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  1. social networks and emergent super-organisms; "sociological gradients"
  2. Podcasts
  3. NASA working on warp speed drive
  4. The Game of Chess
  5. for vs. to
  6. Archbishop Didn't Know Sex With Children Was a Crime
  7. The thread of boring people
  8. Rik Mayall.
  9. Megalodon?
  10. Earth rock fell on truck
  11. Would this patent actually work?
  12. signature problem
  13. Multiple boxes, multiple cats, infinite possiblitites/probabilites
  14. Driving in the states..or else where
  15. Science Forum's Robot Message
  16. Can one redistribute a survey to (some of) the same people? Or is this a no-no.
  17. homework question
  18. Finally being able to predict tornadoes? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  19. Electro-Magnetic controlled gyroscope "Kite" design help needed
  20. A Scientist That Can't Do Science
  21. Quizes, silly quizes
  22. Need advice!
  23. A quantitative real-time PCR method for absolute telomere length
  24. Copyrights
  25. Godzilla destroyed my Hotel.
  26. Friction
  27. outdated socialism
  28. Antenna
  29. My 1'000th posting
  30. America is awesome
  31. Lose of balance when change direction
  32. What % of solar energy is 'wasted' ?
  33. What's the ideal bomb?
  34. Relativity Paradox, Train and Tunnel with a twist.
  35. Cycles: The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events BY Edward R. Dewey, Og Mandino
  36. What is the name of this fallacy?
  37. Totally true facts that aren't lies
  38. Is oil the life blood of the planet?
  39. measurement of the gravity of a singularity
  40. My understanding is their saying medical marijana is supposed to help what if it doesn't what if it's the same thing??
  41. Cat saves boy from dog attack
  42. Where the category for futurism?
  43. How can people understand or communicate with animals in their languages?
  44. Alkalinity and PH levels in water.
  45. Best Website That I Found
  46. Could there be a scientific explanation for flight MH370?
  47. Bird eating behaviour?
  48. Password
  49. Surgery Free Breast Enhancement
  50. Extreme sensitivity to what I thought was static electricity
  51. Quantum Pinching with the earths magnetic field and manuevering for my UFO
  52. The best way to convey controversial ideas in an age of oppressive political correctness
  53. feynmanium
  54. Thermodynamics
  55. Ions and Transition Metals
  56. if ur so smart then...
  57. What is the origin of the quote "Health is Wealth"?
  58. Science and the Arts
  59. Oh my... just read my posting history for this forum over the years out of boredom
  60. Creating a Universe
  61. Anucleated cells in organisms
  62. Ever wonder how we scientists could better share and learn from our volumes of data?
  63. object(noun) vs. objective(noun)
