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  1. Awesome New Theory of the Cosmos..
  2. Gravitational Properties concerning Dark Matter and Time.
  3. Life is a formula
  4. A New Light In Physics
  5. LHC results cast doubt on supersymmetry theory
  6. Time theory of everything
  7. Propultion
  8. could this be a method to measure star distance from a single spot?
  9. Metal Forging using Electricity.
  10. Vertical Wave Electricity Generator Technology
  11. Speculations on Singularities
  12. Homemade tornado and tornado catcher
  13. Human society - Superorganism?
  14. Time travel, possible but...
  15. My pet theories
  16. Pushing force only real force?
  17. What if...
  18. The twin paradox has not to be a paradox according to me
  19. What is our consciousness??? Really
  20. Dark Energy and Negative Energy
  21. Time travel hypothesis of the paranormal
  22. Information paradox thoughts
  23. Very rough idea on consciousness and evolution.
  24. The Social Record of Religion
  25. The universe: Boiling ‘bouillon’ of quantons
  26. I got the relativity blues :(
  27. Fast food adiction
  28. Origin of Religion
  29. Aircraft design and the ships propellor
  30. Tapping the hydrocarbon seas of Titan.
  31. Cell theory (fact or faked???)
  32. can we travel through time???
  33. how do speakers produce sounds?
  34. Chemical Integration
  35. Creating a plant animal hybrid.
  36. Possible cure for mental illness.
  37. How do we copy Hawaii to stop our Hurricanes?
  38. Could we use Earth's mantel for electricity.
  39. Consciousness and fundamental physics
  40. An idea about how human brain works.
  41. Star forming regions eject most of their iron
  42. Hypothesis , Matter from energy from matter.
  43. Cure for global warming ?
  44. Relativity perception -- is it necessary?
  45. Oxygen Deprivation Caused Dinosaur Extinction
  46. Condensing universe (Alternative to BBT please break)
  47. The measurement of mass
  48. Magnetic field generation on Mars?
  49. Infinity Can Be Qauntified (Really!)
  50. Discussion: Store several GWh energy in a 'Plasma Cyclone'
  51. Time reversal noninvariance in quantum physics.
  52. 9/11 Pentigon plane crash, general date idea
  53. Time flow vs. Entropy flow
  54. Unified Field Theory.Unification of gravity field with the e
  55. dark energy and dark matter explained
  56. New theory of light and aether
  57. The Einstein posthumous phrase
  59. New Hypothesis
  61. X-ray where's Y and Z-ray
  62. Lightspeed acording to Einstein revised
  63. Distributed Cognition
  64. Unified forces
  65. One way to explain the Universe
  66. Hypothesis behind big bang that gives an exp. to dark energy
  67. Thermal engines and beginning of absurdities in thermodynami
  68. gravitomagnetic
  69. Why is gravity all attraction (3rd revised 2011)
  70. Déjà Vu or Déjà Rêvé?
  71. Evolution demonstrated.
  72. Entropy and absurdities of modern science
  73. A different looka the big bang
  74. A different look at the big bang theory(A must read)
  75. Is EMF conservative or non conservative?
  76. Quarks affecting electrons
  77. Me
  78. All dice are loaded
  79. A quark is complete positive- negative. Spin makes 2 quarks?
  80. Wishes versus Science
  81. zero and infinity
  82. Green River Varves
  83. Why 1/137?
  84. Scientific Exploits — Fact and Folly
  85. First Philosophy — The Basis of All
  86. 21st century science: a brand new ball game?
