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  1. Paintbrush is Pump: Image Based Thought
  2. Why are most leader types "brutes"?
  3. There is no God’s Eye View of Reality
  4. What Categories Reveal About the Mind
  5. Instrumental Rationality and Communicative Action
  6. That’s philosophy for ya!
  7. The Death Fear is lessoned by killing another
  8. “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis
  9. Art, Common Sense, and Objectivity
  10. Human Paradox
  11. Taking Social Theories to the People
  12. The Source of Human Reason?
  13. Caucus versus Standard System Primaries
  14. “Seeing is the perception of action”
  15. Calculation without Understanding
  16. The Structure of Science?
  17. Is CT the Foreplay of Understanding?
  19. modern culture inspireing narcissism
  20. Will the Digital Age Destroy Creativity?
  21. Can we Quantify Value?
  22. Arithmetic is Object Collection
  23. “Bring the coon-skin home and hang it on the wall” LBJ
  24. “Technology as Extension of the Human Body”
  25. What to do when democracy fails.
  26. How Knowledge Works
  27. Well-Being is the Meaning of Truth
  28. Plato, how to take him
  29. When is? House a Home, Enemy a Friend, Banker a Thief
  30. Ideals (social)
  31. Happiness is achieved through Meaning
  32. Human Paradox
  33. “Strike at the Root”
  34. Eugenics proves that science is evil!
  35. What Causes a TV Show?
  36. Give up AC to save future generations?
  37. a Science Essay & Exegesis ..........
  38. Metaphor: Unconscious Catalyst of Thought
  39. Internet Forum as Verbal Video Game
  40. It’s about time!
  41. Major Moral Dilemma: It Started with ...
  42. looking for a connection
  43. Most Thought is NOT in Linguistic Form
  44. Morality is About Relationships
  45. Human and Social Degradation of Early Capitalism
  46. The Ambiguity of our Situation
  47. Which Way is Progress?
  48. Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Strep, and Intellectual Sophistication
  49. cloning
  50. Do we ‘get pissed’ to ‘let off steam’?
  51. Imaginative Rationality
  52. In the Beginning We see Dogginess, not Fido
  53. Learning Disinterested Knowledge is Eating Pecan Pie.
  54. Stop Lollygagging in the Comfort Zone
  55. If someone told you...
  56. Market Economies Demand Subordinated Market Societies
  57. Does luck exist?
  58. Is death objective ?
  59. Common Sense Voices
  60. What Part Does Logic Play In Philosophy?
  61. Imagine This
  62. Genesis of the Nov 4 Miracle
  63. What is real? Are we free? (Using a few Matrix ideas)
  64. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  65. Our Ignorance is no Accident
  66. Negative Thinking is NOT Critical Thinking
  67. We Fear the full Intensity of Life
  68. Democracy’s Faustian Bargain: Never Facing Reality until…
  69. Engine of Economic Collapse: Human Desire
  70. Birth of Consciousness
  71. Evidence of life Beyond the Physical Body
  72. A Human is completely human only when s/he plays
  73. Is this a fallacy?
  74. Does a Man at Play Seem Unseemly?
  75. Greenspan’s Faith: Ideology trumps Science
  76. Moral Principles Learned via Social Osmosis
  77. A Sunset is Enjoyed not Criticized
  78. It’s about conscience, stupid; not consciousness
  79. Sunday-School Morality
  80. You are the Music While the Music Lasts--T.S. Eliot
  81. The Future
  82. Sophistication: Recognizing piece, part, and whole
  83. Economic Crisis and WWIII
  84. A fallacy?
  85. Normal Science Graduates Too Many Sophomores
  86. Apologists’ Dread: Truth may be Unpalatable
  87. Belief in Infallibility
  88. 60 Minutes and 60 Trillion Dollars of Credit Swaps
  89. My Search For Higher Dimensions
  90. Economic Crisis: The Double Fallacy
  91. will science save us?
  92. That Eureka Moment n Me
  93. Ideology: Humanity’s Weakest Link
  94. The Simulation Argument
  95. Newton: Scientist Become Artist
  96. DO Look Down
  97. Me n Art: The Science of Art
  98. To Study Art is to Study Humanness
  99. The humanities track
  100. What am I?
  101. A few quick questions.
  102. Enquiry Demands the Ability to Formulate Questions
  103. The Exodus Frame of Mind
  104. School of life
  105. When does human life begin?
  106. refining our perception with science
  107. Two Cultures
  108. Life After Death... What do you think?
  109. What is the Virtue of ‘Virtue’?
  110. Just a "Just for Fun Philosophy Quiz"
  111. Research: Public Support for a Nuclear Powered Aeroplane
  112. Truth in a Feel-Good Society
  113. Life is artificial, ill try to prove free will doesent exist
  114. Imagination and Performance
  115. Listing the Effects of Identical Coexistant Beings
  116. Extended Adolescence and Higher Education
  117. Extinguishing the Human Species
  118. "Behind every great treasure, there is a great crime&qu
  119. Adults are Big Babies
  120. Evolution Says: Truth is Success
  121. the organic principle
  122. Metaphor and Knowledge
  123. Are we alone?
  124. We need a new "language" to understand reality.
  125. Putting flesh (meaning) on the bones (facts)
  126. Time-difference and reality in big and small systems.
  127. Learning is ‘Scuba with a Lamp’
  128. Human advancement
  129. Existence and math
  130. IQ tests cannot decide upon ones intelligence
  131. My idea on self-existence - you, the pure self.
  132. A Fine Line between Normality and Abnormality
  133. Do you belive there exist animals that are some atoms thick?
  134. Why are we here?
  135. The word ‘meaning’ has only recently become meaningful for m
  136. The Decline of Western Democracy
  137. is there any theory about getting energy out of water?
