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  1. Rings of Saturn and GR.
  2. earth and life science
  3. Is it possible for a nerd to kill someone by strangling him with his thighs?
  4. How does the universe work
  5. What is an Earth Hour day ?
  6. Physics
  7. Will plastic wastes be defeated?
  8. New here, question on high voltage homopolar generator design
  9. I need to add a link but I can't do that
  10. Using Software/Application in Teaching Science
  11. Should anecdotal evidence be dismissed so quickly?
  12. Great Lakes Earth Map--And the Questions that Come With It
  13. Good News!
  14. During cellular respiration, Carbon is oxidized into?
  15. Is the Big Bang the same as a Black Hole?
  16. 2 - $1,000,000.Millennium Problems Solved
  17. Applicable solvent's choice with polarity
  18. Loud Boom....
  19. Is the Universe an illusion? Yes, it is.
  20. air pollution
  21. Dimensions HELP!!
  22. What is this
  23. Is the resistance to pull out a bud from a tree branch a force?
  24. Squash
  25. violation of UNO charter
  26. Human-Sized Spider Web Silk?
  27. Molecular Dynamics simulation of water
  28. One of hawkings theorys
  29. Just to clear things up...
  30. Mars in opposition 27 July 2018
  31. Best scientists' quotes
  32. All This Science Podcast
  33. Baked Potato Mystery
  34. What is the scientific explanation of Quranic verse 35:27?
  35. Can anyone make a circuit that can switch a number of electro magnets on and off 3600 times per minute?
  36. Can someone please explain this to me? Covalent bonding...
  37. How hhv variation influence gas consomption
  38. What is blood Cancer
  39. Aluminium-CH3COOH BATTERY
  40. Favourite Pizza Toppings
  41. Russia and Nuclear War
  42. Release from the Matrix: Chemistry Challenge
  43. Soccer World Cup 2018
  44. YouTube Gone Weird
  45. MIP deposition on polymer films
  46. Musical Tastes.
  47. Could you take my high school stats survey?
  48. Punch line?
  49. Time Travel...
  50. A Message To All Crackpots And Cranks
  51. Do you have any funny/embarrassing moments you’re willing to share?
  52. What is your word of the day part2
  53. would this thought experiment prove or disprove randomness in quantum mechanics
  54. Pure Copper Crystals Questions.
  55. Metal complex oxidation states
  56. Livable Alien Planet Finally Discovered
  57. Why can you put metal in combination microwave oven but not in a microwave?
  58. statistical question
  59. How are the tides defined by general relativity?
  60. Anatomy Question
  61. Closed evaporation and condensing system with the sun as heat source
  62. pond Ice ringg
  63. Movement of object
  64. LEGO Ideas SpaceX Falcon Heavy is AWESOME and needs our support
  65. Infusion with sugar
  66. Computer science
  67. blocking blocker interference?
  68. Which subject you like the most?
  69. Intermolecular Forces H2O
  70. Curious as to why ......
  71. I have a question help me
  72. [Science amateur] New method of generating energy via the Leidenfrost effect
  73. You can see black
  74. How does magnetic tape memorise previous materials.
  75. My blog humansciences26.blogspot.in
  76. Peer Pressure for Scientists?
  77. Home buying
  78. trip to UK - rent a car
  79. The earth and the sun
  80. Human ears
  81. Compter Problem.
  82. Trump Plaza.
  83. Theoretically Extending Life by Hundreds/Thousands of Years
  84. If Gravity is not a force, how do we stand on earth's surface?
  85. Throught the Wormhole antienvironmental and evil antivegan ideas
  86. Why is research journals so damn expensive?!?
  87. Cure for AIDS
  88. computer science
  89. Efficiency fluoride in toothpaste versus drinking water
  90. A call for desert seeds!!
  91. Moon
  92. Comprehending Large Numbers
  93. Word of the day (part 2)
  94. K strategist species
  95. Opv
  96. Transformer issue
  97. merry christmas
  98. Which is your favorite subject?
  99. bitcoins
  100. Need help with a math problem!
  101. hey there everyone.....
