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  1. Nigeria@53
  2. Space Ventures
  3. Hello :) I am new to this forum
  4. How the observed probability is obtained in the Many Worlds Interpretation.
  5. The Desiderata
  6. How do you prepare sand for Microscopic Analysis
  7. How To Prevent Impact Crusher Abnormal Vibration
  8. Magnet Coil Turns and wire selection
  9. The New "C" Note
  10. Travelling, Is it possible that way ?
  11. What would be a solid measurable physics model
  12. Dark energy
  13. The subjective experience is an underestimated tool to discover parts of our reality
  14. Detection limit
  15. Analysing Blood Plasma
  16. Anybody else dislike fiction?
  17. ESP group?
  18. This is just my start
  19. S-matrix in String Theory. What is it?
  20. Light and sight
  21. Hydrothermal Vents
  22. Looking for a compendium of compounds with the same molar mass but different chemical compositions
  23. Geologic Structure and Rocks
  24. The courage of stupidity
  25. Time seems to go slow/fast sometimes
  26. hi this is my science project but i don't know the answer and i need the answer by today help me please!!!!!!
  27. Musical string theory
  28. How Did Quantum Fluctuation Cause the Big Bang?
  29. Solar model car challenge
  30. Pizza delivery via Quad Rotor
  31. About dna
  32. Ending Pi
  33. Ocean and Space (Interview): Educated/Professional please...
  34. Halloween help
  35. Unintentionally funny product names
  36. Algae
  37. Im a H.S. dropout in my 30's, is it too late to go to college and major in Geology?
  38. Manual for Mouse Paw Pressure Apparatus IITC Series 8 Model 36
  39. Asperger's Debunked
  40. recomended reading for year 13s
  41. The Heartbeat
  42. Spacetime physics for the layman
  43. solubility....
  44. Use of elastomers
  45. How have (scientific) discoveries, been used to influence society?
  46. GMOs
  47. What ereader do you use?
  48. Improving the Online Data Repository
  49. Getting into a university
  50. what is
  51. What caused the development of Gary Ridgway's psychopathy?
  52. Greatest Wonder of the Universe?
  53. Vehicular Longevity
  54. Random chat & thoughts
  55. Is it preferred to make my own telescope?
  56. high court cause
  57. Quit smoking...sort of
  58. Age of the Universe
  59. Thermometry
  60. YouTuber Tries Refuting Autism
  61. Taking a trip to the UK
  62. random dna
  63. Magnetic Perpetual Motion or perpetual motion by using magnets
  64. Maxwell's Demon
  65. message
  66. Should papers published in the arXiv and viXra be cited?
  67. Photo analysis question
  68. solve these questions
  69. You heard it here first (I think) -- Hotspot volcanic zones caused by impacts.
  70. importance of WBC and RBC
  71. ecological importance of fossil fuel reserves
  72. Question
  73. INVITATION: Fourth International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications
  74. Are you passionate about science?
  75. Micro level energy solutions .
  76. Characteristics of Living Things
  77. Survival rate bacteria
  78. Moon Take Off Footage
  79. The Concept of Resistance against the Effect of Energy
  80. Driverless cars available by 2020 says Nissan
  81. Train like a Real Astronaut this September with Astronaut Mike Foale
  82. Are we living in a disconnected connected world?
  83. What do anti-relativity people hope to accomplish?
  84. Spherical v\s cylindrical
  85. What is science?
  86. Hydrogen compressibility and storage
  87. Fun Quiz
  88. wierd dream
  89. electro magnet
  90. Clockwise and anticlockwise
  91. I ask you
  92. Hydraulic lift
  93. Fibonacci
  94. HELP! How to use static eletricty to generate a spark in living animals (real life dragons)
  95. Open Access versus Payment.
  96. Entertaining video
  97. Sending information via Quantum Entanglement
  98. Why is a circular city design more "efficient"?
  99. Newton's Third law is just an Assumption
  100. Are we living in perpetual motion?
  101. How are cyotoxic Tcells generated, with reference to concept of MHC restriction and zinkernagel & Doherty experiment? Describe how ctotoxic Tcellls kill target cell?
  102. Gema-solar project
  103. Hello
  104. Dream Supression?
  105. Please answer this question for me and my brother.
  106. amp-hour rating of each cell in a battery question
  107. New mathematical genius found!
  108. Cross Species Mammals
  109. Arab Oil Embargo; What it did to Us
  110. Fuel cell polarization curve how to use it
  111. Anyone else that loves to sleep?
  112. don't know how to delete this post, don't waste time reading
  113. Why Pressure is Intensive Property?
  114. The sun!
  115. STUDY: Raising a Child Will Cost You $241,080
  116. The BrainSTEM: Your Future is Now Festival
  117. Ethics of Eavesdropping PLEASE READ ON!
  118. What Are Your Options Now For Secure Email?
  119. 7th Grade Science
  120. Before the Big-Bang !
  121. Erroneous scientific studies: Religious people are less intelligent than atheists
  122. Rubens tube
  123. Safety of Chemicals
  124. Request all leading scientist Honest face the theoretical errors
  125. I'm blind
  126. Did not graduate on time. Should I be worried?
  127. Mirror room question
  128. Change Transition
  129. Help with electrician homework
  130. Big Bang Shock Wave in Positively Curved Universe
  131. Meteorite impacts.
  132. Blood...
  133. Strange Glass, copper and steel device - electrode?
  134. Saving information for the distant future
  135. Introductions
  136. Polar Ozone Holes
  137. Simple Examples of Newton's Laws of Motion
  138. Science and Movies/TV shows
  139. post graduation abroad
  140. has human races to do with human inteligence?