  138. How to Play 3d Chess with a Checkers Education
  139. Dreaming about survival
  140. Could we live without a sun?
  141. Freedom: Fragile Fiction
  142. A Need for Self-Activation
  143. The limits of power
  144. Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness
  145. online resources/ books
  146. Normal Science is Lamp-Post Science
  147. Studying Disinterested Knowledge is a Holiday
  148. Reality?
  149. Labor as a commodity
  150. Pets
  151. Conspiracy of the “Intellectuals”
  152. Maximizing Production and Consumption
  153. Logic to Prove MP and Syllogism
  154. Human Freedom is constipated by Assumptions
  155. From birth to post-schooling: It’s all Spin
  156. What is fairness?
  157. Red Right Hand
  158. Educational Duty
  159. Science States Meaning while Art Expresses Meaning
  160. Natural Metaphors: Metaphor Resides in Thought as Well as Wo
  161. Artifacts Have Replaced Tigers and Bears
  162. Military Officer versus Journalist
  163. Supernatural Problems
  164. Formation of matter
  165. Theology and Philosophy: Twin Handmaidens
  166. A (mabey crazy) theory on perception of time
  167. the universe is completely determined
  168. living organisms made of non-living material
  169. I have proven faster then light is an impossibility
  170. My personal theory on traveling in time
  171. Fluidity
  172. Paradigm: A Criterion for Choosing Problems
  173. Self-Reliance: “keynote of American democracy”
  174. 10 most important studies of the 20th (and 21st) century
  175. Purpose of life lost in evolution?
  176. How rather than What—to Think
  177. Hen Precedes Egg, Mother Precedes Infant
  178. Teachers: Double Their Salary and Quantity
  179. Time Travel, how you'd do it?
  180. I’ve Upped My Income; Now Up Yours
  181. status quo
  182. The next Messiah
  183. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of de
  184. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  185. Law Of conservation of difficulty
  186. Where is my mind?
  187. The infinite existence of space and matter or a 'big bang'
  188. New things come in pairs... :/
  189. In the Beginning Was the…Meaning?
  190. What is GOD: the feeble proof
  191. Paradox: Narcissism is Necessary and Detrimental for Surviva
  192. Movement Gives Meaning to Time
  193. Time machine ?
  194. SGCS Claims the Objectivist Claim is Fallacious
  195. Extinction and the Dread of Insignificance
  196. It's A Mystery!!
  197. Can We Call This Progress?
  198. Luck = perception skillz?
  199. Three Cheers for $4 Gasoline
  200. We Are Meaning Creating Creatures
  201. The soul is a separate life form made of energy ..or not?
  202. I am just a NUMBER and so ARE YOU!
  203. Do you have a Soul?
  204. Civilization Has Become an Uncritical Style of Life
  205. The American Cultural Hero-System
  206. Hero Says: I AM SOMEBODY
  207. Morality of Politicians Buying Votes
  208. Flow of Logic
  209. Intellectual: Largely Social Critique
  210. Empathy in Art
  211. Critical Thinker Habitually Pulls Back the Curtain
  212. MP, Syllogism proof
  213. Artificialization of Sapiens and the Inculcation of Neurosis
  214. Realism: Basic, Objectivism, and Experimentalism
  215. Decision Maker
  216. Dr34m 1n73rpr3t4t10n...
  217. does truth exists
  218. Participatory Thought & Planet Plundering
  219. Will being humane destroy us
  220. The YUXI Problem.
  221. Sex in the Psyche
  222. Is there a true Elementary Particle?
  223. To categorize is to determine reality
  224. Why Philosophy is pointless
  225. Total Reality
  226. Logic, reasoning, and three-point jump shot
  227. What is right and wrong?
  228. Mind's limits.
  229. A challenge to prove me wrong.
  230. Consciousness
  231. researching the link between "portraits" and "
  232. What to do at the end?
  233. The Illusion that is Astrology
  234. Three silly questions
  235. Why is pain so bad?
  236. pets welfare
  237. The Secret (Documentary)
  238. Why pursue science and philosophy?
  239. People in power get to construct reality
  240. Which is better....
  241. Brain: Constructs rather than mirrors reality
  242. Please critique this story
  243. Technology: The Modern Pied Piper
  244. This needs to be watched
  245. Dialogue ain’t for Sissies!
  246. Man of sciences vs. science of man
  247. Is homo floresiensis a person?
  248. Dare to be abnormal
  249. robotic weapons
  250. The CauseLess Consciousness Has Caused ItSelf?