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  1. The Expansionary Illusion
  2. standardising time
  3. the assumption of time
  4. proposing dimensions we cannot perceive
  5. ancient symbols coding our thoughts
  6. airflow dynamics and "ra"
  7. Antigravitational non-local spacetime experiment
  8. correction
  9. Scientist software package from MicroMath
  10. how difficult could the grand equation be
  11. when do we forge ahead with science
  12. Advanced Propulsion Devices
  13. numbers in the grand equation
  14. How-to Take Over The World In 10 Days?
  15. Wireless Energy
  16. the logic of annihilation
  17. being fair
  18. ooops, ah, i did it again
  19. who is in control
  20. what can a career in mathematics really achieve?
  21. 0_1: binary code: could we also be similarly programmed
  22. can "0" be number one?
  23. the mathematics of faith
  24. the mathematics of anatomy
  25. what really is zero if zero is a number
  26. what really is a number
  27. help me juses.,...or should that be "jesus"
  28. should a theory of all things explain the shape of reality
  29. do we live in a machine
  30. the next level of theoretical physics?
  31. eyes wide open
  32. a new spin on einstein
  33. Anti-Graviton Mass Generation
  34. help with carbon fiber
  35. Nikola Tesla and My Thoughts
  36. How to stop a hurricane ?
  37. Theory of relativity-newb or pro disscusion
  38. Please participate in this experiment
  39. Pick an integer at random between 1 and 10
  40. Propane Low Flame Heat
  41. New Randomness Expieriment
  42. Clinical testing differences between USA and UK
  43. I need help on writing a paper.
  44. Wine Salt
  45. Poll: gender and partner selection
  46. What's the doctrine on self-testing?
  47. What would you see if....
  48. The old mold experiment
  50. About energetics uncounscious nucleus
  51. How might the 4th D be gravity & include time?
  52. What flaws can be in a teleological suspension of ethical?
  53. Career Field
  54. Free will and pre destiny in a deterministic universe
  56. Time is spherical, not linear
  57. Abbreviated Essay On Killing & Murder
  58. "Cry 'Havoc!' and Let Slip the Dogs of War", cont.
  59. Never mind a tree in the woods.
  60. VOICE A CHALLENGE TO GR! Help Clear Up Those Mysteries!
  62. Light & HeavySlapstickSpecial & GeneralBigBangology
  64. Coming 4-dimensional & gravitational attractions.
  65. ModernPhysics=the extremities of ClassicalPhysics. Squared.
  66. big Albert's special K theory
  67. The 1st Law of Psychiatry?
  68. Is E=MC2 related to gravitational descent rates?
  69. What is happening with light's refraction?
  70. Unconfirmed report on unpublished Einstein papers.
  71. A viable union of discontinuous QM with continuous waves?
  72. What is the meaning of Mr. Bucky Fuller's statement, here?
  73. Does E=MC2 prove that matter is 4-dimensional?
  74. What is space?
  75. What is space?
  76. thought experiment # one.... proving self awareness
  77. Dear Big Bang Advocates: physical science questions.
  78. Quantum mechanical implications
  79. Full historical circle of war - the reverse domino theory.
  80. What is space-time? (Refer Chamilton's 333's last posts)
  81. Big bang in 3-D, or Steady state in 4-D?
  82. Is big-bang another Brooklyn Bridge sale? Can we talk?
  83. Time is space-time, is motion-interval, defining distance?
  84. Engineering Experiment needed
  85. END WAR, OR HUMANITY: Turn. Or burn. Pivot. Or divot.
  86. "Einstein was wrong!! And Evil!!"
  87. TOTAL UNIFIED FIELD THEORY: No Space Empty of Field.
  88. Phase Diagram
  89. A Change of Venue. A more focused mind set, and a Thank You.
  90. Poll: the ideal temperature
  91. Need a quick Decay experiment!!!!!!!!
  92. Conciousness is the border of the universe..
  93. Speed of light zero?
  94. Where can i find someone to test my theory?
  95. Electrolysis
  96. Electrolysis
  97. Big bang... not quite
  98. Sunburn cells
  99. Radiation Shields and Ion Drives
  100. TotalFieldTheory: DiscontinuousParticles&ContinuousWaves
  101. laminar flow.
  102. Vehicular Power (NOT PROPULSION!!!) via a Magnetic Source
  103. Nickel Catalyst Experiment
  104. Detecting Scalar Waves
  105. tasting: from the biology section
  106. homemade gas liquefier
  107. The bible with OUT religion.
  108. Why did Hitler exterminate people?
  109. Fusion Energy Via X-rays
  110. Ancient Questions in Physics
  111. Beyond MacroEconomics
  112. 616 or 666?
  113. the nuclear waste non-issue?
  114. Playing With Frozen Fire
  115. The Golden Book and the Radioactive Boy Scout
  116. Randomness experiment, part II
  117. A real research in language studies