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  1. Why do opposites attract?
  2. What is the difference between centrifugal force and gravity?
  3. Tangential Speed Question
  4. A spooky question
  5. Need interdisciplinary consultation.
  6. A Unifying Concept in the Equations of Circular Motion in Gravimagnetic Fields
  7. How does a black hole trap entities?
  8. Problem (elsewhere).
  9. Equilibrium - Scalar or Vector?
  10. Color of Light
  11. Everywhere at Once
  12. Orch Or Theory
  13. Is an electro-magnetic field visible?
  14. How do neutrons and electrons come into existence?
  15. Origins of atoms
  16. Would this experiment prove or disprove that consciousness causes wave function collapse?
  17. How physics can violate Pr(A=B) + Pr(A=C) + Pr(B=C) >= 1 ?
  18. Increase Ce3+ in cerium oxide solution
  19. Refraction: Definition and explaination with examples
  20. Why aren't there thirteen through twenty-four o'clock?
  21. Is motion quantative? Does reality have a framerate?
  22. What defines a particles probability wave?
  23. Dark matter and superposition
  24. Strange Reflection
  25. Soundproofing
  26. Who or What Was Filming Take Off?
  27. Air Conditioning
  28. Effects Of Heat
  29. Determining Flexural Modulus
  30. Measurement Problem Solved
  31. Is "X is in superposition" the same as "X is not quantum-entangled with us"?
  32. How optics lens work?
  33. Only the Void is infinite?
  34. Expanding Universe question
  35. Why Light cant escape black hole
  36. Time Travel Question part2
  37. Some Electromagnetism questions
  38. Black hole
  39. testing 0.25 in water manometer
  40. Static charge and isotope ratio's on GC-MS measurements
  41. to get a job abroad at biophysics
  42. My fusion question
  43. Reflection, refraction and scattering
  44. My issue with Musk sending a Tesla into space
  45. Why is the sea blue?
  46. Time travel question
  47. Calculating Youngs Modulus
  48. Rayleigh vs Raman scattering
  49. what are preliminaries to understand signal processing fundamentals?
  50. Thermal Conductivity Question
  51. A doubt about an electric kettle!
  52. Building a 1600 gallon deep aquarium and have a fluid dynamics question!
  53. Tidal Locking Dynamics of the Earth & Moon System
  54. A stupid question?
  55. heat flow
  56. Pressure on Bridge
  57. Ives–Stilwell experiment
  58. unified theory ????
  59. Can an emitter of light be transparent?
  60. Copenhagen Interpretation
  61. Light colors and single color light sources
  62. The Relationship Between Electron Drift Velocity at Stall and Maximum Rotor Velocity in BLDC Electric Motors
  63. SI-Derived KV Formula & The Relationship between KV and Conductance in BLDC Motors
  64. What is the force N and P of the cart and Pendulum for?
  65. ”Efficiency Control” Algorithm For BLDC Electric Motors
  66. Simulating the Double Slit experiment
  67. Quantum Gravity territory
  68. Mystery solved: why hot water freezes faster than cold
  69. I need help for a project
  70. Any Bremsstrahlung Radiation Emitted (or Not?) Prior to Electron-Positron "Annihilation?"
  71. Electrolysis of Water using Solar Panels HELP!
  72. The measurement problem: A new idea.
  73. When is a Heat Engine Not a Heat Engine?
  74. Understanding Down Quark Decay?
  75. Dimensions
  76. Electricity and water
  77. The Speed of Light Paradox
  78. Massless Particles
  79. Is gravity a force or is it an effect?
  80. Phase Change Material
  81. What I Observed.
  82. An efficient water dissociation method?
  83. 2 slit - observer?
  84. SI Base Units
  85. Radios, communication and computers are dependent on quantum mechanics?
  86. Can I observer effect of wave & particle nature of light simultaneously?
  87. Beauty and Truth - what happened?
  88. Implications of Double Slit
  89. Grand Unification Equation within the Standard Model
  90. How is Uranium Possible?
  91. Wattage deaths in extreme.
  92. Light, Photons and Electromagnetic Spectra?
  93. What is Einstein's frame of reference?
  94. question about what produces heat and light from the sun
  95. Co ordinates in Space Time
  96. The relationship between Mass and (Kinetic) Energy in General(?) Relativity
  97. Simulating quantum effects with classical mechanics
  98. Mathematical Physics Question.
  99. Gravity, space, space-time, mass, how do these things work?
  100. Is it possible to create a ‘Transverse Field Ising Spin’-compatible Super Hamiltonian?
  101. Theory of Relativity Primers
  102. Entanglement
  103. Sound waves
  104. Do atoms/particles have magnetic fields? Can we change the fields in anyway?
  105. Quesion About My Adopted Nephew And His IQ Resuts
  106. How to calculate with vacuum
  107. Riddle me this...
  108. How Did This Guy Make a Soccer Ball Wobble On the Ground?
  109. How does light know when to Reflect, Refract, or Pass Through matter?
  110. Why don't satellites burn up?
  111. How Can I Calculate Lens Needed for Projection
  112. Vibration and separation
  113. Are Time Loops Possible?
  114. Is earth's gravity equal everywhere?
  115. Curved LASER beam?
  116. LIGHT PPFD from PPF
  117. Bullet speed?
  118. Would a spinning gyroscope change angles if taken 1/4 around the globe?
  119. Challenge to standard model?
  120. Can we store moonlight?
  121. Cooling a solid to absolute zero
  122. Since the earth is spinning at roughly 1000 mph at the equator and the air can be perfectly still means the air around earth is spinning exactly with the earth.... What is making the air spin?
