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  1. I have a few questions about genetics in relation to blonde hair.
  2. Is anyone working on Environmentally Friendly Wood Chemicals?
  3. please help me out on this physics question
  4. Dr Egon Spengler dead at age 69
  5. Fermi Paradox and first life.
  6. Do sentinent beings exsiste apart from humans?
  7. Earth System Questions! Please Help!
  8. Sochi 2014
  9. GyroCar
  10. Are Science and Technology Neutral?
  11. Analytic discource
  12. Gas
  13. The grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef debate
  14. Word to describe cross-spieces (animals) friendship
  15. Just for fun!!!!!
  16. The one thing that changed your thinking the most?
  17. what is it?
  18. using lorrenz force to produce rotating mechanism
  19. nation notion
  20. Sci/fi with a submersible
  21. What If You Increased The Speed Of Light?
  22. Through the wormhole, with Morgan Freeman
  23. be followed by
  24. Transporter experiment
  25. microbacterial growth in orange juice
  26. Right To Publishing a Deceased lecturer's Material
  27. Reasons why young people should pursue a career in science
  28. ANAMMOX bacteria preservation
  29. Using mercury to create power?
  30. Counting vO2maxlevel
  31. Life on a planet around a black star
  32. New name voting :)
  33. Favorite Hoaxes
  34. pumping power for filling tank from bottom vs top
  35. Please help me with identification of this
  36. Bioholography and Biomagnetite
  37. Happy Valentines Day!
  38. Can this be used to prove I am not dreaming?
  39. Been away for two weeks.
  40. Science History
  41. how to attach pictures to reply ?
  42. Hypothetically speaking, could Oxygen combine with GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in unstable Hydroxyl form?
  43. Reversing the Aging Process
  44. Reversing the Aging Process
  45. i want to get me an avatar how can i do that?
  46. states of matter
  47. pls help to make a witricity ckt
  48. Hip-Hop
  49. What do you think about explanation?
  50. Reactive Chemicals
  51. knowledge
  52. Dr. Zachariah Mathew , M.V.Sc., Ph.D.- Retd. Veterinary Virologist; Immunologist, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
  53. Please - need help from a Forensic Pathologist Re.: Daughter Death - 1,1-Difluoroethane (DFE) involvement
  54. "Snowbirds"--- (??)
  55. Double slit experiment variances/method of photon measurement
  56. Earthquake prediction: True or Not ?
  57. Hello, i am new
  58. How much do you know about Chinese Spring Festival?
  59. 'plastic' glass/mirror causing vinyl to melt by reflectance
  60. MEGA Transformers
  61. Research for common ailments
  62. The Origin of Logic
  63. protocols for alt and creatinine
  64. Is there an equivalent to the work energy theorem using variational calculus?
  65. Ionic Water Systems
  66. Aliens instead of Gods, No Heaven or Hell, Facts over Fiction
  67. inorganic acids
  68. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  69. Why can't a theory become a law if what was explained is now capable of being OBSERVED?
