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  1. Neurology: Possibility of incapacitance
  2. What if...
  3. The updated Theory for the universe!
  4. A hypothesis regarding time & space: as it is, and as we experience it
  5. Your ideas on energy-efficient communication between vessels
  6. something about human organs
  7. Blueshift question
  8. self Re-evolution
  9. Theory of existence
  10. Neurology: What is the threshold for a brain smaller than the normal type?
  11. What do you think of this new ''theory'' about the Big Bang?
  12. The Infinite
  13. Returning
  14. Artificial Intelligence... Calculator? [CAI]
  15. My theory of the big bang
  16. The Concept of Resistance against the effect of Energy (Abstract)
  17. who is me? and who are you?
  18. understanding time = 1
  19. The Truth About Geometric Unity
  20. Double Slit Questions
  21. An alternative hypothesis to explain 'the expanding universe'...
  22. jyutao's ideas
  23. The Nature of the Electron
  24. My theory of how our universe came to existence.
  25. Idea: How else get into the future other than traveling near the speed of light
  26. Split from: About Gravity
  27. Ideas on creation without the restrictions of time on being what we are experiencing in the present.
  28. Proposal for a solution to the Grandfather "Paradox"
  29. Time travel ,is it possible.
  30. Spacecraft propulsion question.
  31. RFC: A simple explanation for dark matter/energy
  32. maximum energy a proton can absorb?
  33. viral electrical activity on Earth's core
  34. Is time related to mass?
  35. FTL - Linked to Effective Mass - Neutralisation of Inertia ??
  36. Dead Cell Barrier Conjecture(Cancer Research)
  37. Fish Experiment
  38. Rapid acceleration in technological advancement via time travel?
  39. A New Theory for How Solar Systems Evolve
  40. Hybred natural gas and hydrogen car
  41. Fractal Topology of Spacetime
  42. Using the Concept of Subspace to Define Energy
  43. Future and Time / hypothesis /
  44. An Idea about light and it speed
  45. Earth and jupiter theory
  46. Idea of efficient electricity generating system model?
  47. The formation of galaxies by their central black holes.
  48. Dark Energy Formula, based on the cosmological parameters recently produced by the Planck Collaboration
  49. Hypnosis: The Ability To Hack The Brain
  50. Jupiter is the master organizer
  51. Differential Survival of Species at Dinosaur Extinction - The Eggs Didn't Hatch
  52. Test your analytical abilities before your brain rusts.
  53. A different view of Dimensions
  54. Parallel Universes and Paranormal/No Death
  55. Atoms and humans.
  56. Particle Decay "Q" Newby trying to prove theory; Help Wisdom Please
  57. analysing behavior through observing video gaming styles...
  58. On the atomic level wouldn't g be much greater?
  59. Do Orbits tend to go circular?
  60. Undiscovered areas of the Universe
  61. How to understand Vacuum: T=0K ?
  62. General relativity theory, Quantum theory, Sting theory, Whatever theory, True theory
  63. Alice in Quantumland
  64. About Infinity. / My opinion /
  65. Antigravity is the source of dark energy (accelerating expansion)
  66. Hypophesis
  67. Relativity of motion
  68. Infinite Non-Expanding Universe Theory
  69. Dispersive Extinction Theory
  70. Hypothetical Mathematical Universe
  71. Perception and the dimensions
  72. disproving heisenberg
  73. The Science of Semantics?
  74. Out of Africa: Hairy and bent OR hairless and erect?
  75. Alternative / new big bang theory
  76. A question about entropy
  77. An Explanation of the Origins of Everything
  78. Formation of the Earth and Origin of Life - new hypothesis
  79. Possible explanation of red shift/Alternative to big bang theory
  80. Theory of life
  81. “fluidic” nature of space itself
  82. some ideas about the brain
  83. Holographic universe.
  84. I've written psychologycal thriller, weird fiction stories. Knows where i could publish them?
  85. the nature of reality
  86. Universe is like a 3D Rainbow (New Proposal)
  87. Why do men break up relationships? Work of programs
  88. Electro-Unity Theory
  89. Worm Holes
  90. Solution to warpdrive problem.
  91. Scientific theories regarding love
  92. The mystery of tank tread motion and the wheels that turn the tank tread.
  93. Scientifically Proven Anti-aging Diet
  94. GiantEvil TOE development thread.
  95. enigma of motion and how to produce a mechanical wormhole
  96. Ideas anyone??
  97. New Religion
  98. Theory of Certainty
  99. Universal Expansion and Acceleration
  101. new theory about space
  102. Tyler Winkler's Expanding Universe Theory / Big Bang Theory
  103. A Bunch of Infinites Ideas
  104. Semi-Aquatic Ape Hypothesis?
  105. empirical basis of quantum theory
  106. A NEW explanation of the phenomenom known as gravity...
  107. Complete stopage to counterfeit medicines
  108. Idea for a very flexible aircraft?
  109. My philosophical ideas
  110. Bermuda Triangle and Warping theory wrong...
  111. Bubble Theory (Physics, Singularity, Blackhole, Universe)
  112. On the nature of dark energy and dark matter
  113. Ancient Memory and New Vital Force
  114. Universal Inevitability
  115. ms.math
  116. My idea to help fix the ozone layer
  117. Is the universe expanding or ?
  118. 6-7 October 2012: Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 2012 (ICPR2012)
  119. completely untested hypothesis on the multiverse written by an idiot
  120. Pioneer 10 and 11
  121. Does Bob Holdom particle suggest existence of "subtle body"?
  122. This is an idea I have had for a while
  123. Can the Discovery of God Particle Really Save the Standard Model Theory?
  124. Bubble Universe
  125. Eddison's Equilibrium; an explanation of 'water' planet stability in orbit
  126. Shockwave equipment
  127. Everything that lives and breathes since 64 Million years ago?
  128. can there be wireless USB devices?
