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  1. Our own heaven
  2. LCD talking and thinking
  3. Where to get the cheapest and beautiful clothes?
  4. The Root of All Evil
  5. Logical Positivism, Jonathon Swift, and Neurosis
  6. E.T.
  7. Common sense won’t ‘cut the mustard’
  8. Dociled and humbled in an alien world
  9. Striking thoughts
  10. Declaration of Independence: Promissory Note
  11. It’s about wisdom
  12. Free will?
  13. Why does economic development matter?
  14. Analytic Philosophy, Creationism, and Space Program
  15. Subordination to power: Follow the money
  16. Being alive forever in cell form.
  17. multiple consciousnesses?
  18. Philosophy Jokes
  19. Optional Illusions
  20. Reality shifts
  21. Beyond Alienation
  22. Synthesizing knowledge
  23. Autodidactic: A Means for Self-Actualizing
  24. the meaning of life (2)
  25. racism
  26. “Technology as Extension of the Human Body”
  27. time
  28. Economic Policy: Birds are starving feed horses more oats
  29. Freedom, meaning, and anxiety
  30. Nuclear power
  31. Is technology mans downfall ?
  32. Objectivity is our security blanket
  33. Our subjective mental life
  34. Satisfaction with stupidity
  35. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”
  36. Hitler: The epitome of transference
  37. Lost Information
  38. ...
  39. Dalai Lama at the Albert Hall........
  40. “The Role of Categorization in Truth”
  41. Socratic Method
  42. Avocados, Abstract Ideas, and Categories
  43. Am I alone in a false Universe.
  44. Share! many ebooks on the subject of linguisitics
  45. What is truth for…
  46. Intelligence
  47. Technological singularity / omega point
  48. Christianity has failed to…
  49. The Nature Of Time
  50. My Theory of Existential Infinity.
  51. Morality of Water Torture
  52. Is this the most pointless subject ever or not?
  53. “Classical metaphysical realism cannot be true”
  54. CT (Critical Thinking) and politics
  55. Categories Are Meaningful: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life
  56. The Logical Probability of Survival.
  57. Faith........(not religion)
  58. Homosexuality as an evolutionary trait?
  59. What Is Better?
  60. How can i be certain i really exist...........
  61. President or Senator?
  62. Energy and Climate – Abu Dhabi and Europe.
  63. "To Live" by Nishant Shukla
  64. I am benevolent! deal with me philosophers!
  65. Can you buy your own item?
  66. Hypothetical
  67. whos following who?
