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  1. Is this technology your destiny?
  2. My theory of one of the folios within the Voynich Manuscript.
  3. Experiments with stratified-electrolyte galvanic concentration cells, Part 1
  4. to fish an asteroid and send it to the pole at 10km / h
  5. The Missing Definition of Gravity?
  6. Infinity Defined and Creation Explained
  7. cosmological redshift
  8. Information Reality Theory
  9. On de Sitter Universe
  10. Can you please explain big bang ?
  11. Flying saucer. Project of a spacecraft
  12. my theory on dark energy / dark matter
  13. Relativistic E-absorption follows non-linear arch weakness
  14. Looking for guidence
  15. dream chip
  16. 1st one is Arsenic red (Ruby Sulphur)
  17. Unification Approach With Curvature, Gravitational Waves and Temperature?
  18. Experiment - Destiny Charts
  19. The Perspective of Time
  20. NASA and others would begin to make the life eternal and make the death painless
  21. The Greatest Number Theorist Ever (new book)
  22. NEW COMMUNICATION For all. From Finland.
  23. Cosmology
  24. Scientology.
  25. Are we actually upside down?
  26. A biological deterministic view of good and bad
  27. 5 Dimensions Of Space - Frequency of Cycles in Dimensional Scale
  28. Double Slit Experiment
  29. Relation Between Climate & Geomagnetic Field Instabilities
  30. Theory of Gravity “Creating” Space
  31. Quant not Quark
  32. Relation of Rubber Sheet Analogy to GR
  33. Rhythmic Frequency Organic Responses
  34. Next Major Evolution
  35. Mudd's Drivel.
  36. My Thoughts on the Next Steps in Human Evolution.
  37. Radiation caused us to evolve
  38. 1 to 1 equals pounds
  39. "Alternative View"
