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  1. Scientific outlooks regarding life after death.
  2. Why there can never be a new world religion.
  3. Scientific Debate on New World Order Conspiracies
  4. 'The mystery Religion' and String Theory
  5. Does religion subtract from knowledge?
  6. Extremist?
  7. Steven Weinberg on Religion
  8. Origin of the Supernatural
  9. What are the fundamental teachings of Christianity?
  10. Belief in supernatural prerequisite for religion?
  11. should science and religon work together??
  12. just how many of you on here are religeous?
  13. Faith, memetic, genetic, how much?
  14. What makes one religion more credible than another?
  15. Psychological standpoint on disproving Religion
  16. Is rape of non-believer women permitted under Islamic law?
  17. Does Japan have a native religion?
  18. The Perfect Religion
  19. Stereotyping
  20. Day of Yahweh
  21. Where can i get laboratory lab coats?
  22. Islamic science (Claiming the qaran had all answers already)
  23. Is science and religion too young to understand each other?
  24. Need help
  25. Evolution of Christianity
  26. Interesting information about activation
  27. Benefits of organised religion?
  28. Liquid Body Armor Is it Acceptable for use?
  29. Atheism and the Internet
  30. Morality
  31. spirituality, physics, acoustic, psychology theory
  32. Empirical Buddhism?
  33. The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  34. So I'm thinking of starting a cult...
  35. The Truth about Religion
  36. Ways to disprove Christianity?
  37. Why do we worship ancient gods?
  38. The Garden of Eden - Centre of the Neolithic Revolution?
  39. Gould's Tape & Religion [deleted]
  40. Gould's Tape & Religion
  41. Is this even fundamentally possible?
  42. More about unnecessary confrontations
  43. Discussion of the Intersection of Science and Religion
  44. Frequency Dependant Morality
  45. Lord: Justice
  46. Can There Be A Devil Without God?
  47. Very Enjoyable of the Ghost Whisperer
  48. Belief based soley on fear
  49. Immortal Soul
  50. Creationist support through the back door
  51. Opiate of the State?
  52. The Da Vinci Code
  53. God fearing
  54. Buddhism_a
  55. Afterlife, Underwold aand Hell
  56. Catholics and the HPV vaccine
  57. Don't Atheists Need Faith?
  58. What's The Difference Between Agnostic and Atheist
  59. Why do most religions fail?
  60. Books on Near Death Experiences
  61. Two or three kinds of trying to understand the world?
  62. The relationship between science and religion
  63. Creationist Theory of the Post Flood.
  64. The start of religion
  65. Scientific miracles of the Quran.
  66. the origin of religions
  67. disproving religion
  68. Rising ocean levels create...world wide flood
  69. Why a Monothestic Deity (singular)?
  70. Are religious people often more optimistic
  71. Reading Suggestions for Biblical Studies
  72. The Christian Genocide of Other Religions
  73. Christianity vs. Islam
  74. Name Correspondence in the Gospels
  75. Potential Alternate Christ History's
  76. Parts of the Brain Shuts Down During Prayers
  77. Christian Trinity and Hindu Polytheism
  78. Is the Scientific Method the only way to understand Reality?
  79. The David and Goliath Complex
  80. The Bible as Mythology
  81. Religion as a Human Behavioral Norm -
  82. Similarities in Religion
  83. Question for the Religious (no flaming in this thread)
  84. the END OF ATHEISM...
  85. Karen Armstrong
  87. intelligence correlation
  88. An alien intelligent life, including intelligent ones: =)
  89. If dinosaurs could talk . . (Creation Museum)
  90. Our botched genome.
  91. Spirituality & Brain Damage
  92. Religion and Science as crutches?
  93. TheReasonProject
  94. Isn't God....
  95. Religion hampering efforts to save environments?
  96. Biologists and Physicists: which are more religious?
  97. Biblical Quotes promoting Sanctity of Life?
  98. Blog post
  99. Natural Explanations for Religious Experiences
  100. Nativity displays stolen/discarded in US state capitols
  101. If sin creates victims, then Gays, prostitutes are innocemt.
  102. Can Science explaine Religion?
  103. Evidence:social benefits, or otherwise, of religion
  104. Jesus's Influence
  105. Religion`s influence in Politics.
  106. Being on the same team - the religious, the scientists etc..
  107. Is Yoga Scientific ?
  108. Is religion bad for our youth?
  109. The Earth is only 6000 years old.
  110. Muslims see sin as a challenge, except for sex?
  111. Are believers culpable for overpopulation?
  112. Biological warfare in the Exodus
  113. A firmament between waters
  114. Creation Movie
  115. Faith
  116. A Universe From Nothing
  117. Halal killing is inhumane.
  118. Replacing religion
  119. Religion- Born from Thanatophobia?
  120. Why is Religion attributed to God or Gods?
  121. It's all a fraud
  122. Blind belief
  123. Expelled
  124. The Inquisition
  125. creation of life
  126. Desire As The Prime Belief Motivator?
  127. Astronomy Illiterate?
  128. Secular law is better than Godís law. How did that happen?
  129. Does God do Satanís work in removing our free choice?
  130. Why don't you believe in God
  131. science vs. religion: conflict and the reality of God
  132. Are theists insane?
  133. how to read the bible.