  70. Few android applications for science
  71. ionic water systems
  72. What Blows Your Mind?
  73. How to calculate heat?
  74. Is heat transfer affected by gravity?
  75. What kind of music do you like?
  76. CO2 and the most clever man I know.
  77. Balancing Robot Motor - Inverted pendulum equation
  78. Universe theories
  79. Body Oxygen Demand
  80. Theory of Automata 2 - Q: Make/Draw a Turing Machine which reverses a string consisting of an alphabet {b,C,2}?
  81. Can someone please help? Forces and Motion/ Newton's Second Law of Motion
  82. Molecular Biology Equation
  83. Looking for information
  84. World War III.
  85. How do we see inside the event horizon?
  86. perpetual motion
  87. Research experiment: 'Sugar Crash'
  88. Lenses
  89. k capture
  90. Biomechanics
  91. Japan's Quantum Network
  92. Could a universe be indescribable and unpredictable with logic without being random noise?
  93. Introduction
  94. Volcanoes
  95. ROBOCYTE COMING to USA from Germny in May!!
  96. I am struggling to find the correct words to describe:
  97. Stephen Hawking
  98. Diatomaceous Earth
  99. How valid is miller-urey experiment & how close are we to replicating the RNA molecules in lab settings
  100. I need help identifying something
  101. Science blog
  102. Intercepting Brainwaves?
  103. Muscle Hypertrophy
  104. Drilling completely through the earth and jumping down the hole.
  105. Pellets thickness
  106. Using a hybrid for emergency power
  107. Tobacco refreshing - what process, why and how?
  108. You turn if you want to, the
  109. Can entropy be negative?
  110. Does science fiction create reality or the other way round?
  111. Warriors lion king crossover
  112. YAG pellets
  113. New group
  114. Thunderbolt?
  115. No one replying?
  116. Purple rain.
  117. hii
  118. What is the best language to understand physical principles?
  119. questions
  120. stability of ions
  121. Hi I'm new here! Can you guys help me out for my assignment? :(
  122. Social functions: it's the simple things in life, honest!
  123. The brain, locked trait or just bogus ?
  124. Echo of creation
  125. Oceanic strectch marks (??)
  126. Women's Self Defense
  127. Concerning the relationship between time and matter
  128. Why is the Bluebird a Symbol of Happiness
  129. A circulatory siphon
  130. Delivery Drones
  131. Space travelling Intelligent life acc to Drake Equation
  132. How do you think in science?
  133. Pick flaws in SciFi spaceships
  134. How to change the profile pic?
  135. The Mount Saint Helen Debate - Still looking for answers
  136. can't finish or stick to anything
  137. Higher level of awareness
  138. Top Signs you are reading woo
  139. The importance of Galileo and the his views on the physical world?
  140. Solar flare alert today
  141. Magnetic Behaviour of earth !!
  142. Help with Research Project
  143. Experiment to reverse a plant growth.
  144. Can I jump in my memory!
  145. intermediate between "Existence" (living + Non Living + Virus) and "Nothingness"
  146. Holographic universes
  147. How to destroy Andromeda Galaxy?
  148. In which direction earth is going?
  149. Regarding: English assignments
  150. Problem on making the product
  151. New Years glasses
  152. Would you like to have some fun?
  153. In need of information
  154. Your favourite song
  155. Biggest achievement of Homo Sapiens?
  156. Humanity from scratch
  157. Imagining Apples.
  158. soccer practice modified games
  159. Anyone seen the bright sky flashes?
  160. To all the pointy finger shiny bums!
  161. If we FULLY close all the openings of our body!
  162. The theories we have today, was only developed in 300 years ?
  163. How is BMR and BMI related to calorie consumption and how does physical activity change this?
  164. "White Meat, Dark Meat"
  165. Your best wishes 2014
  166. What if diseases starts healing without using Medicines ?
  167. Is Pi Rational?
  168. Gaining weight
  169. Can physically an atom be heavier than our earth?
  170. Google Has Failed Me, Can You Guys Help? Weird Issue With Plumbing
  171. Banyan tree
  172. The Great Doctor Who Project
  173. Merry Christmas To Everyone On The Science Forum :)
  174. A New Type Of Economy. Would it last? How long?
  175. Questions from a Future Scientist
  176. Hello all I want to find some science educated Phisic and , chemical team
  177. Diseases through monkey remains?
  178. Shoud we think science fiction as possible?
  179. black hole
  180. Coriolis effect is two different events tied to one theory
  181. How's it Done?
  182. How old is the earth in days?
  183. Imitation learning and emulation
  184. My Stay Here
  185. How will people dress in 200 years?
  186. Location of smart life in the universe
  187. Beta Decay
  188. Babe bought me glasses!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!
  189. My dream of "Oceans without ocean waves"
  190. Courier rage. AARGH!
  191. Why dont Light stop at certain distance, in vaccum?
  192. Need help from men completing my questionnaire for dissertation
  193. Radioactiviy in lenses
  194. Need help! Need contact with real scientist
  195. 2,4-dinitro phenyl hydrazine titration method
  196. atom
  197. science
  198. All about Stephin Hawking
  199. Forum operation
  200. Bloggging
  201. New Colors
  202. Separation of acids in gc
  203. From the perspective of a 2-D creature...
  204. String theory idea and nothingness is impossible ??
  205. How do I start?
  206. The Fourth Dimension
  207. Did Nelson Mandela leave something special for humanity?
  208. Can we freeze the "fire" and store it in Refrigrator?
  209. What if the sun died?
  210. magnetism in brain
  211. Why does oocytes induce transcription of sperm at fertilization?
  212. If all the matter in universe is distributed uniformly over available space?
  213. can a planet revolve around blackhole?
  214. Merry Christmas from an Atheist
  215. who is your favourite member on this forum?
  216. True and False that
  217. break ups
  218. Four pack beer packaging
  219. 2014 Conferences
  220. HPLC detection of 8-oxoguanine
  221. Need help with multipeak fitting with Igor Pro regarding data with uneven baseline
  222. Does current flow through our galaxy?
  223. Pratical method of exiting earth's atmosphere?
  224. hydrogen genaration
  225. WHY Do we have to die?
  226. Computer Generated Forums
  227. Alcohol Powder
  228. copper-chromium composite
  229. The International Conference on Digital Information, Networking, and Wireless Communication
  230. Homework problems
  231. Recent U.S. Population Migration
  232. Robots
  233. maths in science
  234. Can we isolate a single emotion/feeling?
  235. Taste VS. Color
  236. mass spectra resolution
  237. forum freshman??
  238. Perception of Afrikaners and emigration
  239. Every search on google produce 7grams of CO2 in atmosphere.
  240. Haywood. Does the moon spin/rotate . . .
  241. a man can swim at 1.4m/s in still water if he wishes to cross a river 180 m wide .. calculate (a) the time it will take
  242. Remove Dog Doo-doo!
  243. The Perception of Audio Quality
  244. Let's bust stupid / unscientific myths , referenced as SCIENTIFIC by ordinary people in our daily lives.
  245. Life of Pi
  246. How to remove a rust "stain" from stainless steel sink?
  247. "Anniversary" proper term for Kennedy?
  248. Crop Circles,What is the scientific cause of.
  249. What Are You Doing Right Now?
  250. Biology, concrete example how the information flow looks in a cell, from DNA to the finished protein.?