  141. Desert Hazard!
  142. LED and Coiled Fluorescent Lamps
  143. Caption this
  144. Awakening , a good youtube clip. *Some images may upset sensitive viewers*
  145. What is your cultural orientation and how does it relate to the level of trust you have in others?
  146. 78,000 Applicants for One Way Trip to Mars
  147. Searching for a word
  148. Jokes
  149. New research/topics in Soil Microbiology
  150. Would You Rather?
  151. Nebular Hypothesis
  152. microorganisms
  153. light
  154. discuss regulation of cyclin dependent kinases in normal and cancer cells
  155. Raptors Sign Austin Daye
  156. Why can't I perfect my design?
  157. What I believe is the obvious problem with psychology and conservation (sort of a rant)
  158. the human aspect in considering the universe
  159. Get snashot fro web camera using Simulink
  160. Home Brewers?
  161. What is MPEG ?
  162. Clutch Mice!
  163. download the brain?
  164. Names of the Seven Dwarfettes
  165. Nuclear batteries
  166. What to do...
  167. Hello!
  168. Anti-evolution websites
  169. Wow this is a big "community"
  170. God & Science
  171. Snuffy The Seal - Funniest commercial of 2013
  172. Security Gizmo Applied to Firearms
  173. "Poverty Level" Retirement
  174. Diatomaceous earth food grade is amazing
  175. hi guys, this is really great!
  176. how do i ask questions when this yellow message disappears?
  177. Conducting science research cost
  178. Action Potentials verses sound waves.
  179. Wavelet damping estimation
  180. Rotating Shaft Seals
  181. replacement theory
  182. Has anything you've said on a forum or blog had any influence?
  183. humour meant
  184. Calculating Reservoir pressure
  185. Riemann Hypothesis
  186. cosmology , noise simulation
  187. Russian's 2045 Project
  188. Another Tire "Imponderable"
  189. Please help!
  190. Define "Natural"
  191. Low Noise Amplifier
  192. Big bang
  193. Join me, please, and explore nuclear physics and chemistry...just for fun:P
  194. Why 0 cannot divided by 0?
  195. Why 90 degree called right angle?
  196. Printable Science
  197. Low Noise Amplifier
  198. Gay Lussac's Law, problem.
  199. Obsession with US issues
  200. Thermodynamics
  201. Infinite supply of clean water- Atmospheric gravity water generator
  202. Overpowering of posters by overloadong of statements and questions
  203. john g
  204. Statistical significance
  205. Industrial Training
  206. First signs that you were questioning your faith.
  207. Evidence Based Medicine
  208. Gravitation ?
  209. So why hasn't anyone gone after Disney?
  210. Ansys Maxwell
  211. Is there a point?
  212. Rolled-up Bands
  213. Where You Should not Look for Information.
  214. Is the universe much older than 13.8 billion years?
  215. Mass of the earth ?
  216. What do u think an atheist that marries a theist should do?
  217. Tires "Shot-Out"
  218. SHIT!: The Official Rant Thread
  219. How do fish use water?
  220. Special Relativity/Constancy of Speed of Light Question
  221. Too Much Info Perhaps
  222. Mass Spec Scan
  223. Big Bang/Generation of Matter
  224. Comparison's in laboratory scales
  225. Black Hole ≈ Parallel Universe?
  226. twin time
  227. Thought this was Cool
  228. The Most Unscientific Moments in the History of Crime
  229. Standing pencil paradox
  230. avoiding large asteroid impacts....simple
  231. Please help close down this zoo
  232. Why debate definitions?
  233. Extending Euthanasia to minors.
  234. Ask a Neophyte
  235. There are two candles of same height one completely burns in 8 hours and one burns in 6 hours. How much time is left for the 8 hour candle when the candle which burn in 6 hours is half its height?
  236. The concept of "evil" is kinda stupid...
  237. Any gd tv science magazine programme to recommend?
  238. Dating old hand tools
  239. The Rise of the Pseudo-Intellects in the Internet Age
  240. Requesting assistance in finding direction for a career
  241. reflection
  242. photon
  243. data mining
  244. metagenomic analysis of pollutant (PBDEs) treated sponge
  245. 15 year old with slipped 4,5 and 6 discs and S1 nerve pinched
  246. The Arrogance of Shlunka
  247. A person takes concentrated solution. After sometime he starts vomiting.Why does this happen?Name the phenomenon responsible for it.
  248. Researcher available
  249. The Universal Question
  250. Still too soon to try for "Atlantis"?