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  1. Career in biotechnology which is location independent?
  2. Hello to all
  3. Discussion: The First 100 Years After The Apocalypse?
  4. Abnormal Psychology Question
  5. Can constant torque load be used with high velocity fans?
  6. Ap ii
  7. Spectrometer and what we can do with them?
  8. Time seems to be just a measurement of Entropy.
  9. Discuss the position of African Americans in the progressive era and compare the two major views of black thought as represented by Booker T. Washington and W.E.B.Du Bois?
  10. Speed of light and time
  11. Homework questions.
  12. Time to leave secondary antibody at RT
  13. Is it possible for hybrid outcome of a sunflower grafted to a tomato?
  14. What division of the brain is responsible for the coordination of muscle groups in response to sights and sounds?A
  15. Research Topic
  16. Fidgit spinners.
  17. The forth dimension
  18. Drug loaded Nanoparticles
  19. Is this equation right?
  20. physics question
  21. Energy released when burning food?
  22. Stoned
  23. Please check my math
  24. scientific effects on early break fast
  25. Serious idea about using magnets to make a self sustainable power source!!!!
  26. An experimental approach org developmental eight ed
  27. Minimum number of molecules
  28. The International Conference on Semantic Web Business and Innovation (SWBI2015)
  29. What is the name of this fallacy?
  30. Theory about Lochness Monster
  31. Why does Stephen Hawking so strongly believe in E.T?
  32. How can organisms produce hydrogen?
  33. Can you feel the tension on the forum?
  34. The International Conference on Software Engineering, Mobile Computing and Media Informatics (SEMCMI2015) - Part of The Fourth World Congress on Computing and Information Technology (WCIT)
  35. electric engine
  36. Questions very difficult to answer!
  37. FOLLOW ON, a word game.
  38. negative engery question
  39. collision of two objects
  40. Is there a term for this? "blind" to irony and sarcasm comming from self
  41. My thoughts on Hell
  42. What are some good bible passages?
  43. Later Flow Assay: Stability problem with antibody test line on nitrocellulose membrane
  44. Lunch on the Hanging Rock
  45. Need a hard project idea
  46. Is there any scientific question that you can't make up your mind about?
  47. Ferrofluid
  48. Mathematics and Numbers
  49. My observations when dropping the click part of a click pen onto a book.
  50. new question
  51. Failed image upload
  52. Greenhouse Gasses for Something Useful?
  53. The Fourth International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education (ICEEE2015)
  54. Roman Catholic Church has a pagan roots
  55. Does anyone believe in the theory of "parallelism in the universe"? I think, as based upon Newton's laws; Every action has an opposing reaction", that the universe too must have its parallel counterpart. please tell me your ideas in th
  56. What does the word arbitrary mean in this definition?
  57. Childrens author looking for your brilliant scientific minds
  58. inventing
  59. Perforating LCD displays
  60. Red Light Cameras and Right Turns
  61. Are GW deniers slowing down progress to a solution?
  62. Future of the universe
  63. Liquid Air Freshener Level Going Down Fast
  64. how could we define "ENERGY"?
  65. Change is time and time is change
  66. The Measurement of Time
  67. What is A Pain in the Ass?
  68. Why can't people just agree to make a better world?
  69. I need help or ideas on this subject...
  70. Help with easy heat transfer problem
  71. 5th State of matter?
  72. Do all elements in the periodic table of elements make the same strength Gamma waves.
  73. if you could make a Gamma Knife beam small, around 0.1mm can the Gamma Knife beams affect, and destroy a group of neurons
  74. Can a beam of light, or Gamma Knife beam pass through a hole as small as 0.1mm, which is as thin as a human hair.
  75. Socio-holographic imaging of a person
  76. Placebo cell reasearch idea
  77. about central gravity
  78. Environmental Psycology Study
  79. Who was Jack The Ripper?
  80. strange sensation (forced at my own will)
  81. An Apology
  82. A curious question of entropy
  83. Sex!
  84. Uploading Memory
  85. reflection (on)
  86. electric charge in particle physics
  87. Applying Science To Growing Your Own Food - real life application advice
  88. creating fence diagrams
  89. What Careers involve DNA and Genetics?
  90. Is there any permanent cure for brain related disorders?
  91. What is Division of zero
  92. how do I list a web site in the forum?
  93. optical path difference in a rectangular window...
  94. optical path difference in a rectangular window
  95. religious bigotry and the dispelling of scientific education
  96. About Forum
  97. Why do some fossils disintegrate?
  98. Personal identity in marketing and advertising
  99. spacecraft reentry
  100. whypie
  101. Off topic discussion from method of measuring religion
  102. Physics optics
  103. about GRE and minimum requirements to get into top universities, of US .
  104. physics
  105. write up
  106. Shame on the NFL!!!
  107. behavior of a bar magnet
  108. Need Help in crossword puzzle earth science :(
  109. How do we interpret time? And what is the speed of time?
  110. [Alternating Current]Why does current flow from live wire where as AC is supposed to change its polarity frm time to time
  111. Growing Yeast
  112. Hi. Is someone interested in discussing about the "behaviour of waves
  113. Living periodic table
  114. Help Me Solve This Heat transfer and thermodynamics Questions Please
  115. Why shouldn't we be eating insects
  116. About chemagic demonstrations
  117. Ames test
  118. Can video games improve your intelligence
  119. Goodbye
  120. Tragedy-free newscast
  121. Populating another Planet
  122. restriition mapping
  123. How to ask, by a digital native.
  124. how to introduce a his-tag in a protein complex
  125. a conference paper and a journal paper
  126. Temporal Logic
  127. To many problems with ISIS
  128. will a bacterial protease inhibitor cocktail prevent proteolysis in specific mammalian cells?
