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  1. Fungi questions. :S need your help guys.
  2. How Far is Far?
  3. Extracting Poison ivy oil from the leaves
  4. Person is predicting earthquakes not just the day also the time!
  5. Does maglignant hatred cause or accelerate cancers?
  6. Plugin showing flow of user information around behavioral targeting
  7. "if i had wish"
  8. New Popular Science Books
  9. What exactly is debate?
  10. Dream Catcher!
  11. need some help
  12. Negativism
  13. Help! Brain overload!
  14. Survey for researchers (students and professional)
  15. What minor misconduct do research students engage in?
  16. Are people allowed to fight for other countries without citizenship?
  17. Can metals and chemicals be extracted from Seaweeds?
  18. HET1As: problematic
  19. HET1A- normal oesophageal cell model, but a pain to work with!!!
  20. Any africa experts here?
  21. The purpose of life and evolution
  22. Is using cherry instead of olives a sacrilage when it comes to making a dirty martini?
  23. Unsual Shattered pint glass...please let me know if there is a scientific explaination.
  24. RIP Steve Jobs (1955-2011)
  25. A thing I'd love to see (achievement is outside the realms of my circumstances)
  26. Any bad sciences that are seen be certain countries/groups to be good?
  27. A softer Dawkins
  28. Fighting fire with water ballooons
  29. Just a bit of mountain scenery
  30. On dating
  31. Are there any women members here?
  32. why vote?
  33. An e-petition to "teach evolution, not creationism" - change the national curriculum in the UK.
  34. Black holes, time, and Albert
  35. Stalin's Lovers and Wives
  36. Need an argument in the sake of love!
  37. Give me your thoughts on Sri Lanka . . . .
  38. Science or not?
  39. Godzilla
  40. What causes accents?
  41. I'm Leaving What should I do With?
  42. Just a thought.
  43. Credibility
  44. website for people who 'dont know what they want to be when they grow up' + ipad2
  45. Keeping an open mind
  46. Lightsaber anyone ?
  47. Time and the observer
  48. "Idea stealing”- does it affect scientific innovation and creativity?
  49. Evolution, with a nod to the new administrator
  50. Sycn iphone calendar & music to different PC?
  51. Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling
  52. It seems the more I learn, the more apparent it becomes how little i know.
  53. My, so many emails.
  54. Postdoc and time spent on research
  55. Taxonomy of emotion ?
  56. Comparing science across cultures?
  57. Life backwards speels Evel.
  58. Cosmos Reboot...Finally!!!!
  59. Wow everythings different...
  60. Should science do research on everything? Are some things best unstudied?
  61. Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactos
  62. The Science Forum.
  63. Level of detail in hypotheses
  64. The hardest thing for a human to comprehend
  65. A little treat: RSA animates
  66. Hello again
  67. some brain teaser
  68. Borders Bookstores Closing Down Forever!!!
  69. New look !!
  70. What happened to the live chat ?
  71. New forum Layout
  72. Why bother to invest in anything EXCEPT computational power?
  73. is this dangerous?
  74. GAME OF NERDS - a game worthy of true science nerds
  75. what happend? couldn't post for several days
  76. Returning to Germany.
  77. Competition: The driving force behind progress.
  78. What Handle Says About YOU, a Theory Which is Prince's
  79. Science and you
  80. Shadow Matter,Psi-phenomena and Survival
  81. Fantasy vs. Reality - Can YOU Spot the Difference?
  82. anyone here have learning disabilities?
  83. Awe-inspiring science images
  84. Looking for a Mentor
  85. How do I shape a picture to exactly the size of an avatar?
  86. September 11th, Media Event
  87. Stressed at Work...
  88. Thinking of starting in Science
  89. Educational Websites?
  90. whats the best way to use internet email and stuff?
  92. Ignorance of Science in Pop Culture/Politics
  93. how long will my laptop last??
  94. The reason of the world crisis
  95. Nuclear fusion of hydrogen
  96. The eternal life
  97. The mystery of El Dorado
  98. Exposure to science from young? The most minimal ruleset?
  99. IQ testing and the rise of the self-proclaimed Super Genius
  100. Interstellar ship
  101. He treats it of the cancer
  102. My theory of the gravity
  103. Choosing a Major
  104. University
  105. Where are the best sites to get television shows and movies?
  106. Construct the identity of _________.
  107. Accuracy of mirror images
  108. The Information Age
  109. I need a scientific ghost explanation
  110. seen any really cool project on a recent Conference? do tell
  111. Sneering at the functionally illiterate - acceptable?
  113. foofighters ufo's
  115. It so sucks waking up from dreams, argh!
  116. If i started writing with my left hand....
  117. The best System of the history
  118. Snow pack in June
  119. Measurements Scale!
  120. how to classify types of agriculture
  121. Secrets to striaght A's?
  122. Do you need math to succeed in science?
  123. Intimidated. Scared to post?
  124. Music and Aesthetics
  125. References and Truth
  126. How far will we go with Google ?
  127. facts-based fiction
  128. FINAL exam
  129. " Is it possible to live without eating meat?! "
  130. This Physics problem affects the entire world-can you help?
  131. What stages of sleep do you dream in?
  132. University
  133. "Usher in an era of 'neural' computing"?
