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  1. My Command of the General Discussion Battalion. Westwind.
  2. What The Hell Is Wrong With That Futilitist Guy?
  3. Indo-Aryan
  4. Found My Old Microscope, Can Anyone Help Me?
  5. Michelson experiment
  6. Age & the ability to learn
  7. Help with a short essay question.
  8. scientific journals?
  9. Moon line
  10. GreatestMathematician
  11. hi
  12. thermal expansion gas verses liquid to gas change do to same temperature change.
  13. Purification of Copper
  14. Is The Science Forum ruled by the mob?
  15. Regeneration
  16. Do atheists believe there are aliens?
  17. Help in calculating kilowatts needed to pump water that is already in motion.
  18. Black sulphuric acid
  19. zero value
  20. Anyone live in the Los Angeles area? Want to be apart of a new National Geographic Channel show?
  21. Extra Solar worlds
  22. Disexisting yourself.
  23. Please give me a chance, to clear my name.
  24. Why is the sky?
  25. Getting a Phd In theoretical Physics?
  26. chalk (magnesium) exposure
  27. Uracil?
  28. Nanotechnology and light
  29. I have expected such reactions
  30. construction
  31. Sheeple
  32. modelling bone fracture using line detection
  33. A movie I watched awhile back" Eddington and Einstein ?" forgot exact title.
  34. A "fun" metal for an engagement ring
  35. Religion
  36. Later guys!
  37. on antigravity
  38. Standards for Milk & Frozen Veggies
  39. chemical cleaning method
  40. Counterfeit consumer goods in U. S. and E U.
  41. Getting admissions in oxford
  42. General Probability equation: is it possible?
  43. Pets of Science!
  44. chemical cleaning method
  45. What of these objects are useless on the moon surface?
  46. Help:A Minimal Ensemble Question of Quantum Computing and Quantum Information.
  47. Solar Radiation Data?
  48. The Science of Buscuit Dunking
  49. Hereditary musical ability?
  50. Viagra: World’s most counterfeited drug
  51. The true nature of the extreme feminist- splintered from thread about urinal games
  52. The principles of the element (Nitrogen, Sulphur, Iron) of the cycle in nature
  53. As a man, what do you think of this?
  54. Evolution? Ever evolving into mediocre crap.
  55. gonzales56 I read you wrong.
  56. Plastic vs Hand
  57. Hello
  58. Fields?
  59. Now you ignorant Pricks, if my Place is vacant next year, a moments repectful silence would be nice.
  60. A QUESTION ON Co2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. In Soviet Russia where I nearly grew up maybe
  62. So what is 'science'?
  63. Computer gaming. Wasted time right? Not really.
  64. The hydrogen fuel efficient vehicle
  65. Tomorrow, when the war begun 2
  66. Special vehicle
  67. Drop some venom bombs
  68. A question on potassium !!!!!!
  69. Value in dumbing down?
  70. Anyone know where to submit ideas and in exchange do a deal to get a reward if the idea succeeds?
  71. Space-Time mind bender for a cosmology novice
  72. Testing of the hypothesis of odds ratios
  73. GRASER (Gamma ray laser)
  74. cgs units
  75. God or Evolution?
  76. tracable devices
  77. I have gone forth and randomally distributed my seed.
  78. Pressures within plane window portholes
  79. Contamination with PCR reaction mixture
  80. Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great Story. Victorian connection to Tasmania now operating.
  81. Legal Ethics For Forensic Scientists - Professionalism and Expert Witnessing
  82. fasciation
  83. westwinds 100 likes.
  84. Scientific nonsense in movies
  85. westwinds speeding Fine. Low Flying westwind experiences thrill of the Road.
  86. Habitat Distribution
  87. Theory of evolution
  88. What Music Do You Like these Days??? .... Leave a Link please.
  89. Shouldn't the slowing down speed of universe expansion be obvious?
  90. Science Homework Help
  91. Atomic Clocks
  92. Before The Universe ?
  93. Jokes that tickle westwinds fancy.
  94. Regeneration?
  95. Hobbies
  96. Got any science jokes?
  97. Early Universe - Higgs Field
  98. Time, Distance, Gravity
  99. Qwerty key panel in mobiles
  100. eating yearling buck or doe?
  101. Plants
  102. cancelling or reducing inertia
  103. Why is capacitance inversely related to the distance of the conductor plates
  104. Current Under-appreciated Scientists Doing Cool Research?
  105. How autistic savants calculate birthdays.
  106. Genius Learning Capacity/Capabilities etc
  107. water
  108. Telepathy Misdaiagnoed as mental illness
  109. about growth
  110. doubt
  111. Eight Months Ago I said This...westwind.
  112. How reflection look like INSIDE a big mirror ball?
  113. studying physics after becoming a doc?
