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  1. my endless hypothesis
  2. Percentage uncertainties in logarithms.
  3. How should i separate Na+ and OH- ions from H2O
  4. Termite as farm animal
  5. reply
  6. At what scale does gravity disappear?....
  7. computer science project
  8. Quantum mechanics
  9. Explaining experience
  10. Lacking motivation :(
  11. TELEPORTATION - what would it look like? (GRAPHIC DESIGN-Branding teleportation)
  12. What's up with the chatbox death?
  13. Why is life so boring?
  14. How many of you have played The Sims, The Sims 2, or The Sims 3?
  15. Cities on equator
  16. As if We Needed More to Worry About
  17. Changing the mass of an particle?
  18. Earliest recorded action by man
  19. improper integrals
  20. Inertial effects of more frequent space travel in the future
  21. Speed
  22. Expansion of Space-Time and virtual (quantum?) particles
  23. Will you be my Valentine?
  24. How do we know how far away objects are in space
  25. How do we know how far away objects are in space
  26. If you could choose to be any super hero who would you be?
  27. Is it advisable to become a theoretical physicist?
  28. Infinite Universe
  29. mysterious rock found on beach
  30. can this be possible?
  31. Direct Osmosis - Is 100% retention possible?
  32. Astro Physics Project Ideas for my National Science Fair
  33. other discussion boards
  34. Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid relationship!
  35. ISSR primers
  36. faster than light?
  37. Is this silicified(colonial) coraL??
  38. neuroscience capabilities
  39. Boiler repairs
  40. ISSR primers
  41. BioModel of a Cell for Online Research
  42. Foreign Word Game
  43. you will out of answers in this discussion
  44. time machine
  45. purchase cyanide pill
  46. does the universe have a boundry?
  47. Happy Hatchday MacGyver1968
  48. black holes and light
  49. Astrophysics
  50. Grid Computing
  51. Proving Law of Conservation of Mass Doesn't Work
  52. Acceleration due to gravity
  53. Sensory Junkies
  54. Closed Circuit Micro Hydro Electric
  55. Happy Birthday Dywyddyr !
  56. Chinese New Year, Feb 4, year of the snake
  57. simulation device
  58. Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS) Designing ...
  59. nothingness
  60. Break down of Ice Shields
  61. Online Human Anatomy and Physiology courses
  62. Software Failure
  63. The Poor Kitty
  64. Time machine within a time machine
  65. gravity structures
  66. Documentary or a book ?
  67. Another Thing Troubles Me!
  68. Ophiolite is John Galt
  69. Professional Help
  70. For you Neil deGrasse Tyson fans...
  71. What is this grid ball?
  72. The Ultimate (Natural) Science Quiz!
  73. Having a bad day doesn't get much worse than this
  74. Whats the best thing ever?!
  75. So, what do you do for a living?
  76. Dew point of air
  77. Darwinism clarification
  78. Big bang physics
  79. Thephysicsforum Quiz answers
  80. What is math to you?
  81. Earth Science, Potentially Dangerous Volcanoes?
  82. Consequences of very Large Structures in our Universe
  83. Have you got any IDEAS for inventions?
  84. What's in an avatar?
  85. Int'l Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering on May 9-11, 2013
  86. Creating a fertile hybrid mammal ex: ligers or mules
  87. Squirrel Pics
  88. Earth science
  89. Rechargeable LED Lanterns
  90. How would you use mm as a medium?
  91. Somewhat Controllable Lightning?
  92. black hole theory
  93. Inserting GFP into a plasmid
  94. Equation
  95. The existance of copper metal
  96. Brewing (NOT a storm)
  97. Save The Planet
  98. Help. Crossword puzzel. Based on Scienfiic Method and Earth Science
  99. Help. Crossword puzzel. Based on Scienfiic Method and Earth Science
  100. Thalidomide Story
  101. Working of Darwinian Evolution? Natural Selection
  102. WTF ? (NMSquirrel Style..)
  103. Dreamz
  104. mine
  105. Taking some leave from TSF.
  106. STEM Experiment Tutorial Videos
  107. difference between forearc basin and foreland basin
  108. nutrition and science methology
  109. Cyberbullying in Massachusetts
  110. Apologies to the forum
  111. Help With Simple School Question
  112. Genetic memory retention.
  113. Hi, Everybody. I am Sojol and i am new in here.
  114. Spanish speaking kitchens..
  115. Bumpers eliminate sand and sand encroachment prevent desertification.
  116. potential
  117. Metric System Petition -- Is this coming back? Possible?
  118. Found an article about a mission sending us to mars. Is it real?
  119. Disabling weapons
  120. Quadera software
  121. State of Equilibrium
  122. patterns exist in everything?
  123. Do Aliens Exist? (No religious views please)
  124. NASA's Future?
  125. Microscopy
  126. Intelligence!?
  127. Ageing
  128. vehicle design
  129. FILM Cosmopolis?
  130. Question on Banks
  131. Help me pick a science job
  132. ironman!!!
