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  1. The lack of justification in the laws of conservation and de
  2. What is the repulsive force of cosmological constant?Revised
  3. Feeding Back Theory of the Universe
  4. What is real repulsive force of cosmological constant
  5. Photons or wave train? The error of Alain Aspect.
  6. Unifying aether, spacetime, cosmological constant, etc.
  7. Temporal Direction/Velocity
  8. Simple Equation for the Theory of Everything
  9. Second Experimental Challenge to Quantum Theory
  10. A notion of space/time and gravity
  11. Red shifts of ALL galaxies: one evidence of spacetime?
  12. Why the Michelson-Morley experiment failed to detect ether
  13. Unified theory of life based on Coriolis Force
  14. Seeking open innovation ideas in malaria and tuberculosis
  15. Fundamentals of all the future New Physics Theories
  16. Idea of Repeating Reality
  17. What causes acceleration of expansion of the universe.
  18. Wireless Technology of Nature Decoded
  19. Could gravity just be pressure from the universe?
  20. Experimental Challenge To Quantum Theory
  21. The Gravitational isolator
  22. gravity hypothesis
  24. Size of the universe!
  25. Why does light travel at 186,000 miles per/sec.?
  26. Grand Unified Theory
  27. The Gravity of Newton and the gravity of Einstein
  28. The Destropic Principle
  29. what about relation biology-geometry
  30. A question regarding forming a hypothesis
  31. The Wavefunction Origin: Binary Star Systems are Entangled
  32. Newton was wrong again.
  33. Cosmic Formation
  34. speed of moving earth planet
  35. The Best Ether Theory
  36. Instant Feedback theory of Time travel.
  37. where should the co2 levels be at?
  38. Rest mass and relativistic mass
  39. Neutrinos do not exist...
  40. its all been done
  41. pondering attractions
  42. theory of relativity and time
  43. potential battery
  44. magnetic atoms
  45. Contorted Aether
  46. The empty black hole
  47. will 12,100 pounds of molten salt gen steam to run Generator
  48. When a Solar array generates 20,000 BTU is this per second
  49. Abiogenesis- solved? protocell blue print.
  50. Matter’s Elementary Structure Theory
  52. Dark energy, Dark matter, Fine tuning problem,Negative mass!
  53. solar electric transport question (from a science ignorant*)
  54. Institutions that become major social bullies
  55. New concept for gravity/light interaction
  56. Come prove me wrong.
  57. A Simple Alternative to Dark Energy
  58. Dark matter or error in observation?
  59. Gravity Questions and Concepts
  60. Missing the concept all together. New Guy here. thoughts on
  61. Quasar jet stream Faster than light FTL motion data needed
  62. Energy repels
  63. Michelson-Morley and the Ether
  64. Can bicycles power a nation?
  65. could delay of gravity at luminicalspeedexplainuniexpansion?
  66. Time travel: A beginners idea
  67. Sentrifugalforce or not?
  68. Were the continents once gathered by Equator?
  69. Higher Space Time and Time Travel.
  70. How to prove origin of life on earth with quantum biology
  71. Geometric Nuclear Stucture Model
  72. The timeline spiral (Possible variants, grandfather paradox)
  73. Infinity
  74. Infinite within the infinite? Parallel universes.
  75. Need help with something
  76. Discovering the Obvious... and Sticking to It
  77. Can Black holes create space time?
  79. Einstein-Cartan(-Evans) Theory
  80. Black holes vs Dark stars
  81. Quantum Transfer/Exchange/Communication
  82. Earth - as an electro-magnet?
  83. my therieo on everything
  84. best general online publishing for new theories
  85. Time Travel and Schroedinger's Cat
  86. Possible Earth Saving Idea
  87. OK so i think that this sounds completely logical. =)
  88. Nature as GOD
  89. Gravityguru's theory of gravity
  90. Publishing Scientific Theories
  91. thinking model
  92. Some dudes hypothesis
  93. Dark Matter
  94. Universal wave
  95. My own understanding of time - Prove me wrong! :)
  96. Agricultural Society vs. the Hunter Gatherers
  97. Discontinuities and the 'Rubbery', Elastic Ether: INTRO.
  98. delete this
  99. alien virus
  100. E=mc^2 Credibility
  101. DOnt think im crazy but i cant find an answer anywhere
  102. Unique Relativity
  103. the truth about Gravity?
