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  1. Cloning Dinosaurs?
  2. General Relativity
  3. Criminal profiling
  4. Songwriting question - pertaining to scientific phenomena
  5. about earth's rotation
  6. Resaerch proposal on wine microbiology
  7. Question About Direction
  8. writing an algorithm pseucode
  9. Rotary Inverted Pendulum
  10. Conciousness, Reality, Fate/Decisions, etc.
  11. The Third International Conference on Digital Information and Communication Technology and its Applications (DICTAP2013)
  12. Superheroes
  13. CFP :: The Second International Conference on Digital Enterprise and Information Systems
  14. help- physiology
  15. RoboScience
  16. Doctor Who Series 7
  17. Learning about particles
  18. Genetics Problem Set Help! Human Fibroblasts, DNA replication, cell cycle, labeled with 3H thymidine...
  19. UnitXpert
  20. Refractive Index Notation
  21. 5'race
  22. Biological cybernetics and computing, radio signal providing overvolting...
  23. A Question About Electomagnets
  24. questions
  25. Potassium cynadide pill
  26. Lorentz contraction
  27. Magnification
  28. Why are scientists seemingly reluctant to accept new ideas?
  29. Amigdala
  30. Case complexity
  31. Why is it a condition of NASA. earth science to sign in with twitter account?
  32. Giant Gong.
  33. Saucer blimp. The perfect airship.
  34. Inventory
  35. HPLC columns
  36. penetration depth - free falling into water
  37. Abusing the Internet
  38. :(
  39. The Time Machine
  40. Absorbers
  41. Best node connecting a subset of nodes (graph theory)
  42. Story Making
  43. help in anatomy
  44. Kirchoff's Loop Equation theory
  45. IgG, IgE
  46. Why Im looking forward to 2013.
  47. Is there any specialist or service engineer of Spark optical emission spectrometer ??
  48. Forms for posts
  49. Mathematical Integration.
  50. keplers second law
  51. computer science help -recovering files
  52. physics q
  53. Thrust to water flow rate question.
  54. Quick Question Thread
  55. Theory of Pre-Determination
  56. anyone here hits the gym?
  57. What is the purpose of intelligence?
  58. What Does Music Tell Us About the Brain?
  59. Math vs. Biology
  60. Why does the science forum look quite simmilar with it's colour etc, to facebook?
  61. What happens to threads once locked?
  62. Is Suicide Unethical?
  63. Is Science Important?
  64. Any inspiring Scientists/Documentaries/Debates out there?
  65. Is there a list of scientific equations/formulas with a description?
  66. I Need help ASAP on transposing formulae question?!!!
  67. Curiosity on Mars
  68. seek help with proofs: understanding, writing, thinking about
  69. My theory about time is finite
  70. Platelet and neutrophil activation
  71. Spatial Theory
  72. 3 Pages, or under preferably, best tutorials for all subjects?
  73. Giant Squid & Giant Jelly Fish
  74. No sense at all...
  75. Which scientific publications become successful?
  76. Does anyone know the answer is reference to deltaG = deltaH - TDeltaS?
  77. Re: What is your theory about the universe?
  78. Piezoelectricity experiment ever done
  79. organic chemistry
  80. Immortal alien animals
  81. Science and Faith - Do they coexist together?
  82. Farmer Dean
  83. The Big Bang Theory
  84. How do we know there are other galaxies?
  85. The Fourth Dimension
  86. What does your nickname mean?
  87. Multi/Parallel dimension questions
  88. Does piezoelectricity have any effect on wettability of quartz?
  89. Talk Origins Archive Updates
  90. The substitute for earth results in plastic Food.
  91. Terahertz radiation can induce insulator-to-metal change of state in some materials: study
  92. complex number
  93. Electrolysis, Hydrogen and Oxygen.
  94. Gut
  95. question about decompression in space
  96. Xenobiotics
  97. Bolivia star party
  98. Growing Sf9 insect cells in suspension culture.
  99. If it means nothing, then what?
  100. Stone or Bone
  101. Can anyone tell me what me and my wife saw?
  102. My Questions
  103. 2012, is it really the end?
  104. Cable TV receiver vs Other electric instruments
  105. Gor blimey!! Shades of Bill Sykes dog.
  106. What am I seeing?
  107. hydrogen bomb
  108. westwind's half birthday.
  109. Sensation of retro-motion.
  110. Emotions, what do you think they are?
  111. Pain language, a universal language for the world!
  112. Last word game
  113. Seeing particles
  114. Why does the Sun and Moon appear the same size during Solar eclipse? and why does Earths shadow happen to fit the Moon's surface exactly perfectly during Lunar eclipse?
  115. The International Conference on Computing, Networking and Digital Technologies
  116. mythological science
  117. How does a ship's Bridge work?
  118. Logical Fallacies in Physics Discussions
  119. Hello from new guy.
  120. Scientists have taken the first ever snapshot of an atom's shadow
  121. Was le sage almost correct ?
  122. Star Trek is lovely.
  123. The Sun
  124. International Symposium on Standards in Engineering and Technology (ISSET 2012)
  125. time
  126. The Person Below Me
  127. I need help in writting a theory !!!
  128. offer of part time job for microbiologyst
  129. Just a question how fast would an electron need to be moving...
  130. as simple as this question gets...