  134. Evolution of Technology
  135. organisms in stone
  136. The status of scientists
  137. Are you saved? What about your dog?
  138. Earthquake prediction
  139. Strawberry Cheesecake
  140. Inquiry For A New User Group
  141. Climate science rap
  142. IQ Test?
  143. Question.
  144. Chess Nerds
  145. Shit Students Write..hilarious...
  146. Is this Art?
  147. Earthquakes and animals behavior
  148. Manny Pacquiao aka PACMAN does it again!
  149. Divulgating an invention (?) for blind people.
  150. For if you're feeling stressed out/fed up...
  151. The Singularity is Far
  152. Do you smoke?
  153. Your Qualification please :D
  154. This forum is full of GODS
  155. What gifts represent thankfullness/respect/appreciation?
  156. Whats the matter
  157. Are you Ready for the Night sky Knowledge Test?
  158. LOL
  159. Weird situation
  160. anyone have any good book suggestions?
  161. Last moment brainstorm of tattoo text, help!
  162. Solution to plastic bag problem: Biodegradable plastic
  163. light and mirror
  164. spectrometry for flavor/scent
  165. Is it childish to use facebook?
  166. Is it true that global human fertility rates are declining w
  167. Heys guyz! have you heard of Researchers Worldwide?
  168. Career questions
  169. If you could have ONE superpower...
  170. Help me , please
  171. Apple vs. PC: The Great Computer Paradox?
  172. Science Jokes
  173. Science Realities
  174. So God walks into a bar . . .
  175. Love hates!
  176. Sauna
  177. Inspiration
  178. Modern Society Sucks
  180. Online quiz for kids???
  181. Tuition Hikes Hitting Closer to Home
  182. 200 years have passed since Robert Bunsen was born
  183. Greatest scientific discoveries in the last 50 years.
  184. Is Something Like Us Possible Again?
  185. Post your favorite Lyrics here!!!
  186. Just a crazy thought on the big bang
  187. Online Associate Degree Course
  188. Need help making a personal quiz
  189. Science online for Kids.
  190. Earth Hour 2011
  191. why don't we send tap water/canned food to africa en masse?
  192. Favourite video game?
  193. How do they do it? Create Microscopic objects
  194. Scientists Salaries
  195. 100% Clean in Food Industry-can we keep it real?
  196. Standardized tests are always stressful
  197. Is it possible to become a "Renaissance Man"?
  198. Looking for people to interview.
  199. Documentary
  200. Need help, urgent!!! (Rhetorics)
  201. Academic writing and I
  202. Internet trouble!!!
  203. What is your "Phobia?"
  204. Computer World at a glance!
  205. Advice in math based majors
  206. To someone who can read Japanese
  207. WTH...
  208. Guilliver's Travels?
  209. SAT
  210. Opinions on NewScientist magazine
  211. Geek Jokes
  212. TSF age
  213. If you could choose one of the following traits...
  214. The feeling of being watched?
  215. Modern Technology vs. Modern Humanism
  216. Laws
  217. form after microwaves
  218. Weird inhabitations!
  219. More private space access
  220. What are you eating right now?
  221. Loss of Interest in Everything
  222. Charles Seife
  223. Three-golden rules for u to level up in Warcraft super fast
  224. rings
  225. Can anyone answer this question for me?
  226. Career Advice - Math
  227. Home School education for kids..
  228. Ideas For An Industrial Site With Access To Green Energy
  229. hot air
  230. just a quik question
  231. The sameness of difference
  232. HELLP!!
  233. Mid-life career change.. Science Journalism?
  234. INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Hydrogen murder
  236. Remembering WWII, 1941
  237. 'intellectual property law
  238. Upset at Cocky Jock
  239. the voice of thought
  240. Double majoring Chemistry with Chemical engineering .
  241. Me too
  242. So my friend turned from an atheist into a christian......
  243. Deleted
  244. Are life science blogs important to your research?
  245. What Amazes You the Most?
  246. Are Inventers some times conservatives?
  247. Hedgewars !!
  248. What could Science do with 10,000yr of unlimited support?
  249. Anti Smoking?
  250. Who is god and jesus a metaphor for in the real life?