  104. The evolution of pronounced psychological mechanisms
  105. movement of light
  106. Deja Vu
  107. Another possible explanation for gravity?
  108. Theory concerning gravity and it's relationship with time
  109. Relativity fails with Magnetic Force
  110. perceived evidence
  111. The creation of light
  112. Mario's Theories - Part One
  113. "A New Light In Physics" - under development
  114. Law of Purpose
  115. Outside the Square
  116. Alternative theories for matter, wave and Universe
  117. A Big Bang is not necessary to explain expansion
  118. The Secret of Black Hole and Hawking's End Theory
  119. Creation of Photons
  121. Perpetual Acceleration? (Very Rough Theory)
  122. Unity of physics and biology
  123. Evidence for the Bible
  124. An Inquiry in Electromagnetism
  125. One possible solution to global warming?
  126. Flat Space universe (SSU)
  127. New Findings in the Millikan Oil-Drop Experiment.
  128. My Alternative Theory to Dark Matter
  129. homosexuality and christianity
  131. Could reality actually be a virtual reality machine?
  132. Warp Drive
  133. Is LIGO just observing viscosity of the vacuum?
  134. How can something exist in nothing?
  135. Did albert Einstein wrong when he turn to the time Dimension
  136. Atheist Manifesto
  137. Memory being hampered
  138. origin of life
  139. De Broglie Wavelength
  140. Grand Unified Theory of The Universe
  141. is creation outside of the scope of science?
  142. Little Bang or Space Bubbles
  143. Digital theory is all wet
  144. Fourth Dimension?
  145. Collapse Of HA
  146. An interesting problem
  147. A Big Bang Alternative
  148. The Ether And Relativity
  149. DrmDoc - The Unconscious Mind Post
  150. Theory of relativity add-on
  151. Magnet repel magnet why not use them in electromagnetic gen
  152. The dissappearing atom.
  153. A Thought Experiment on Time and a Predetermined Universe
  154. New area of mathematics: " Structural geometry ".
  155. New number set
  156. Relativity of the speed of time
  157. A Quantum Theory
  158. Theretical U.V. forcefield
  159. Do we really understand gravity?
  160. autocatalysis and methylamine
  161. Cyborg Arm Idea
  163. Electrons and radiation
  164. How to introduce a 'theory of everything'
  165. Generation of power using superconductors and magnets
  166. Blurt your pet theory here
  167. The Retroactive Butterfly Effect
  168. Bosen-Einstein condensate?!?
  169. Think there's a chance light is really gravity?
  170. Matter of The Universe Hypothesis.
  171. gravity
  172. the placebo effect on animals?
  173. A Solution for Peace
  174. Is It Possible To Hang From Monkey Bars With Your TEETH?
  175. Nature as GOD
  176. Theory of Everything
  178. Mathematical Proof
  179. Photosynthesizing cyborgs
  180. Explanation for the results I got with electrostatic series
  181. Dark Energy Problem
  182. Another 4th Dimention
  183. YHWH
  184. The Man Who Patented the 20th Century
  185. Gamma Ray Bursters
  186. Where to get an Elecrtomagnet?
  187. Resonance Experiments
  188. Electromagnet
  189. Glassware Appraisal
  190. BB Falacy
  191. Contraceptive Experiment Help
  192. Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier
  193. Thermal Ammeter
  194. Is this the turn signal light and horn system you were looki
  195. HoverBoard- Experiment Ideas and problems
  196. Theory of Everything
  197. An Old Experiment Of Mine (Eco Glo)
  198. Discovery (8) / Mirror Equation of the Universe
  199. Light and Crystals, Power for Car?
  200. Bizarre Comments on ammonia and nitrous oxide
  201. F18 (Fluorothymidine) analysis with SPE Cartridge
  202. Montgomery, design of experiment, fractional factorial
  203. A MAJOR Discovery
  204. Trees
  206. Boron Carbide
  207. Nitrogen Fuel Cell?
  208. CMBR Red Shift
  209. 4th Dimension
  210. Out Of Order!
  211. Antigravitational non-local mathematics experiment
  212. Genetically Engineered Fruit / Vegetable or Device
  213. Universal Mind
  214. The Mind Portal...The Experiment
  215. creating energy out of manure
  216. Nature as GOD
  217. Universal Mind
  218. Statistics query
  219. TUMS (C)...or Drano(C)?
  220. CMBR as Ideal Gas
  221. mathematics: the science of numbers
  222. Theory of Everything
  223. Words Per Minute Test
  224. the philosophers stone
  225. monkeys learning how to speak
  226. My set of Basic Science Experiments you can try!
  227. Applied Mathematics: Crime Solving
  228. The Paradoxical Nature of Black Holes
  229. Monitoring Viscoelasticity of ligaments ?
  230. does energy propagate uniformly in space-time
  231. Ultrasound-mediated TDD - little confusion
  232. Satellite Magnets + Earth Wires = Electricity?
  233. having observed all things
  234. Gravitational Time Dilation
  235. time and carbon dating
  236. Is God associated to time?
  237. new scientist: "time gains an extra dimension"
  238. The Power (ability) equation
  239. space-time curvature propulsion
  240. I feel so embarrassed
  241. scientific wording V scientific equations
  242. experiment
  243. curvature of space-time
  244. space-time building blocks
  245. would a possible G.U.T. end or enhance experimentation
  246. Feedback on spark of idea for scifair project
  247. the genesis of hell
  248. the cost of researching subatomic particles
  249. hey, wake up: could a.....?
  250. the geometry of time