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  1. Test of CPT symmetry with ring laser?
  2. Why can't magnetic field lines intersect ? why would the intersection make a compass point at two directions ?
  3. Unidirectional thrust from From Radiation pressure and Eddy current Repulsion.
  4. Turntable Paradox
  5. What would happen if Earth and Saturn swapped places in the solar system?
  6. Why can't you see Jupiter if it's so big but you can see the Moon and Sun?
  7. Can Stern-Gerlach spin alignment be seen as a result of EM radiation of precessing magnetic dipole?
  8. Deflection Of Starlight By The Sun's Gravity
  9. Cavitation
  10. Rogue Wave
  11. Diffraction
  12. Quantum Entanglement Has Now Been Directly Observed at The Macroscopic Scale
  13. Field objects moving at the speed of light
  14. An Endless Search for an Endless Number of "New" Particles?!
  15. Dipoles radiation and physical reality of potentials
  16. If we could extend the range of the Strong Force, what would be the applications?
  17. An Interesting Thought Experiment Regarding the Maxwell-Faraday Law
  18. 2 slit experiment question
  19. Super string theory question
  20. Is it possible to create a perfect voltmeter?
  21. You can delete this now thank you
  22. How many physicists agree with Climate Change being caused by CO2?
  23. LHC and the 5th force of nature
  24. CERN Suspends Work With Scientists from Russia and Belarus!
  25. Question to physicists about Young's double-slit experiment
  26. Could we create a quantum lottery?
  27. Bell Inequality Equation is wrong...
  28. Aaronov-Bohm effect
  29. Fusion Reactor Achieves Burning Plasma
  30. Centrifugation Speed vs Centrifugation Time
  31. Diffusion model of p-n junction (diode) - conductance prevented by Anderson localization
  32. The Parker Solar Probe passes through Sun's corona in closest approach yet!!
  33. Found an interesting video
  34. Double Asteroid Redirection Test : How much will the impact alter the orbit of Dimorphos?!
  35. Is it possible to use aluminum instead of copper for solar cell?
  36. how mirror show images
  37. MicroBooNE experiment finds no evidence of sterile neutrino!
  38. Special Rel. Doubt
  39. I want to learn special relativity.I have read a tiny bit of Spacetime Physics: Introduction to Special Relativity and am liking it. Is it a good book? I also want problems to solve.I tried Special Relativity: For the Enthusiastic Beginner but found