  123. Why can't we feel the difference of the earth's rotation from equator verses the north pole?
  124. Best Online Database for Dark Matter?
  125. Curious about cooling behavior of static body vs convecting body
  126. Other ways of calc. mass of other planets ? G evolution ?
  127. Diffraction of a massive particle in a slit experiment
  128. Quantum Computing
  129. Magnetically charged Singularities?
  130. Rocket Thought Experiment
  131. What is the relationship between dark matter and black holes?
  132. Width of a photon
  133. What are magnetic fields made of?
  134. Destroying a molecule with a laser?
  135. Who's right?
  136. Hydraulic Brake Question
  137. What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
  138. Thermodynamics, from gas to solid
  139. modeling and simulation in physics
  140. Entropy question - heavily revised
  141. Applicability of classical thermodynamics
  142. Maths in scientific papers
  143. Long wavelength photon interacting with a black hole.
  144. From Energy to Matter, from Matter to Energy
  145. Identify these equations?
  146. The "detailed" Branches of Physics?
  147. Equations and Factors of Real Doppler Effect
  148. Superstrings doesn't exist?!
  149. Chaotic pilot-wave dynamics
  150. Quantum data transfer without any material means
  151. Time\Light relationship???
  152. Photon clock entering lower grav. pot.: What happens ?
  153. Something out of Nothing - Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss
  154. The Physics Sub Forum
  155. Calculus and analysis in physics
  156. Physics for noobs
  157. Does growing by the moon have any scientific support?
  158. Applying knowledge of light to growing your own food
  159. Fresh mind looking for guidance
  160. math relations to physics...
  161. What great things will be enabled if SpaceX succeeds with reusable rockets?
  162. Reflection - reaction force direction
  163. wasted energy
  164. Viewing our own galaxy
  165. How rotational fan blade movements push the air forward?
  166. Could we send a "curved mirror" type satellite around the sun to reflect photons to us?
  167. Blocking Pulsed Microwave ELF Frequencies
  168. Black hole evaporation depending on the observer?
  169. How does rocket engine make ship go forward ?
  170. I'm stumped
  171. Relativistic speed transformation in an accelerated frame
  172. How is one's weight distributed on each leg?
  173. Entanglement a result of the simulation hypothesis?
  174. What is the difference GP Energy and Gravitational Potential?
  175. Dumb hole?
  176. How do you Physicists view numbers?
  177. How short of a wavelength is possible?
  178. Force on the ground when pulling a weight
  179. The way mass distorts the geometry of spacetime .
  180. Are the Force Fields (Gravity, EM,...) just emergent phenomenon?
  181. I need help understanding quantum vacuum state
  182. Newton's third Law
  183. Higgs mechanism / is mass a transient phenomenon?
  184. Newton's 3rd Law
  185. Many worlds game.
  186. Inertia / Mass / Friction
  187. Unruh effect and conservation of energy.
  188. Gravity according to GR? Force? Geometry? Other?
  189. bowl type /half sphere magnet
  190. conservation of energy in an undamped driven harmonic oscillator
  191. Mars physics
  192. Thermodynamics: heat transfer?
  193. Darkest material ever created - Nanonews
  194. How can I create an impedance mismatch between two materials significant enough to prevent ultraspund 1-20mHz from passing through if possible?
  195. Is air more manipulable than helium?
  196. Helium vs Air Plasma
  197. Helium microwave experiment
  198. Why do things appear to move faster when they're closer to us?w
  199. Re Alex Euler & test Question
  200. GPS clock correction
  201. Do some current Popular Theories meet falsifiability?
  202. Foucault pendulum
  203. Why doesn't the earth leave its orbit?
  204. Newton's Bucket?
  205. Capillary Power.
  206. How forces work during hammerthrow
  207. E8 Theory vs M-Theory
  208. electron confinement
  209. Is Time Really a Dimension?
  210. The Expansion of Space effects on Energy/Matter
  211. If my arm would be much more massive than the rest of my body would my body actually move backward instead of my arm forward
  212. how muscle force work
  213. Vacuum Evaporation
  214. What choice do we have?
  215. what is a newton meter?
  216. How could Velostat made by 3M/Electrical Conductive Sheets shield electric fields?
  217. Are dimensions real, or just our way to describe what we experience?
  218. Quantum Mechanics | A few questions and proposal
  219. quick question
  220. Could Photons Be Used to Build Something?
  221. 23kHz Acoustic Sound Wave
  222. Coronal Mass Ejection - Effects on Us
  223. What indicates if object will be reflected - certain example
  224. What cause electric discharges around charged object (like generator)?
  225. Terminal Velocity?
  226. Smallest object with a disproportionate weight.
  227. I need a way to block Ultrasound Frequencies between 19-800kHz, as well as radio frequencies via helmet?
  228. Gravity Affect on Time
  229. The Uncertainty Principle
  230. The interior of a Proton (as an example)
  231. Mass number & density question
  232. Use the lens formula to show that f^2 = ab
  233. Calculate the threshold wavelength of the metal
  234. Deflection of light in classical physics
  235. Does global pull of a body vary with distance?
  236. Non-Circular Wheel vs. Circular Wheel
  237. Dimensionality of Light and Shadow
  238. electrostatic solid switch question
  239. Does Energy Affect Gravity and the other way around?
  240. Deflection of light
  241. General word for content of the universe?
  242. What materials if any are difficult for ultrasound to travel through!?
  243. Bubbles
  244. Physics Question | If we knew exactly how the Universe worked couldn't we predict it's future
  245. Friedmann cosmology for the layman reader
  246. Speed of light constant,or avarage speed of light constant,or both ?
  247. Which is better for an Ultrasound proof hat(.2-8.0kHz, 135-140dB) Polymethylmethacrylate or Polycarbonate, and how thick must the helmet be?
  248. Our Range to E.T.
  249. Photons and E=mc2?
  250. the Uncertainty Principle