  129. hypothetical idea
  130. Background checks
  131. The Fr33land podcast
  132. aluminum - ammonia reaction?
  133. Diatemaceous Earth
  134. Limits of mathematical determinism
  135. Robin Williams tributes welcomed
  136. Your opinion is important
  137. inelastic material modelling
  138. many of which
  139. want to be done vs. want to do
  140. ElectroMagnetic field strength exiting conductor ?
  141. The recent Ferguson Missouri shooting and robbery
  142. Elbow pipes
  143. Molecular biology and genetics (first year) homework problem: converting between #moles and concentration
  144. Can we save the world from Yellowstone? (Balloon Theory)
  145. Signal......
  146. Winter's Method for forecasting power consumption
  147. Who thinks this website should have an App?
  148. The World On Fire
  149. Why to make hard to post when you write a topic that is controversial
  150. ScienceForum Song
  151. Game or science? Have a look.
  152. Virtual Reality
  153. From a physics stand point where is the best place to sit on a horse.
  154. Tony Stewart kills fellow competitor on purpose
  155. Which Master Education Should I Prefer?
  156. A social, quasi experiment on social of being geek nerd, dork, and atheism, agnosticism, and theism
  157. Solar Flare
  158. History of temperature measuring units.
  159. Could Something Be So Large That.....
  160. Got temporarily banned from a forum, curious if you consider it justified or not.
  161. Bio courses
  162. Sound
  163. Is death by strangulation a very painful and traumatic way to die?
  164. conspiracy theories about isis
  165. light speed limit. do i have a clue?
  166. Happiness is low expectation.
  167. Where is my work?
  168. Couldnt find this on google, question about moral philosophy.
  169. Fred Commons
  170. What does it mean to "prove" a theory?
  171. The American dream is gone
  172. Scientific Officer (IT) (Database Developer)
  173. " The Like Button "
  174. Chemistry Questions, I'm struggling in.
  175. New member - welcome Everyone!
  176. Just A Quick Question....
  177. new generation of human
  178. Worst Song Video of All Time?
  179. Facebook down ??
  180. Increase level of zinc conc after treatment wif chitosan
  181. Prices of gas around the world
  182. Anybody interested in magnetic launch concepts?
  183. Trends in science
  184. Universe - Everything - New Word Required
  185. (Just for fun) If you could have mastery over one of the four fundamental forces, which would you choose as your superpower?
  186. Is Atlantis real?
  187. Transfection
  188. Syd Mead is so cool
  189. Calculation for pressure produced by an explosion
  190. Things you can't live without.
  191. New movie: Lucy review
  192. 'The right to be forgotten' , new laws to own you online data
  193. Has anyone here tried A2 Milk or Kefir?
  194. The half-life of neutrinos
  195. is a screen inversely proportional to real life
  196. Question about gravity
  197. what would happen?
  198. Hi new member, with question.
  199. The new iTunes
  200. 100 hour day?
  201. Introducing myself; Jacques Bovedere
  202. Greatest Natural Wonders of The Earth
  203. spring balance problem
  204. What is your favorite bible passage?
  205. Jennifer Lopez honored with new species name
  206. Algorithms for atmospheric water balance method
  207. Buying Custom Antibodies, Opinions?
  208. Chemistry Help
  209. two consciousnesses in our brain
  210. Exceeding speed of light
  211. Wikipedia Stubs Written By Bots
  212. Of survival and reproduction
  213. Paranormal Research
  214. What Problems to Solve By Richard Feynman
  215. My thought experiment for quantum mechanics, take a look :)
  216. upload failed
  217. why is charge not a fundamental unit while current is
  218. Please help me identify this "rock"...
  219. torch
  220. *****humans are messing up evolution*****
  221. Youtube channel - software
  222. In need of a new subject of study
  223. Science
  224. upon/would or will/ of which
  225. Is this Legit?
  226. what VS. that
  227. Liquid Nitrogen vs 4000 ping pong balls!
  228. Change Of Direction - Is It Too late?
  229. Things I'll Probably Never See
  230. A silly question might invite a silly answer..
  231. My dream
  232. How can I find a job in chemistry field?
  233. Confused
  234. How many "Big Booms" have there been?
  235. Dilatants as armour
  236. Flux pinning questions
  237. Hydrogen attracting chemical
  238. Microbiology: Help me to understand this figures...
  239. Anti Gravity Field Help
  240. Can Fans cool your house on a hot summerday when no one is home?
  241. Indirect immunofluorescence fixation and permeabilization
  242. Conducting scientific research/project
  243. Potassium permanganate slution
  244. e, p -> n
  245. What is best way to make a very hot fire (1500 degrees F) safely?
  246. I'm baaaaack!
  247. Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Folklore
  248. Significant Odds Ratio and Less Significant p-value
  249. Alan Gross "plans to end his life," says lawyer of American jailed in Cuba
  250. Choice of battery with solar electric cars HELP?