  102. MARKETING help
  103. Stochatic Processes Ornstein-Uhlenbeck
  104. Volume Computation
  105. 'Supermoon' brightens up skies for stargazers
  106. Evolution
  107. Glass vs iron
  108. Should not vaccinating your child be a criminal offence?
  109. atomic destabilization
  110. Confused about density
  111. since project
  112. What skill/trait do you think you most inherited from one of your ancestors and why?
  113. Human Genome
  114. I need help for a High school project.
  115. Oxygen
  116. Cj statistics
  117. Exploring the Ultimate Truth
  118. Beta-Glucans
  119. Gyroscope question
  120. help me my friend
  121. Reptile Skin
  122. Need the answers
  123. Emergence Theory
  124. fedoras
  125. Math
  126. Photoresist with Thixotropic Properties
  127. Environmental Science Student Facing Decisions
  128. Proposal for NEW Way of Scholarly Communication
  129. Thoughts & Prayers Rant
  130. Human water cycle
  131. Mastermind max
  132. Algorithm of filling in a rectangular area with circles
  133. Infrared spectroscopy puzzle
  134. intro
  135. The Next Renaissance
  136. Hyaluronic Acid Solubility
  137. Tracking Circadian Rhythms
  138. PLEASE!!! Help with translation .
  139. Are flexible displays more efficient than flat hard displays?
  140. I need help on a science project! Magnetic experts come here
  141. Sir Leonardo da Vinci
  142. Communications
  143. Econometrics
  144. Water And Oxygen on the ISS
  145. Human Mind and Quantum Physics
  146. Biology research project
  147. Effect of organic and inorganic supports?
  148. How much CO2 does an airliner engine produce?
  149. Open Discussions
  150. Making a White Phenyl
  151. What's better; CO2 high in the atmosphere or low in the atmosphere?
  152. What is your word of the day?
  153. Reactivity coefficient
  154. Electrical Component Idea
  155. Looking for a good book on astrophysics
  156. Cassini Mission
  157. Photographing time
  158. Flat Earth Again ??
  159. how do electrons know if the path we provide them is grounded or not?
  160. Which reference electrode to select for electrochemical measurements? The one with Vycor or ceramic frit?
  161. Spongy - The Most Revolutionary Sponge (2018)
  162. Chemistry
  163. What is the process of Diversifying coevolution
  164. If you could know everything, would you?
  165. What is IQ test really testing people for?
  166. Emotion und Logic
  167. What 25 things has man yet to engineer?
  168. Could any one help me with this scientific method? Biology major
  169. BOX 5: How PLASMA is the state of matter’s BOSS?!
  170. EMP polarization
  171. Should convincing someone of a bad idea lead to prosecution?
  172. Name that fallacy?
  173. Electron Configuration & Atomic Structure Please Help!
  174. Human cloning
  175. diamond batteries
  176. Okay go with me I need a number no matter how ridiculous. This is about bubbles!
  177. discussion
  178. Is it possible to order free protein structure there and determine it more quickly and accurately than using X-ray structural analysis?
  179. Daylight hours worldwide
  180. If you could conduct a daring science experiment in any field of science, what would it be on ?* *
  181. ancient mars????
  182. lvl zero dyeson spear
  183. Just a POINT....
  184. Industrial Electrolysis
  185. Escape!
  186. Control Groups in Experiments: Do I need a "non affected" subject?
  187. Irrational Lengths and √2
  188. What's this all about dissociation?
  189. How to observe respiration changes in transition period from work to rest?
  190. I Think We All Know Somebody Like This
  191. Back In Time
  192. Austerity eludes nothing
  193. To believe or not to believe
  194. Astronomy
  195. DNA of Chimpanzees, ours, and our family
  196. What are good techniques/tools for accurate and real-time indoor localization. Some tools to use in an augmented or virtual reality game like "the void" game, where little inches and milliseconds matters?
  197. Factorial Function, An Amazing Work Out
  198. Spontaneous genetic elimination of cancerous cells?
  199. Career in biotechnology which is location independent?
  200. Hello to all
  201. Discussion: The First 100 Years After The Apocalypse?
  202. Abnormal Psychology Question
  203. Can constant torque load be used with high velocity fans?
  204. Ap ii
  205. Spectrometer and what we can do with them?
  206. Time seems to be just a measurement of Entropy.
  207. Discuss the position of African Americans in the progressive era and compare the two major views of black thought as represented by Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.Du Bois?
  208. Speed of light and time
  209. Homework questions.
  210. Time to leave secondary antibody at RT
  211. Is it possible for hybrid outcome of a sunflower grafted to a tomato?
  212. What division of the brain is responsible for the coordination of muscle groups in response to sights and sounds?A
  213. Research Topic
  214. Fidgit spinners.
  215. The forth dimension
  216. Drug loaded Nanoparticles
  217. Is this equation right?
  218. physics question
  219. Energy released when burning food?
  220. Stoned
  221. Please check my math
  222. scientific effects on early break fast
  223. Serious idea about using magnets to make a self sustainable power source!!!!
  224. An experimental approach org developmental eight ed
  225. Minimum number of molecules
  226. The International Conference on Semantic Web Business and Innovation (SWBI2015)
  227. What is the name of this fallacy?
  228. Theory about Lochness Monster
  229. Why does Stephen Hawking so strongly believe in E.T?
  230. How can organisms produce hydrogen?
  231. Can you feel the tension on the forum?
  232. The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015) - Part of The Fourth World Congress on Computing and Information Technology (WCIT)
  233. electric engine
  234. Questions very difficult to answer!
  235. FOLLOW ON, a word game.
  236. negative engery question
  237. collision of two objects
  238. Is there a term for this? "blind" to irony and sarcasm comming from self
  239. My thoughts on Hell
  240. What are some good bible passages?
  241. Later Flow Assay: Stability problem with antibody test line on nitrocellulose membrane
  242. Lunch on the Hanging Rock
  243. Need a hard project idea
  244. Is there any scientific question that you can't make up your mind about?
  245. Ferrofluid
  246. Mathematics and Numbers
  247. My observations when dropping the click part of a click pen onto a book.
  248. new question
  249. Failed image upload
  250. Greenhouse Gasses for Something Useful?