  64. Information Security and Cyber Forensics International Conference
  65. The Global Science Connection, a brand new scientific informational organization. NEW Survey
  66. Anti-age compound?
  67. why science is complex
  68. Ages of Science
  69. Possible link between cell phone radiation and health effects
  70. space and what it is
  71. Hello, I'm new here and I have a question
  72. colour of interior body parts,
  73. What is your favorite climate? What is ideal climate in your opinion?
  74. Can somebody control other's body or thaughts I
  75. Earth System; relationship between the Four Spheres
  76. Earths Spheres of the earth systen and Anthropogenic effects
  77. Can a electron gun repel or attract permanent magnet at distance?
  78. Cocktails
  79. Tom of Finland homoerotic stamps have an evil message
  80. Feels like Im in the shade of a guillotine
  81. FREE ENERGY MACHINES Pendulums and Magnets
  82. object vs. objective
  83. transverse wave
  84. What happened to us that winter night....
  85. Question about terminology.
  86. Male Infertility
  87. Can velocity be a constant?
  88. Can you have too much....
  89. Instanity??
  90. forensic science project
  91. chemical formulae
  92. general science question
  93. the perfect office
  94. The Kardashev Scale Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization
  95. Linguistic analysis of math as it is written?
  96. American Psycho: Seahorse
  97. Prison break. The chimps are plotting world domination.
  98. speed of light
  99. maths
  100. Religous Phenomenon
  101. Chemistry
  102. Type of a resin
  103. Expanding digital frequency range of police scanner?
  104. cell lines to use in research
  105. A hopefully simple question about a newspaper comic strip
  106. Dead Famous DNA
  107. Questions Related to the Disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight MH370
  108. STEM events for kids
  109. Universe warping?
  110. Atomized Aluminium Powder
  111. Is this even possible...
  112. Biochemistry
  113. wonders of the universe
  114. Electrophoresis Survey
  115. Genetic Correction
  116. Am I the only kid?
  117. adarsh
  118. Hi all
  119. Blood Type Paternity
  120. Mystery of the Missing Airline
  121. invisible body armor
  122. Can we ever have or do "nothing" ?????
  123. About time travel
  124. Under which conditions can an heater vent be a fire hazard?
  125. WestJet converting to metric time.
  126. Video clips
  127. Rapid d.t.p machine
  128. What if computers and the internet hadn't been developed to the ridiculous extent they have?
  129. Do I really have OCD? :(
  130. Homework questions on heat
  131. a possible way to express quantum entanglement
  132. The Disclosure Project: What's it All About?
  133. pressure measuring
  134. What if energy was mass?
  135. Hi
  136. from a scientific viewpoint, do you think its possible to experience conciousness again
  137. What the Hell was That?
  138. What would YOU include in the science curriculum if you had to draw one up?
  139. Great lines from great films
  140. Amyloid Beta extraction from mice expressing human amyloid
  141. How did you get your username?
  142. Underwater volcanoes at the Artic Gakkel Ridge melt Article ice sheets...WHOI Polar Discovery expidition 2007
  143. Fate of enzymes
  144. Filovirus Host Range?
  145. General Chemistry
  146. Creationists Demand Airtime On 'Cosmos' For The Sake Of Balance
  147. 2014 the 3rd International Conference on Automatic Control and Mechatronic Engineering
  148. Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
  149. What's inside a blackhole?
  150. Water vapor in your breath
  151. export field data in ansys maxwell
  152. What can be learned from traditional crime prevention to reduce and prevent environmental harm?
  153. Is cultural criminology even a new approach within criminology?
  154. Most Ridiculous Threads
  155. Where does diet weight loss go?
  156. graphite attacking alumina or silica at over 3800 k
  157. random theories
  158. Is the cloud machine created ? And if yes, explain.
  159. International survey about smiles
  160. some stuff
  161. Fun Quiz
  162. I'm waiting for...
  163. Sound Projection Technologies - Question
  164. Electromagnet not repelling neodymium magnet
  165. Where's the energy gone in this case??
  166. Gravitational Force
  167. Swarm Behaviour
  168. Solubility
  169. They Rescued a Kid
  170. Shut Down My Mac, Will My Web Page still be up?
  171. Is this game solvable?
  172. Do You Find Gingers Attractive?
  173. How many vegetarians or vegans here?
  174. The challenge of an ageing population
  175. Faster than sound
  176. Can someone answer me this....
  177. We Have Infinite Energy, And We STILL DONT HAVE FTL
  178. Any birders here?
  179. It's Effin Science
  180. size of magnifying lens related to energy concentrated
  181. Remake of Cosmos premiers tonight on Fox TV
  182. will and The good of the people
  183. If You Could Be Invisible For A Day, What Would You DO?
  184. hello cosmology
  185. Forensic science
  186. what things do you hate about modern society?
  187. is the center of the universe moving through spacetime?
  188. Why can't Youtube videos count as evidence?
  189. Inorganic acid
  190. Fruit salt
  191. Euclidean Algorithm
  192. implicit formula
  193. how much heat is given off when co2 in compressed
  194. Condensation?
  195. geology as a path
  196. How much bigger is earth now compaired to 1 million yrs ago?
  197. Marmite or Vegemite? Yuck is not a valid response.
  198. Why isn't there a name for the energy produced when matter and antimatter annihilate each other?
  199. Pursuing Optometry
  200. a substitution for Citrate synthase test
  201. Relative motion and special relativity in space?
  202. What is your taste like? Name your top 3 "Worst tasting food or drinks"
  203. Er, could you run that by me again please.
  204. How do I make people pee blue?
  205. Aliens and New Dimensions
  206. Basic Science
  207. protocol of transplantation of chloroplast gene into an animal cell
  208. Need art software please
  209. i had this idea for energy storage
  210. What's the temperatures where you live?
  211. Would you please explain these kindly?
  212. GLaDOS & NASA - Fusion vs. Fission
  213. Science fiction
  214. Is a re-entry vehicle shaped like Apollo or Orion self-correcting during re-entry?
  215. Could Space be what a singularity is made of?
  216. Questions about superpowers
  217. Hypothetical about first contact
  218. Medical
  219. Steam turbine / Enthalpy and entropy in friction pipe
  220. Is there a standard definition for "information"?
  221. it's one's own ego that one loves in love? loves in love
  222. It is one's own neighbours
  223. my theory of my may a be wrong ?
  224. Scientific Method YouTube video
  225. I have a few questions about genetics in relation to blonde hair.
  226. Is anyone working on Environmentally Friendly Wood Chemicals?
  227. please help me out on this physics question
  228. Dr Egon Spengler dead at age 69
  229. Fermi Paradox and first life.
  230. Do sentinent beings exsiste apart from humans?
  231. Earth System Questions! Please Help!
  232. Sochi 2014
  233. GyroCar
  234. Are Science and Technology Neutral?
  235. Analytic discource
  236. Gas
  237. The grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef debate
  238. Word to describe cross-spieces (animals) friendship
  239. Just for fun!!!!!
  240. The one thing that changed your thinking the most?
  241. what is it?
  242. using lorrenz force to produce rotating mechanism
  243. nation notion
  244. Sci/fi with a submersible
  245. What If You Increased The Speed Of Light?
  246. Through the wormhole, with Morgan Freeman
  247. be followed by
  248. Transporter experiment
  249. microbacterial growth in orange juice
  250. Right To Publishing a Deceased lecturer's Material