  40. Theories of Parallel or Multi Universes
  41. Latest Fusion News : National Ignition Facility achieves 70% of the laser energy delivered to the fuel capsule.
  42. Never Get it All
  43. The Quantum Vault
  44. Buoyancy in an upright pipe of water
  45. Is classical non-locality possible?
  46. Heat Wave Shadow
  47. Capillary Action
  48. The question of quantum immortality
  49. When You're Dumb, You Just Ask
  50. Sometimes a picture is not worth a thousand words. The muon wobble!
  51. Can the Standard Model define Dark Matter : Large non-baryonic hadrons made from quarks, etc.?
  52. No two snowflakes are alike. So true. But how far does this variance extend?
  53. Curtains half closed - siblings arguement
  54. Astronomer finds potential origin of the famous WOW! signal
  55. A Proposal for The First Crewed Interstellar Spacecraft
  56. A couple things I have been pondering
  57. An electrostatic wind turbine
  58. Electron gun
  59. An infinite wavelength antenna
  60. Supercapacitor energy density increase
  61. How to punch a wasp into next Friday?
  62. Effective, long term Nuclear waste disposal
  63. How to understand observed electric quadrupole moment of deuteron?
  64. Time crystals (self organizing into periodic process) - is electron their example?
  65. Gravity In Relative Motion - is there any approved solution?
  66. Electron antineutrino
  67. Supermassive Black Hole.
  68. Hypercharge Question.
  69. Pi-minus Decay
  70. Gluon Question
  71. Bowling Ball Argument
  72. Questions About Superfluids
  73. Violation of Bell-like inequalities with spatial Boltzmann path ensemble: Ising model?
  74. How hard do I need to slap a chicken to cook it
  75. Hammerslay-Clifford theorem and maximal entropy random walk for Ising-like models?
  76. Plants in Super Habitable Exoplanets Could Look Purple
  77. Falling objects
  78. ESPRESSO: The Decisive Spectrograph to Find Earth 2.0
  79. Alpha centauri could host the closest Earth-like planet
  80. Can a spherical region in 3D be represented using four dimensions?
  81. time and space
  82. The twin paradox (now with pictures)
  83. 55 gallon batteries
  84. Passage of time in interstellar space
  85. Are all processes time/CPT-reversible, e.g. measurement, stimulated emission, state preparation, Big Bang?
  86. Gravity, motion & space-time query/thought
  87. How does spacetime curvature cause gravity?
  88. I need some help with understanding of Doppler's effect in classical mechanics
  89. Fun facts - Physicists explain why your earphones are always tangled
  90. Neutrino
  91. Faraday cage clothing.
  92. unification?
  93. question about the distance stars are with the naked eye and with telescopes
  94. "Hole" in Metal
  95. Neutrinos.
  96. BREAKING: New potentially habitable exoplanet found around Teegarden's star
  97. A possible solution for sustainable nuclear fusion
  98. A question about something
  99. Alternate form of conservation of angular momentum?
  100. Wave
  101. The Uncertainty Principle
  102. Understanding electromagnetism
  103. Can atomic number be represented as a function of quantum numbers?
  104. Early Universe
  105. ELectron temperature
  106. Can you form the differential geometry in the EFEs from a geodesic and the initial conditions of the stress energy tensor?
  107. The flow of time
  108. Speed of beta-decay ejected electrons?
  109. Cavendish experiment
  110. thermodynamics in a box
  111. Pole play anyone?
  112. 3 facts maybe you don't know about antimatter
  113. The end/beginning?
  114. magnetism and levitation
  115. Why does light slow down in water?
  116. Freznel lens focusing UV
  117. quantum entanglement
  118. Question on time dilation and length contraction
  119. Length Contraction Question 2
  120. Another relativity question...
  121. Question on relativity...
  122. Question on Length Contraction...
  123. Question on relative motion...
  124. Optimizing Surface Area of a Conductor
  125. Was the first picosecond of the universe really a picosecond?
  126. electrons superconductor
  127. speed of light drop between 1928 and 1945
  128. subatomic particles
  129. does odor transfer to clothing? material? a fart?