  87. Is the universe expanding in time and extending in space?
  88. Is Reality An Illusion [?]
  89. Does charge affect the rotational curve of a galaxy?
  90. Can you decipher the hieroglyph?
  91. Michelson & Morley X stream vs. Up/Down Stream
  92. Dark matter or doesn't matter?
  93. Red shifts and red faces.
  94. A more precise definiton/measurement of mass
  95. Exhibition of self-approximation algorithm and program.
  96. Expansion of space and the nature of matter
  97. creation of life
  98. Would a collapsing black hole have a positive charge?
  99. Do I Need An NDA To Discuss Theory With Univ. Prof.?
  100. Friends of the Ice Pail
  101. static geometry VS. Infinite Geometry
  102. Open letter and new absurdities in modern science
  103. Earth's temperature
  104. Greenhouse effect, the bigger the better....
  105. Einstein's Theory of Relativity is Flawed
  106. Electromagnetic gravity
  108. New Fundamental Conception
  109. All True Theories are Boring
  110. Entropy: the degree to which time flows forward
  111. The Book « Microcosm and space geometry»
  112. Multiple Big Bangs
  113. Unification of the 4 Fundamental Forces
  114. Why does water stay level to gravity all the time?
  115. "DARK MATTER, DARK ENERGY" ... Physics - true pseu
  116. The secret of plasma-jet engines of the 21 st century.
  118. Consciousness
  119. Important Black Hole constant
  120. Waveman's ether
  121. question on hyper-dimensions
  123. wouldnt time travel be posible if weaccepteternalrecurrence
  124. Reverse time causality
  125. New Theory On Black Hole Formation
  126. Introduction to Inertial Capacity.
  127. Bend Inertia!
  128. The real america
  129. The weight of moving electricity
  130. The weight of a spinning top
  131. The weight of a tensioned rod
  132. Big Bang Was a Black Hole
  133. Big Bang - What do you think?
  134. Dielectric properties and Maxwell equations absurdities
  135. Idea for space elevator and ship.
  136. Eliminating Dark Matter
  137. Potential Proton Propeller
  138. Cold Fission
  139. Rutherford atom Mk2
  140. Electron depleted universe & dark matter
  141. a spinning skater pulling arms variation
  142. Any comments about Gryzinski's free-fall atomic model?
  143. Life Without DNA
  144. Could this theory be correct?
  145. Using the golden ratio to encode information.
  146. Idea for an anti gravity drive.
  148. Engineering immortality.
  149. Using a wormhole to tap energy.
  150. Using microwaves to cure disease.
  151. New apporoach to apoptosis mechanism and cellular reaction
  152. The smallest path:--The NANOPATH
  153. Explanation why our universe and nature’s laws exist.
  154. A Theory for Unification
  156. time travel
  157. Dielectric properties and absurdities of modern physics
  158. Fab Tree Hab: grow your own home!
  159. Can thermodynamical model be fundamental: reason not result?
  160. Simulation video of the motion of negative mass,dark matter
  161. What does a polarless particle do?
  162. Split from "What’s so special about light?"
  163. Gravitomagnetism Versus Cern & Neutrinoflow, Disastrous?
  164. quantum time
  165. The idea of a town air ventilator
  166. Gravitomagnetism from unceirtainty principle at low radiuses
  167. ticking with time
  168. Digital Immortality
  169. Bionic bands
  170. Instinct ….. or INTELLIGENCE?
  171. Maybe fields (like gravity) invert when you get too close?
  172. Command language of thinking
  173. Introducing a universal theory of theorys +other great ideas
  174. Electrostatics and absurdities of modern physics
  175. Idea for airship.
  176. mind reading headset
  177. Why do we struggle? Survival in the Big Picture of existence
  178. The accurate masurement of one spacifiack place
  179. non-string theory solution to infinite gravty
  180. Creation of our universe?
  181. Time Travel
  183. The twin paradox flaw
  184. The Universe, is it Alive? How About Earth?
  185. proposed new photon model
  186. Light
  187. Differential aging
  188. Evolutionary explanation for beauty
  189. The Slowing Down of Time as Relates to Our Personal Energy
  190. atomic charge Relativity
  191. How about this model...
  192. Multiverse Alternative to the Big Bang
  193. Yawning - Social Behaviour?
  194. quantum gravity
  195. What is the topology of a human body, with internal organs?
  196. Entropy and Multiple Universes
  197. Do you think colors have anything to do with dimensions?
  198. The lever paradox and the elevator paradox
  199. Infinity or a Finite Neigbourhood of Infinity?
  200. We will begin publishing the fundamentals of the theory in
  201. Can spacetime slows down ad ultimately stops constant light?
  202. Great experiment to be performed. Anyone interested?
  203. Tired of wrong answers?
  204. Electrochemistry cut off experiments ...
  205. Blue collar electricity
  206. Alpha Status Singularity of the Universe.
  207. Mass repels space-time - edited for understandability agian
  208. fuel usage
  209. is there a beginning?
  210. Living in a simulation
  211. Entropy vs The Big Bang
  212. Could this device sucessfully break apart carbon dioxide?
  213. Can getting fuels from space solve our energy problems?
  214. Origin of Inertia. Inertial Propulsion a.k.a. Anti-Gravity
  215. Unified Field Theory & Origin of Mass
  216. Can the Principle of Constant Light Speed be Proved by MMX?
  217. To the Ether theorists
  218. No Big Bang: an alternative explanation for the redshift
  219. yet another tin pot bbt lol
  220. A Palestinian doctor named Mona Sadi to establish a n
  221. Could there be many big bangs, instead of one Big Bang?
  223. Body size and intelligence
  224. quantum mechanics idea...
  225. The moon and her influence on plate tectonics
  226. Varying G and dark matter
  227. The lack of justification in the laws of conservation and de
  228. What is the repulsive force of cosmological constant?Revised
  229. Feeding Back Theory of the Universe
  230. What is real repulsive force of cosmological constant
  231. Photons or wave train? The error of Alain Aspect.
  232. Unifying aether, spacetime, cosmological constant, etc.
  233. Temporal Direction/Velocity
  234. Simple Equation for the Theory of Everything
  235. Second Experimental Challenge to Quantum Theory
  236. A notion of space/time and gravity
  237. Red shifts of ALL galaxies: one evidence of spacetime?
  238. Why the Michelson-Morley experiment failed to detect ether
  239. Unified theory of life based on Coriolis Force
  240. Seeking open innovation ideas in malaria and tuberculosis
  241. Fundamentals of all the future New Physics Theories
  242. Idea of Repeating Reality
  243. What causes acceleration of expansion of the universe.
  244. Wireless Technology of Nature Decoded
  245. Could gravity just be pressure from the universe?
  246. Experimental Challenge To Quantum Theory
  247. The Gravitational isolator
  248. gravity hypothesis
  250. Size of the universe!