific Method
  201. God is either everything, or God is nothing. Vote!
  202. No thing is absolute or prove otherwise
  203. My experiences with the things unseen...
  204. A Heavenly Hell Dancing Within Time
  205. Eve, if God were loving, would have been the mother of Jesus
  206. God's science and mans science
  207. First Cause Arguments
  208. Evil Pope!
  209. YHWH Allah
  210. ISLAM.... The Debate
  211. Life on Mars?
  212. jesus was not the son of god, according to the bible
  213. An MSN debate concerning the existance of god.
  214. Revolution: WAR AGAINST GOD
  215. Knock Knock
  216. How does belief affect reality?
  217. Do animals fear GOD???
  218. Proof of God
  219. Why God doesn't show himself?
  220. Belief in the afterlife
  221. islam and science
  222. God show your true form or shall i accept you art thou Earth
  223. ?Evolution?
  224. Mother Earth the creator of life and religion
  225. An issue with non-believers
  226. God is just a part of the evolution of creation
  227. On Jehovah's Witnesses and Smurfs
  228. Religion and politics just don't mix
  229. Evangelistic Christians have it wrong when it comes to...
  230. Is faith and science reconcilable?
  231. How about Evolution AND Creationism, instead of VS.
  232. Will Religion as a whole start a Holy War to stay Alive??
  233. Upon Death
  234. The demographics of God’s universe are thus.
  235. Destiny Vs free will
  236. Our god is the result of human weakness.
  237. what do you think of Islam ?
  238. New scinetist religion for you
  239. Satanism??
  240. Accepting all religions...
  241. Christianity without jesus
  242. Why do christians
  243. My relgion
  244. What is heaven and hell like?
  245. Quit bitching. The world is perfect thanks to God.
  246. A thought on faith
  247. The first beings to believe in the divine...
  248. Why DO you believe in God?
  249. Old testement(tanah) school study... :/
  250. The origin of life - won't be found here