  130. Phosphor dots
  131. The problem of air conditioners heating up Earth
  132. Potential proof of MWI
  133. Physics with Pokemon: Electromagnetism
  134. Why do opposites attract?
  135. What is the difference between centrifugal force and gravity?
  136. Tangential Speed Question
  137. A spooky question
  138. Need interdisciplinary consultation.
  139. A Unifying Concept in the Equations of Circular Motion in Gravimagnetic Fields
  140. How does a black hole trap entities?
  141. Problem (elsewhere).
  142. Equilibrium - Scalar or Vector?
  143. Color of Light
  144. Everywhere at Once
  145. Orch Or Theory
  146. Is an electro-magnetic field visible?
  147. How do neutrons and electrons come into existence?
  148. Origins of atoms
  149. Would this experiment prove or disprove that consciousness causes wave function collapse?
  150. How physics can violate Pr(A=B) + Pr(A=C) + Pr(B=C) >= 1 ?
  151. Increase Ce3+ in cerium oxide solution
  152. Refraction: Definition and explaination with examples
  153. Why aren't there thirteen through twenty-four o'clock?
  154. Is motion quantative? Does reality have a framerate?
  155. What defines a particles probability wave?
  156. Dark matter and superposition
  157. Strange Reflection
  158. Soundproofing
  159. Who or What Was Filming Take Off?
  160. Air Conditioning
  161. Effects Of Heat
  162. Determining Flexural Modulus
  163. Measurement Problem Solved
  164. Is "X is in superposition" the same as "X is not quantum-entangled with us"?
  165. How optics lens work?
  166. Only the Void is infinite?
  167. Expanding Universe question
  168. Why Light cant escape black hole
  169. Time Travel Question part2
  170. Some Electromagnetism questions
  171. Black hole
  172. testing 0.25 in water manometer
  173. Static charge and isotope ratio's on GC-MS measurements
  174. to get a job abroad at biophysics
  175. My fusion question
  176. Reflection, refraction and scattering
  177. My issue with Musk sending a Tesla into space
  178. Why is the sea blue?
  179. Time travel question
  180. Calculating Youngs Modulus
  181. Rayleigh vs Raman scattering
  182. what are preliminaries to understand signal processing fundamentals?
  183. Thermal Conductivity Question
  184. A doubt about an electric kettle!
  185. Building a 1600 gallon deep aquarium and have a fluid dynamics question!
  186. Tidal Locking Dynamics of the Earth & Moon System
  187. A stupid question?
  188. heat flow
  189. Pressure on Bridge
  190. Ives–Stilwell experiment
  191. unified theory ????
  192. Can an emitter of light be transparent?
  193. Copenhagen Interpretation
  194. Light colors and single color light sources
  195. The Relationship Between Electron Drift Velocity at Stall and Maximum Rotor Velocity in BLDC Electric Motors
  196. SI-Derived KV Formula & The Relationship between KV and Conductance in BLDC Motors
  197. What is the force N and P of the cart and Pendulum for?
  198. ”Efficiency Control” Algorithm For BLDC Electric Motors
  199. Simulating the Double Slit experiment
  200. Quantum Gravity territory
  201. Mystery solved: why hot water freezes faster than cold
  202. I need help for a project
  203. Any Bremsstrahlung Radiation Emitted (or Not?) Prior to Electron-Positron "Annihilation?"
  204. Electrolysis of Water using Solar Panels HELP!
  205. The measurement problem: A new idea.
  206. When is a Heat Engine Not a Heat Engine?
  207. Understanding Down Quark Decay?
  208. Dimensions
  209. Electricity and water
  210. The Speed of Light Paradox
  211. Massless Particles
  212. Is gravity a force or is it an effect?
  213. Phase Change Material
  214. What I Observed.
  215. An efficient water dissociation method?
  216. 2 slit - observer?
  217. SI Base Units
  218. Radios, communication and computers are dependent on quantum mechanics?
  219. Can I observer effect of wave & particle nature of light simultaneously?
  220. Beauty and Truth - what happened?
  221. Implications of Double Slit
  222. Grand Unification Equation within the Standard Model
  223. How is Uranium Possible?
  224. Wattage deaths in extreme.
  225. Light, Photons and Electromagnetic Spectra?
  226. What is Einstein's frame of reference?
  227. question about what produces heat and light from the sun
  228. Co ordinates in Space Time
  229. The relationship between Mass and (Kinetic) Energy in General(?) Relativity
  230. Simulating quantum effects with classical mechanics
  231. Mathematical Physics Question.
  232. Gravity, space, space-time, mass, how do these things work?
  233. Is it possible to create a ‘Transverse Field Ising Spin’-compatible Super Hamiltonian?
  234. Theory of Relativity Primers
  235. Entanglement
  236. Sound waves
  237. Do atoms/particles have magnetic fields? Can we change the fields in anyway?
  238. Quesion About My Adopted Nephew And His IQ Resuts
  239. How to calculate with vacuum
  240. Riddle me this...
  241. How Did This Guy Make a Soccer Ball Wobble On the Ground?
  242. How does light know when to Reflect, Refract, or Pass Through matter?
  243. Why don't satellites burn up?
  244. How Can I Calculate Lens Needed for Projection
  245. Vibration and separation
  246. Are Time Loops Possible?
  247. Is earth's gravity equal everywhere?
  248. Curved LASER beam?
  249. LIGHT PPFD from PPF
  250. Bullet speed?