  134. Cherry-pick the Bible
  135. God in 1984?
  136. Forgiveness and Different Religions
  137. Science; Room for concern
  138. Cults, Cultists, and You
  139. Christianity as a solar myth
  140. Do ppl believe in religion during times of hardship?
  141. Was the animal genocide of Noahís day justified?
  142. brain differences between believers and nonbelievers?
  143. Was Eve justified in eating of the tree of knowledge?
  144. Sacrifice in Religion -an anthropological perspective
  145. Jesus to Father. About the Plan and my death, get serious.
  146. Who designed the Universe?
  147. Neuroscientist has mystical experience during stroke
  148. If God exists is the scientific study of religion irrelevant
  149. To believe or not to believe..
  150. Holy Trinity
  151. Can "Good and Bad" be described scientifically?
  152. Religion and Higher Education.
  153. funny thought
  154. the fallacy of the concept of evil.
  155. God wants us to sin and repent to earn heaven.
  156. Confucianism - a religion
  157. The gospel of thomas
  158. Eastern Religon in the west
  159. Stealing the Ark!
  160. the best of atheism
  161. What Is The Christian View On The Dinosaur?
  162. Is God proud of His work?
  163. People become people through Tears
  164. Study on the Effect of Religion
  165. Sunrise From The West
  166. 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
  167. Seriously confused
  168. Sect, Cult, vs Religion
  169. Podcasts for skepticism
  170. Who grieves more? An atheist or theist?
  171. The Nonexistence of Christ
  172. Pseudo-religions?
  173. sin
  174. God is...
  175. Can a rich Church or man get into heaven?
  176. Sneezing
  177. atheist indoctrination?
  178. the religious argumentation fallacy
  179. Science and Religion reconciled
  180. Is Satan God's Loyal opposition.
  181. cargo cults
  182. Book of Job: commentary on religion?
  183. Is belief harmful?
  184. Does God now share Dominion with Satan?
  185. Scientific Study of Religion doesn't exist
  186. Reversion
  187. Evolution the Forever Dying Theory
  188. Science as the core.
  189. Who could have realized we may be god?
  190. Did the OT recognize other gods?
  191. Could it be said that the bible has 2 gods
  192. Did Jesus reuse his towels?
  193. There will be no end time. Here is scripture to prove it.
  194. The inquisition
  195. Concept of Destiny
  196. Does the Bible indicate that there are no miracles or faithf
  197. Archaeologists Funeral
  198. The Creation of the universe. Science is the way!
  199. question on heaven.
  200. Why do R C fear debate more than other Christians?
  201. Archy's interruption
  202. The Scientific Method through the religious perspective.
  203. A belief in one weaknes a negative feeling towards the other
  204. Interesting thought on Faith, Religion and Open Mindedness
  205. The Scientific Study of Religion
  206. To people against evolution
  207. the origin of the biblical god
  208. old flood stories
  209. perceived evidence
  210. Sub Forum name change
  211. the david's star
  212. Greatest's Cosmic Consciousness God
  213. archaeologist , I suggest you move to a religious forum so .
  214. Archaeologist and Science
  215. The creation of light
  216. Godís Wife.
  217. What is a fundamentalist?
  218. Universal Mind
  219. Cruel Ultimatums
  220. i am a born again, evangelical christian
  221. Is God and His works perfect?
  222. Where a god might come from, scientifically.
  223. Praying doesnt help!
  224. Non-religous are more intelligent than religous
  225. God comic strip
  227. is there any mention of science in the new testament?
  228. Evidence for the Bible
  229. Has God given up the right to punish through giving free wil
  230. New Religion Moderator
  231. The Need of Religion in Living Culture
  232. Religionist, by their very existence, go against God'swill.
  233. Persuasive speech
  234. Sacred Texts
  235. Why did God give man intelligence and then forbid itís use?
  236. homosexuality and christianity
  237. christians, muslims? both jews imo.
  238. the R.C.C.* wrong again
  239. The Zeitgeist film is it the truth or not?
  240. Religion Vs Science.
  241. Hypocrisy of the Religious
  242. The time when you realise God does not exist.
  243. The proper fear of God
  244. Atheist Manifesto
  245. The pope
  246. personal preference
  247. theory of god. that might be plausible(if still incorrect)
  248. God, in terms of sexual authority.
  249. The constraints of logical consistency upon God.