  133. Earths most powerful force
  134. The Towel Thread
  135. Reg defense application oriented project !!
  136. I have a Question...
  137. The Sloppiest Sci-Fi Movie Science Violations of 2012
  138. Moon and buildings to make energy?
  139. Need Assistant - Pro Bono Lawyer
  140. What's your opinion on these statements?
  141. Don Wheeler
  142. A.C. waveform
  143. Dog food, I mean "Human food" for people?
  144. Just had unexplainable religious-like experience. Scientific explanation?
  145. Where did the big bang occur?
  146. Change the announcers every New Years instead of always the same one
  147. Is There Any Possibility That FIRST 'ALIEN EARTH' WILL BE FOUND IN 2013
  148. question about magnetism
  149. Earth
  150. Chemical Cleaning recipes for Al based products to remove hard water stains, scaling black spots
  151. Determination of % concentration of copper, manganese,chromium in raw material of Alminium by UV visible spectrophotometer
  152. ESP and cerebral tumors
  153. Re: IQ statistics
  154. Too late for science / a career? Honest opinion appreciated
  155. river delta
  156. Season's Greetings
  157. I think that has more to the electron charge.
  158. Ketoconazole cream
  159. I want to wish you all a happy holidays
  160. The Death Penalty
  161. Basic FSM model for VCD / DVD player
  162. XOXO hugs and kisses..
  163. Holiday Traditions
  164. Cognitive Science - Honda's ASIMO project
  165. Saturated & Unsaturated Fats level in cooking oil- Urgent Help!
  166. December 22nd, 2012
  167. My Name Is Blitzen, and other seasonal music
  168. So, here we are at the end of the world. Nice day sop far! LOL!!!
  169. Spirituality and its Significance
  170. Help me expose a fraudulent contest please
  171. PM messages - WARNING!!
  172. Other Popular Science Forums
  173. tying telaporters in a knot.
  174. Religion
  175. SDS Page
  176. Addiction
  177. Big Rip?
  178. Energy harvesting from piezoelectric devices at railway station
  179. Where did animated life on Earth come from?
  180. The commercialisation of Christmas, etc.
  181. my project
  182. Gene patents may hamper innovations in patient care
  183. Curious about groups.
  184. New Year Resolutions
  185. Holiday wish lists...
  186. 2 levers IMA of 5
  187. Plagerism
  188. I have a new name for this Terrorism
  189. Joy to the World! Post your Christmas/Holiday decorations here!
  190. Religion
  191. Momentum or Energy?
  192. Software R&D management: commercial VS academic needs
  193. Suicide Of A Superpower - Pat Buchanan
  194. What is this rock?
  195. Intersteller communication
  196. Strength of steel
  197. Do you agree on the following analogy?
  198. The Arab spring and neoliberal internationalism
  199. free energy
  200. Simulation for a restricted three body problem
  201. Film ted?
  202. Need code of Matlab
  203. MccGyver1,Beer will beat back dangerous virus, if you can chug 30 cans
  204. The need to Lengthen and strengthen our Legs. westwind.
  205. alternating current
  206. Stagger Angles for Turbine Blades
  207. Science Fest theme suggestions >>>>>>
  208. New to Space
  209. My Command of the General Discussion Battalion. Westwind.
  210. What The Hell Is Wrong With That Futilitist Guy?
  211. Indo-Aryan
  212. Found My Old Microscope, Can Anyone Help Me?
  213. Michelson experiment
  214. Age & the ability to learn
  215. Help with a short essay question.
  216. scientific journals?
  217. Moon line
  218. GreatestMathematician
  219. hi
  220. thermal expansion gas verses liquid to gas change do to same temperature change.
  221. Purification of Copper
  222. Is The Science Forum ruled by the mob?
  223. Regeneration
  224. Do atheists believe there are aliens?
  225. Help in calculating kilowatts needed to pump water that is already in motion.
  226. Black sulphuric acid
  227. zero value
  228. Anyone live in the Los Angeles area? Want to be apart of a new National Geographic Channel show?
  229. Extra Solar worlds
  230. Disexisting yourself.
  231. Please give me a chance, to clear my name.
  232. Why is the sky?
  233. Getting a Phd In theoretical Physics?
  234. chalk (magnesium) exposure
  235. Uracil?
  236. Nanotechnology and light
  237. I have expected such reactions
  238. construction
  239. Sheeple
  240. modelling bone fracture using line detection
  241. A movie I watched awhile back" Eddington and Einstein ?" forgot exact title.
  242. A "fun" metal for an engagement ring
  243. Religion
  244. Later guys!
  245. on antigravity
  246. Standards for Milk & Frozen Veggies
  247. chemical cleaning method
  248. Counterfeit consumer goods in U. S. and E U.
  249. Getting admissions in oxford
  250. General Probability equation: is it possible?