  40. The Time-Cat Theory
  41. the beginning and end of the universe
  42. FTL communication by using entangle keys.
  43. I have unraveled String Theory
  44. Symmetry and Asymmetry of the Universe: of Divine Origin?
  45. Part 1 - The double slit experiment, cluster and galaxy rotation, time gradients and dark matter
  46. Part 2 - The double slit experiment, cluster and galaxy rotation, time gradients and dark matter
  47. Our 3D world is a part of an infinite series of other 3D worlds in a 4D plane.
  48. Emotions sense good and bad
  49. Simultaneity, another question
  50. How exactly does the eye send visual information to the brain?
  51. Electromagnetism
  52. Simultaneity
  53. Time dilation
  54. New theory - Electromagnetic pollution causes global warming!
  55. How would you characterize 11 dimensions?
  56. Why people smile or show disgust
  57. Equivalence of electric and magnetic fields
  58. Logical proof of a deistic "God"
  59. Science is actually derived from religion
  60. Is Einstein correct?
  61. New Universal Psychological / Cognitive Outlook!
  62. A brief summary of human history
  63. t-rex's tiny arms
  64. Scientific Challenge For Evolutionists
  65. Proof There Is No God
  66. Universe Origin and Dark Energy
  67. Why create a General AI?
  68. Maybe everything is getting smaller?
  69. Random Walks in Force Field - to Wave-Particle Duality
  70. Newtons Laws.
  71. SPLIT : Jacob629's Personal Theory
  72. A Particle Theory Of Light
  73. Why do pairs of waves make unequally spaced patterns but light patterns are equal?
  74. I have a theory, and i would really appreciate any criticism or discussion
  75. Mass: a tiny step for atoms, but a huge leap for us. (second edition, with a few corrections)
  76. Can someone please debunk my theory as of why the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate
  77. Big Bang or Steady state - The Ultimate Theory for the Universe
  78. Entropy question
  79. Three Men in the Space – Paradoxes of Special Relativity
  80. Re: Relativity Primers above...
  81. A theory of everything
  82. Planetary Origin of the Solar System's Anomalies.
  83. Doppler Effect vs. Special Relativity
  84. Conspiracy Hypothesis for 9/11
  85. A novel hypothesis describing a relationship between gravity and energy.
  86. An alternative to the "big bang", “black hole”, “ideal gas”
  87. About quantum impulse h and h*.
  88. A hypothesis regarding dark matter
  89. Forming the mind, memory, neuron activity, and healing illness.
  90. Exploiting Relativity for Capital Gain
  91. Time Dilation and Superluminal Speeds
  92. SOUL Theory and CORE Theory
  93. Inexact differentials
  94. Time in 21st century physics: i am ashamed
  95. An absolute frame of reference
  96. Perpetual motion, time travel, eternity, and infinity
  97. Widening Thermodynamics
  98. Theory that might explain Big Bang, Black Holes, Fourth Dimension, Gravity, Time/Time Travel, Dark energy, Our creator, and mother/parallel universe.
  99. Supertring & quantum mechanics TIME Gerard 't Hooft Prof Leonard Susskind
  100. An approach to a unified field theory from thermodynamics
  101. An "obvious" question about distance between objects or events.
  102. The nature of time.
  103. Carbon Nanotube Balloons
  104. SPLIT : PauloBudgie's Personal Theory
  105. Consumerism: RadioHead
  106. Grand Unified Field Theory Proposal - can anyone help me out here - who can I send it to?
  107. Single Edge Certainty
  108. why moon looks so much big at horizon
  109. We may be able to go back in time after all?
  110. experiment
  111. Wait a second, does current Big Bang Theory break the laws of physics?
  112. Steering while traveling really fast...
  113. Aquariums: Shading
  114. Straightening out a problem with a string theory brain
  115. SR : time of clocks after simultaneous experiment
  116. Lifestyle Access: Modern Machete
  117. Time is gravity
  118. atom
  119. SPLIT : Bangstrom's Personal Ideas
  120. "Spiritual" healing and the placebo effect.
  121. straight
  122. There's something other than life
  123. BlackHole/White Hole Propositional Theories
  124. Hafele-Keating: online data available on dilatation during the flights?
  125. Hyperadapting organism
  126. Super-speed Fiber optic computer
  127. Electromagnetic Particle Manipulation
  128. "SCHIZOPHRENIA" - an illness profoundly linked to our ability to generate the event we call perception in response to more ambiguous stimuli?
  129. The average age of matter in the Steady State model
  130. misleading science
  131. How scientific is the James Randi Paranormal Challenge?
  132. Meaning of Einstein's new ether
  133. A Bigbang alternative
  134. Mayflow's Woo Site
  135. Whats faster then the speed of light?
  136. Who is to say humans are not alone in the universe?
  137. Spiral light paths and dark matter
  138. The Fully Relativistic Spacescape
  139. Ramsess II
  140. Special relativity is harder to understand
  141. G spots where and when....
  142. Mass/energy convergence
  143. Time
  144. Black Holes New proposal !
  145. Beginning of the Universe.
  146. Natural Selection thoughts
  147. Developing Students’ Future Thinking of Technology in Science Class
  148. Suppose you have an object with infinite mass.
  149. Things which are named wrong
  150. Cause of Gravity
  151. Want to talk quantum mechanics interpretations?
  152. title for this part is not correct
  153. How we can be a God.
  154. Loch Ness Monster: A Plesiosaur Theory
  155. Speed of information
  156. Zwolver's idea
  157. Bbt fails in a finite universe.
  158. Moon Landing
  159. Planning Science Exploration Expadition to the North Pole
  160. Parallel Universe Dimension
  161. Can asteroids be harvested?
  162. The moons gravity (or lack of)
  163. An incomplete gravitation model based on gravitoelectromagnetism (GEM)
  164. External memory
  165. The destruction of information, can it really be this easy?
  166. What could fit inside a Buckyball?
  167. What are the requirements of fundamentally and ultimately equivalent inertia and gravity?
  168. As it travels is a photon creating perpetual motion in the vacuum of space?
  169. How to teleport, clone things, and Liveforever, all in one idea.
  170. M-theory and the Big Bang
  171. Possible Fantastic Idea. Need Scientific Minds to Review
  172. whether we can live the life of another person?
