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  1. Europe and China: source of Aristocracy
  2. Opium Wars, did the public know about the Opium stake?
  3. Methods for Archaeological Dating
  4. The Hittites - Where do you think they went?
  5. The Transition from Human to God
  6. Stone Henge built by a "wizard"?
  7. minoa as atlantis
  8. From Dawn to Decadence: A Cultural History 1500 to Present
  9. The Rise of Europe
  10. Bloodshed, Genocide, Tyrany
  11. Discovery or Forgery?
  12. How important is peer-review?
  13. There's a fair chance Christopher Columbus was a Scot....
  14. FDR and The New Deal..Did it do More Harm than Good?
  15. Which is the Best University in HIstory?
  16. Evolution and Heliocentrism?
  17. The effect of Protestantism on the success of colonies
  18. Gandhi The Peace Monger
  19. Why did we start to use muskets??
  20. I Knew The Swastika Was From China, But What Is This?
  21. Article on History of Ethics in Science
  22. Larping
  23. Turning Points
  24. Do you think that Khufu really built the Great Pyramid?
  25. Guild Law and OOparts
  26. Cold War!
  27. History, a social Science? Humanities? Both
  28. What's better: a war hammer or a long sword !!!
  29. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  30. What's better: bow or crossbow?
  31. Shipping efficiency of the 1940's
  32. How Reagan did beat Communism.
  33. Jewish people: Mark Twain's question
  34. Irak_Afganistan
  35. Is this a true bayonet?
  36. Scientific mythology
  37. Mace vs Armor
  38. haha Gods are made by human or it is real
  39. Predicting the Future.
  40. anarchist carrot bombing on Italian parliament
  41. Tesla vs Edison
  42. Did We Fake the Mars Landings Too?
  43. Who is greater contibutor to a technology Leonardo or Tesla?
  44. Paleo-Indian habitation in Florida
  45. Re-ReEvolving...
  46. Technology and population
  47. the most exceptible theory of why the 9/11 bombings happened
  48. "God" this word start in which dynasty!
  49. Negroes never invented anything
  50. Why nuke japan? Why didn't they nuke the heart of Berlin?
  51. Magic in Ancient History
  52. Why didn't middle and lower Africa ever get civilized?
  53. British Empire vs US Empire
  54. Astrology - how much a role did it play in ancient times?
  55. Medieval Trivial Facts
  56. Any other Time Team fans here ?
  57. Anyone studying Stonehenge ?
  58. Berlin 1936-Beijing 2008....Similarities?
  59. who were the normans?
  60. in the usa before the civil war
  61. Killing jews?
  62. One of the Toughest Jobs in the World
  63. Pre Clovis DNA in Oregon
  64. The Bosnian pyramids... what do you think: are they real?
  65. Think there were any great civilizations before 10,000 BC?
  66. How Innacurate is History?
  67. China's rise in historical perspective
  68. kennedys brother killed him?
  69. Was Napoleon same as Hitler?
  70. The evolution of man...
  71. JFK Assination Theory
  72. Countries best Invention.
  73. Escape after Hitler's election: easy or not?
  74. Question about Sumerian/Akkadian writings
  75. Was it better when we had wars with swords?
  76. Earliest Writing From Carbon Dating
  77. What if...Britan never rose?
  78. Battle of Thermopylae...
  79. Grooved-ware People?
  80. King Arthur
  81. If Famous Scientists Had Access to The Science Forum.....
  82. Interpretation of the 2nd Amendment
  83. Construction Technique for the Great Pyramid (stone lifting)
  84. what part of history is most relevant to your future
  85. Did Prehistoric Man came from Africa?
  86. what is the historical evidence for jesus christ ?
  87. Shen Kuo (1031-1095 AD), China's Greatest
  88. How To Build A Pyramid
  89. Avian influence on the development of flight.
  90. Art History
  91. The Original Assassins
  92. Dresden.
  93. I had an obverse insight the other night
  94. Interesting Question
  95. The Personification of Chance
  96. Joining the invaders
  97. will history every end?
  98. When did Greek-Roman society end and Christendom begin?
  99. have "accidents" changed the course of history?
  100. Anyone studying Maritime History?
  101. So who believes that the manned moon landings were fake?
  102. Moon landing photo's
  103. japanese history
  104. Why did science progress so much in western Europe?
  105. The Sleeping Buddha..
  106. Francs
  107. Please Consider This: Modern Parallels in War
  108. Vietnam War
  109. a mystery is once carved in a tree
  110. Instances where new technolgy advanced scientific theory
  111. mathematics history(help)
  112. Albania`s History !
  113. Alfred Wallace
  114. Kosova Independece
  115. Skanderbeg
  116. Albanian History
  117. Battle of Lexington And Concord and Saratoga
  118. History of Science Paper
  119. Hannibal Barca
  120. Old scientist 'FANG'
  121. The good old days
  122. Oldest American script yet found
  123. Question for billco - WWII
  124. Werewolves!!!
  125. Looking for a book
  126. History and music
  127. AIR TIGHT
  128. The finest moment in all of civilized history?
  129. Hitler
  130. Arthur Kornberg
  131. America is like Rome
  132. Full historical circle of war - the reverse domino theory.
  133. Goring's statement
  134. What is 'domino theory'? Has it ever happened?
  135. END WAR, OR HUMANITY: Turn. Or burn. Pivot. Or divot.
  136. Is War Just Evolution at Work?
  137. WW 1 : A Culmination of Imperialist Rivalries???
  138. Benjamin Franklin
  139. Stalin: Defender of the homeland, or coward of WWII?
  140. The American Renaissance
  141. Where would you look?
  142. why did hitler not like jewish people?
  143. Just in time for Attila's 1600th?
  144. Is the World the AMERICAN EMPIRE?
  145. Is the World the AMERICAN EMPIRE?
  146. Atlantis: One more hypothesis
  147. Dropping of atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki
  148. Why did the West conquer the East?
  149. Lost Star of Myth and Time
  150. First universities?
  151. History: Family and Autobiography
  152. Hitler and the German economy
  153. About the Atomic Bomb
  154. Putting a Face on King Tut
  155. Alexander the Great
  156. Why did Rome fall?
  157. who is your favourite scientist???
  158. "The American Era?"