  129. Govermental psych and evaluation
  130. the danger of reductionism
  131. RDX bullet: a new hypothesis
  132. Holomovement
  133. Sub-atomic Particles in Multiple Universes
  134. Contradiction in special relativity
  135. Stopping time in a localised field
  136. A new hypothesis re-defined quantum research!
  137. The universe in one equation
  138. how archeological architecture and artifacts go beneath the surface of earth?
  139. Is there a proof that gravity is not electromagnetic in nature?
  140. Black Holes, Galaxies, Galactic Planes, Positive and Negative Temperatures, & Ice Ages.. Oh My
  141. Alternative Big Bang Theory
  142. how to bring creativity in science?
  143. GWN's gravity
  144. The word 'hypochondriac' seems to have the wrong definition
  145. The Materialist and Infinite Universe
  146. my hypotesies . figures are approximate :D
  147. Speed of light is exceeded
  148. My take on the 4th dimension and some on other dimensions
  149. Global Universe is like a 3D Rainbow or Matryoshka dolls
  150. The truth about truth.
  151. Tolerance of Violence determines economy
  152. Space Elevator
  153. A Theory on the Birth/Death of the Universe
  154. Some Theories I had
  155. Hypothesis Describing the Nature of Unobserved Spacetime
  156. Suggesting a Research Proposal
  157. Gravity
  158. How can mainstream physics be persuaded to consider Aether Theory?
  159. Modified Time Machine
  160. The HUGE bang the Cause of the Acceleration of the Expansion of the Universe
  161. Fundamental Theory of Reality,“Reality is nothing but a mathematical structure, literally”.
  162. Electrons and energy
  163. particle travel faster than light
  164. A new kinematic that extends special relativity
  165. Science in a blind alley - gravitation a secondary field of magnetism
  166. Frameworks besides spacetime
  167. building a teleportation device
  168. An Expanding World
  169. Traction. Friction pushing the Planet Earth away?
  170. My theory about the beginig of the universe
  171. My uninformed speculation on the origin (or lack thereof) of the universe
  172. Beginning of the universe theory
  173. Time travel
  174. centryfugal source
  175. Question about electron configuration in atoms
  176. Space Doesn't Expand and Center of the Universe
  177. Constructing a conceptual universe from scratch
  178. Rate of expansion of the universe
  179. Mostly New Physics - Yet Another Theory of Everything
  180. My Big Bang Theory
  181. does conservation of info imply every single thought gets saved within the universe?
  182. New interpretation of general relativity
  183. The energy of existence.
  184. Field Unification candidate - an article that opens the way
  185. why i wanst taught about the minto wheel in thermodinamics
  186. Deriving Gravimagnetic-Spin Relationships for the Angle Between two Spin-Vectors with a Magnetic Moment
  187. Has spin and the curvature of radius got anything to do with the appearance of mass?
  188. The Balance
  189. Unbelievable velocity mass variation!
  190. The Nullified Cobjecture of the Vacuum - an approach to unfying physics
  191. A simple explanation for the nature of time
  192. Like Stars Could there be a billion plus universe's
  193. Compulsary small narrow one person cars, for Freeways only.
  194. Relativity: many worlds?
  195. Gravity Made Easy
  196. Imagination Unit
  197. The Imagination-Unit
  198. projectile motion and the lift and ball experiment
  199. Can I disbelieve?
  200. Neutrino is Graviton
  201. Superluminal Gravitation
  202. yet another theory of gravity
  203. ReMakeIt - Do Atoms Exist?
  204. Lets push the state of the art
  205. Special theory of relativity into classical mechanic asymmetrical repulsion action
  206. six dimensions
  207. Electromagnetic nature of the nuclear forces and a toroid model of nucleons in atomic nuclei
  208. srdanova math
  209. Two faced Moon
  210. Electricity from photosynthesis.
  211. Starting an island community.
  212. Universe A Moleculer Structure?
  213. Just For Fun
  214. Negative Magnetic Polorization To Increase Negative Polorized Projectile Velocity
  215. Srdanova mathematics
  216. Natural Theory of Space Quantum - Following Next Addendum
  217. Natural Theory of Space Quantum - Next Addendum
  218. Moon kiss
  219. Manuscript dealing with relativity and field unification
  220. The speed of light
  221. Can we predict the number of people who will ever live?
  222. A deep problem and my personal reflection
  223. A crazy idea I had
  224. The Earths Core
  225. The essence of TIME
  226. my cosmological views, contrary to many mainstream theories of today
  227. the physics of the circle
  228. Theory of superluminal neutrinos
  229. Grandfather Paradox ( reasons of impossibility )
  230. An Alternative to 'Big Bang' Theory
  231. The speed of perception and c
  232. Foundations of string/M theory
  233. The Logical Universe
  234. A new way of looking at the Universe
  235. Time can't dilate
  236. Design a room in which you can do telekinesis? OR How to make invisible hands?
  237. Central Star of the Milky Way (Sagitarius "A")
  238. is this true?
  239. It is impossible!
  240. my view on how the brain works
  241. Is there already a "Theory of Everything" that approximates this idea?
  242. Russell's Highway
  243. Non-relativistic time dilation
  244. hybrid b/w refrigrator and oven!
  245. "Criminals did it" Theory of 911
  246. The evolution of man
  247. Theory of time traveling
  248. Occult Internet!
  249. From Eternity to Eternity
  250. (Urgent!) Found a theory on Stars die!