  114. How Convection Works??
  115. Proving the existence of hell by algorithms, time and parallel worlds
  116. What is a higgs boson !?!?!??!?!?!!?
  117. CFCs and ozone depletion
  118. Black Line Across the face of the moon.
  119. X-men
  120. current war
  121. DC to DC converter
  122. voltage
  123. Time machine within a time machine
  124. Make It Possible
  125. Impedance
  126. Electro Magnetic Waves
  127. What characteristics make up a science?
  128. Why isn't Tesla in history books?
  129. lightning
  130. lightning
  131. A THEORY BEHIND UFO'S!!!!!!! please read.
  132. Plasma Antenna
  133. Does the Big Bang Theory put to rest the agelessness of the universe?
  134. What is a Ketl?
  135. A True Ghost Haunting for Halloween
  136. HELP!! Resuspended Anti-GFP Antibody in SDS!!!
  137. Anti-matter.
  138. time
  139. negative infinity
  140. Increase in bad grammar...
  141. Plants Science
  142. All Women Gain Enhanced Strength
  143. Apparent Laws
  144. I really wanna start everything over,,, in science !! anyone else would do ?!!
  145. Energy reeased by splitting the atom
  146. Mass And Energy
  147. How to make ethanole fuel gel?
  148. Gimp
  149. Dazed and confused
  150. World Without Bees Timeline?
  151. Schedule video/chat conversations about science/politics/philosophy and more!
  152. I dont believe any of these stories to be proven true
  153. Climate change to wipe out whole florida neighborhoods through sea level rise by the end of this century
  154. natural science
  155. Hey hey good lookin'...whatcha got cookin'?
  156. The Universal Speed Limit
  157. Quantum Trapping?
  158. Science magazine
  159. Gold is stronger than steel, because steel obeys gold.
  160. What's Going On Here, Fact or Fantasy?
  161. pan acetylation antibody
  162. mach number
  163. Floating City
  164. Freezing rain
  165. Can Expectation of a Taste/Flavour Ultimately Alter Our Tasting/Flavour Experience?
  166. Possible Way to Witness the Past?
  167. Mineral/Rock identification help!
  168. The oven and electricity
  169. How to prime a wring shake.
  170. protein phosphorylation
  171. big bang
  172. moronic muslims
  173. Light Acceleration
  174. How is language looked upon by academics?
  175. Ph and Conductivity
  176. Specific Heat of Urine
  177. The Physics Journey
  178. my depression glass platter broke into on its own with no explanition
  179. knowledge of past = knowledge of future
  180. Help Save Science by Signing this Petition
  181. Europa and free heat energy
  182. Post Interesting Video's Here
  183. New Additions to the Standard Model?
  184. Help!! Genetics Problem
  185. looking for the right path
  186. Creating Medications, developing new Drugs, Will this ever stop?
  187. Nano Technology In School Science
  188. Alkaline water and electron ionized water
  189. Just a bit of fun
  190. Earth Science help
  191. There will be Thirty Thousand Threads soon.
  192. Have you noticed you can detect that a muted tv is on even when not in view?
  193. gear
  194. Radiation contamination after fukushima
  195. Is Toronto the city with the highest number of high rises being built in north america?
  196. On a Quantum level why did Life begin?
  197. Should felons have the right to vote?
  198. War & Promiscuity
  199. ascorbic acid
  200. Plan your Retirement Village when you are young.
  201. Cultural deprivation
  202. Web based monitoring
  203. univers expansion
  204. The Venus Project
  205. A documentary to watch before you die
  206. Science 2.0 - can the internet give us a new science?
  207. How do I remove organic material from high-density polyethylene?
  208. Um, why isn't this being used to make tanks hover?
  209. Is it possible to reverse the direction of travel without velocity becoming zero?
  210. Reverse Engineering
  211. Newton wrong on Gravity -
  212. the origin of inertia
  213. Is it allright to go for a higher rated battery for smartphone?
  214. Speed of a light photon in a black hole singularity
  215. What is the additive they put in molten aluminium to make it more viscous when creating Foam aluminium?
  216. Nano Technology
  217. help for project topics in criminology and forensic science
  218. Can granite be produced from basaltic magma?
  219. I need an opinion!
  220. hydrochemistry in groundwater
  221. Amoeboidal fungus
  222. Online Scientific Guidance
  223. Type of coupling needed to couple motor and gear box when there is high initial torque ?
  224. odorant binding
  225. Phylogenomic Study of Lipid Genes Involved in Microalgal Biofuel Production—Candidate Gene Mining and Metabolic Pathway Analyses
  226. Murder suicide 1922 actual case
  227. Can science use evidence of evidence?
  228. small ORFs B.Lehensis
  229. Dementions
  230. Reference book advice for telecommunication
  231. Reality
  232. Help with Lab for Homework
  233. Do Russians like Gunz?(I know it is Guns)
  234. Have some question here...
  235. Moebius
  236. They don't make men like my father anymore.
  237. base proportionality theorem
  238. Nerve/Brain Morphology, Evolutionary Advantage?
  239. Societies Burden
  240. Games
  241. I've made you Socially lower class(almost adequate) & bright enough to power a 15 Watt globe.
  242. Van de graaf expert required
  243. Could this be Walter Mitty Syndrome?
  244. Hex
  245. Black Hole in the centre of the earth to swallow earth on December 21st 2012 Hoax or no?
  246. how to perform artificial synthesis of glucose by formose reaction at home?
  247. Polar directions of a bar magnet freely hung in outer space
  248. astrophysics
  249. Neutrons (Stone in Focus)
  250. How to write such research proposal?