  131. Help with AC bias explanation
  132. Mass of light
  133. Lucid dreaming_blank
  134. Extended CFP - WCEBW2012 - UK
  135. Help! Matrigel needle stick! Could I get cancer?
  136. probabilty of black hole in our solar system?
  137. how deep do you self-educate?
  138. How Much Knowledge Is Too Much?
  139. Concluding Charles Hapgood's Theory.
  140. Where is westwind?
  141. Are their any Apatheism documentaries out there?
  142. Hydro power in a CLOSED CIRCUIT manner.. ???
  143. Is the Omega Point still a valid theory?
  144. Error
  145. A Question?
  146. sasquatch
  147. Humans in Space: costs, benefits, obstacles and opportunities
  148. Active Noise Control System
  149. Do magnetized electrons behave like magnets?
  150. 3D printing for social benefit
  151. Please help a masters student with El Nino information
  152. Lucid Dreaming
  153. Junk Genes
  154. Looking for Quote on Aliens and Humans
  155. Apes to Humans - clues in starch
  156. post delete
  157. Hydrogen Line receiver Radio
  158. Energy transfer faster than speed of light?
  159. Seeking free will,
  160. You can't prove a negative?True or myth?
  161. Feeding Backyard members of my Family.
  162. Bio-rad versus Invitrogen consumables
  163. camera batteries
  164. Nigeria universities
  165. Newbie here, laser engineer
  166. Example of virtual reality experience with commercially available product
  167. After The Fall
  168. Need advice for what path to take.
  169. A Good Article to be Recommended!!
  170. IPADS, IPODS, Smart Phones,Lap Tops, Why go to School?
  171. Esters
  172. Feedback equations
  173. Topology: multiple boundaries
  174. American teens prefer pot to tabacco
  175. Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: Implications toward religion
  176. nutrition pill
  177. what would be some notable plant/animal life?
  178. evolution
  179. Final Call for Applicants_To Think, To Write, To Publish
  180. genome munipulation for the better, or worse?
  181. Requirements to become a New Dimension
  182. mtech or mba?
  183. Brain and memory
  184. Our known universe
  185. Speed of light
  186. true impedance and electrical impedance.
  187. A question on gravity and earth
  188. well I prefer to introduce myself
  189. NO compression, intake 2 cycle hydrogen steam hybrid engine
  190. hotel managemnt system
  191. Morbidity and Mortality Pattern in your country
  192. Scientific referencing
  193. Bioethicists - Organ and tissue donation
  194. Infinity?
  195. Space test.
  196. Humor in Science
  197. Favorite Type of Music?
  198. A video I made for my High School Chemistry Class
  199. Expedition to rainforest new to science - Mozambique
  200. Extrusion machine thick-walled PVC pipe
  201. Is this how our understanding of electrics work?
  202. Are we living in the time of present
  203. Bringing the Dead to Life
  204. SpaceTime Question
  205. reaction of haloalkanes
  206. Psuedoscience turning to reality:Invisibility technology
  207. How hard is it to get news coverage?
  208. Exploding glass
  209. I don't understand it!
  210. Potassium Chloride
  211. any suggestion of genetics/ infectious diseases research journal for review?
  212. new technology in genetic/ infectious diseases research
  213. Digital voice recorder
  214. The Big Bang Theory (TV Show)
  215. freeze clamp as camera?
  216. Save the Planet
  217. My Theory That There's NO such thing as being completely opposite.
  218. cure for jaundice.
  219. Starting your own laboratory
  220. Ecological problems and solutions 2012
  221. Solving Infinity
  222. Electrolysis of water - plasma
  223. Building The Gen1 USS Enterprise, Really
  224. When courts give long sentences to parents of adolescents for drug crimes do they take into consideration that the child loves that parent and could end up hating athority figures and follow in their parents footsteps?
  225. ageing
  226. Determinant of a matrix
  227. Black hole vs Giant star
  228. Is Drilling in Antarctica Dangerous?
  229. The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment
  230. How we know this forum is acredited?
  231. School Daze
  232. Science project funding
  233. Mass Spectrumetry of big molecule
  234. May Day. Known also as 8 Hours day in Australia.
  235. I need some ideas...
  236. Discovery University
  237. A proportion to gravitational pull.
  238. Enjoying research at Academic Joy
  239. A discussion with a strict evolutionist.
  240. Scientists Find Oldest Evidence of Human Ancestors
  241. are we living in multiple dimensions?
  242. Counteraction of gravitational forces to suspend a object mid air
  243. What are some immoral/unethical science experiments that have yet to be performed?
  244. Non attached scientists - global union?
  245. Bone micro fractures in space.
  246. Human Evolution from being herbivores to carnivores then to omnivores
  247. Research topics?
  248. Are you scientifically literate?
  249. Great Civilisations Rise and Fall.
  250. Dreamt i was dreaming that i was lucid dreaming but !woke up", still trapped dreaming.