  68. What is truth? Meaning or Fact?
  69. The Universe is a Superbeing ?
  70. Moderation
  71. Negation of the axiom of choice and Evil
  72. Rigger or Riggee: Do to or done to
  73. Who are we?
  74. About the philosophy of the negation of the axiom of choice
  75. “The disease called man”--Nietzsche
  76. The Science of Redemption.
  77. “Repay to the living that it is they find themselves owing
  78. Mom and dad were heroes
  79. Is Homosexuality wrong?
  80. Is it possible something can be impossible?
  81. Are embryos human???
  82. Scientist - or - Man of Science?
  83. Tap..tap..tap..We are blind creatures tapping through life
  84. Should we measure intelligence?
  85. Cyber bullying: Technology and McLuhan
  86. Is the statement true, false, or reflexive?
  87. Infanticide
  88. Theory of love
  89. Politics and framing the issue
  90. The pursuit of happiness
  91. How can we reason empathetically?
  92. Status quo: Is it natural or is it plastic?
  93. Question
  94. Pure Logic
  95. Comprehending the Whale From Within Its Belly
  96. Kool-Aid didn’t kill those people.
  97. Negative persona (mask) inhibits learning
  98. What they never taught us
  99. Anger, derives from lack of intelligence?
  100. Love conquers all. Does't it? Yes it does.
  101. Do you know music?
  102. New metaphors can create new realities
  103. Atheism, derives from childhood privation?
  104. Critical Self-Consciousness
  105. Libraries: a cave where genius abides
  106. Our success is killing us
  107. contra scientology or pro
  108. Whats your idea of Heaven?
  109. The end of freedom
  110. Creating purpose and intensity in life
  111. Does Life Begin at Conception?
  112. What moral attitude should we take toward Globalism?
  113. Let’s give virtue a hand
  114. Confidence in reason
  115. Conscious Reasoning
  116. Real versus Ideal
  117. Can Order Exist Without Purpose?
  118. Metaphorically thinking
  119. Democracy, Critical Thinking, & Journalism
  120. Words
  121. Universal thought
  122. Does near death change you?
  123. Art: a means to regain the laughter of infancy
  124. Were we better off in a state of nature?
  125. Learning about human life...
  126. The decider is the ego
  127. What happens to us when we learn new stuff?
  128. The theory of free thoughts
  129. Popularizers bring ‘Power to the People’
  130. All knowledge is known in part only!
  131. Common sense is anchor
  132. Me, myself and I.
  133. Technology makes passive life seducing
  134. Anti-intellectualism inhibits learning
  135. Is Rape Wrong?
  136. Do corporations have any moral responsibility?
  137. I am interested in disinterested knowledge
  138. Strange Thoughts...
  139. i hate doing this
  140. The leap of faith into absolutes
  141. Rules of Inference
  142. Simple question...or is it?!
  143. The self is not physical, but symbolic
  144. deeds
  145. Be all that you can be
  146. Knowledge begets responsibility which begets guilt
  147. Trivial pursuit and human extinction
  148. Off-shoot idea from the quantum theory of superposition
  149. In 10 Words or Less.....
  150. Local/picturelike life, Local/picturelike time
  151. Problem of Induction; Counter-inductivism?
  152. Reason for a multiverse
  153. is logic survival based?
  154. The Nature of Dreaming
  155. Combinatorics problem
  156. Steve Grand interview
  157. Lucid Dreaming
  158. intelligent design and the probable "G.U.T".
  159. You can't have a negative in your hand
  160. A Human's View of the Universe
  161. Future of AIs
  162. Understanding: a way of seeing
  163. What am I?
  164. Swarm Theory & Group Psychology
  165. Religion,Science,.. What's next?
  166. 'A Science of Man' to transcend 'The Man of Science'
  167. is science too political
  168. PTSD, repression, and "whistling past the graveyard&quo
  169. What is freewill?
  170. The "OPEN MIND" addiction!
  171. Thought Predictor
  172. Identity, consciousness, and replication
  173. A Bizzare Life
  174. What Would Make U Happy?
  175. "We've evolved to be creationists"
  176. Renamed: Homosexuality as influenced by the environment
  177. How is solar energy stored?
  178. gods?
  179. One great teacher
  180. Existence precedes essence??
  181. Creativity and freedom
  182. staring into the abyss
  183. Who is your nominee for wise person?
  184. Is deception a form of coercion?
  185. think
  186. Is freedom a possibility?
  187. right?/wrong?
  188. Humans are artifact adoring artisans
  189. What do you think?
  190. Grandpa, how can I remember all the things I ought to do?
  191. Religion & Rationality
  192. Souls?
  193. Doling-out the Burden of Proof
  194. A question to make you think..
  195. A story about a man's life.
  196. Defcon - The water wars
  197. Love
  198. how much a person remain true about his feelings ?
  199. reality
  200. insanity
  201. Consciousness - The Touchstone
  202. knowledge transmission
  203. why is the west mostly monogamic societies
  204. copyright of numbers
  205. Limit Science. Yes? No?
  206. Define a "System"
  207. Science is the literature of truth?
  208. Morals, Ethics
  209. What do you think about democracy?
  210. Why belief in god is irrational
  211. Deja Vu :: my theory of its cause
  212. where does the individual self lie?
  213. Comparison of Lucid Dreaming and Reality
  214. If Race is a Fictitious Concept - Is Racism also Fictitious?
  215. interview questions for god post
  216. The afterlife
  217. Self-Reliance
  218. Objectification of life
  219. Soulmates
  220. Meaning: The Great Truth about Human Nature
  221. How big is the universe really?
  222. Why can't science be idealism ?
  223. Morality of a Feat of Logic
  224. Friedrich Nietzsche
  225. What makes a hippie a hippie?!
  226. what would humanity be like
  227. The observer and the universe.
  228. Death Syndrome
  229. Philosophical Smart Alecs
  230. What is truth ?
  232. denial of reality
  233. Why?
  234. What is your values ?
  235. Live forever ?
  236. When is one dead?
  237. philosophy of discoveries
  238. Medical dilemma
  239. nothing existed, now it doesnt
  240. Nothing
  241. Are morals even real?
  242. do we have to kill the god?
  243. Explanation of the ten dimensions
  244. morality
  245. Thinking about duality
  246. Theory of Inexistence
  247. Time QUESTION.....
  248. am i crazy
  249. My theory on the universe.
  250. laws of nature, universe, and the greatest problem ever