  173. Is the accelerated expansion of the Universe an illusion?
  174. Toroidal vortex plane?
  175. Time - Gravity - and the expansion of the universe
  176. Do the days seem to fly by?
  177. Is time an asymmetrical dimension?
  178. Is this another new Gravity Idea?
  179. Dark matter explanation
  180. flat general relativity
  181. Everett's Theory
  182. GR coordinate system problem
  183. Is crossing time zones actually real life time traveling?
  184. Could nothing be something?
  185. Unified theory for an electric universe
  186. Relative motion slows down clocks, not time as such > the logic
  187. wave characteristic of light : speed question
  188. About Time Dilation
  189. Time (again)
  190. New force of energy and new kind of gravity absorb
  191. 514void's Gravity Idea
  192. Split from "problems with infinity"
  193. Is space empty" A potential test
  194. Dark Energy's force carrier: Dark Matter
  195. Gas of axially-spinning needle-like objects proposed to violate 2nd law of thermodynamics
  196. Carolina Bay Theories
  197. Gyron Aether Theory (GAT)
  198. Push Gravity (hkriazi)
  199. YangYin's personal theory
  200. How are impulses created?
  201. keeping with the laws of physics to explain all things
  202. Theory for the coefficient of form drag
  203. Magnetism == Magnetic Gravity simulation?
  204. Non-Critical Mass
  205. Twin Paradox, Doppler Effect and the Symmetry
  206. Google Earth Ocean
  207. SPLIT : Glenn Jacobs' Personal Theory
  208. Black hole big enough to Suck whole universe at once !
  209. An Origins/Ether Model for Physics
  210. Is our understanding of time and space lacking?
  211. Theory for the coefficient of lift
  212. A glimpse at the true nature of reality
  213. Looking for a knowledgeable, and interested person to share my thought with!
  214. Which came first the singularty or the event horizon?
  215. Refuting The Big Bang Theory. Speed of Light Inconstant!
  216. Our Universe is a larger version of a black hole polar jet
  217. The Big SPOT Theory (a unique idea behind the old age question... What happened before the Big Bang
  218. Interference Questions
  219. The great connection theory
  220. Hypothesis for a consistent Aether theory
  221. The notion of gravity as a dimension?
  222. Core and three nearest minutiae.
  223. Are the various types of stars the same type but displaying different fluctuations?
  224. Planck constant - the problem of Joule second
  225. Is quantum physics explainable by human perception?
  226. SPLIT : "Gravity repellent"‎
  227. MONTGISUD vs. Dark matter and dark energy
  228. what is the weight of universe?
  229. A (tried) realistic approach to space travel.
  230. My Theory to The Meaning of Life
  231. concepts for generating power
  232. Does lack of Mass Create Time ???
  233. Motion necessary for time to pass
  234. Randomized serialization
  235. Speed of light ???
  236. Proof of contents ratio of the universe. Negative energy, Dark matter, Dark energy
  237. Many universes and their relationship to fractal geometry
  238. can imortals live forever!
  239. Theory that space is made up of atoms effected by gravity.
  240. Accelerating Expansion vs Increasing Curvature
  241. PG particle + Energy = Photon?
  242. I think i have disproved newtons first law of motion
  243. Alpha Status Singularity.
  244. Neurology: Possibility of incapacitance
  245. What if...
  246. The updated Theory for the universe!
  247. A hypothesis regarding time & space: as it is, and as we experience it
  248. Your ideas on energy-efficient communication between vessels
  249. something about human organs
  250. Blueshift question