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  1. Extreme Levitation
  2. question on archimeneds principle
  3. Vollema Value
  4. Moddeling mass in water
  5. Special relativity breaks down in media?
  6. help needed
  7. Extreme Levitation
  8. TE / TM polarization of a Laser Diode
  9. Atmosphere to a galaxy
  10. the concept of voltage, gravity and Coulomb force
  11. Which factors can influence the signal intensity in MRI ?
  12. Ray tracing a thin prism
  13. question about the uncertainty principle
  14. Еducation - Physics, Chemistry, alternative sources of energy - areas?
  15. elastic collision between equal masses
  16. What are the consequences of this?
  17. Physics question -
  18. Adapted Experiment to decrease errors in measuring Neutrino Speed
  19. gravity on center of the earth
  20. mass = energy. can you determine the absolute value of energy in mass, in one electron?
  21. Calculating A Tachyonic Neutrino Hermitian Langrangian from a Modified Dirac Equation
  22. Doppler effect
  23. can we survive without relativity? is it a worse or a better world, now?
  24. Mass
  25. Energy, mass and light
  26. How will proving that neutrinos does travel faster than light affect Quantum Mechanics?
  27. Relative observation
  28. Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss Talk about Richard Feynman
  29. the concept of angular momentum
  30. cyclometer
  31. Manipulating Atoms
  32. plasma ionisation
  33. Speed of light broken by neutrinos?
  34. 4 Spatial Dimensions Snake
  35. Thought experiment with two contradictory consequences
  36. Wanting various data in scientific papers
  37. Pascal's Law and Hydraulic Presses
  38. Science or not a science how to tell?
  39. osmological constant versus entropy
  40. My Brief Introduction to Quantum Entanglement
  41. An Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes
  42. Joukowski Aerofoil Investigation
  43. Would Superman generate a contrail?
  44. resonance ???
  45. Measuring Gravity On Stars and Planets?
  46. another valid question
  47. the standard model
  48. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  49. Paper tearing problem
  50. What would a wormhole look like?
  51. Would a light speed Ship need Headlights?
  52. E=mc2
  53. Homework assistance(Vectors) - no answers please.
  54. How Fast is Gravity ??
  55. The Grand Unified Theory.......................
  56. Ice cream in space
  57. Quick thought
  58. Empirical methods Vs. theory derived formulas
  59. Contradiction in the laws of thermodynamics?
  60. Inertia in SR
  61. What is the simplest definition for time?
  62. Is there tangible benefit for a "theory of all things" / "unified field theory"?
  63. Intresting electron beam- why does it form?
  64. Statically charged sphere
  65. Relative Pressure?
  66. Optics Question: Anamorphic Prisms for use in a stage magic show.
  67. What happens when a particle enters a Black Hole?
  68. Electromagnet
  69. Edward Witten on String Theory
  70. History of the theory of energy
  71. Would it feel cold to be in outer space?
  72. entropy
  73. angular velocity and rotation matrix
  74. electron spin
  75. Electron transfer ideas
  76. Can you cancel gravity?
  77. test charge and voltage in electrostatic field
  78. i just got some questions about water electrolysis
  79. concept of work and reversible gas expansion
  80. Is distance infinite?
  81. Is it the speed of light the max speed
  82. Paper access
  83. simple question: is there a single proof of a singularity in nature?
  84. An amusing curiosity
  85. trouble picturing an elementary particle
  86. Is the universe an open or a closed system?
  87. Everett's many worlds violates thermodymics?
  88. probability question 2
  89. Falling off a building on the Moon
  90. Gravitational force acting on an object of different masses at different height
  91. homopolar generator
  92. Subjecteve speed always Newtonian?
  93. Theory of time extruding from space.
  94. Police arrest Swedish man who tried to split atom in his KITCHEN
  95. Can anyone explain to me Einstein's theory
  96. Thinking about Newton's theory about gravity
  97. Why do electrons need forces to keep them in place?
  98. Energy, matter and time
  99. Laser Technology help appreciated. Application laser interferology in robotics
  100. Help picking a project
  101. Running driving speed on other planets??
  102. Going back to steam engines.
  103. Mathematically defined units
  104. Heinrich Hertz
  105. Relationship of energy and momentum
  106. Database for listing one's papers
  107. Why is torque relevant?
  108. ramifications of reversing handedness of matter
  109. If gravity is the shape of spacetime, why is there the need for a graviton?
  110. Light particle multiplier
  111. Planck's constant h is defined: unity of action.A photon has energy= h*f. What has
  112. Magnet question
  113. natural or Plancks units.A fascinating mystery.Could anyone explain how h-bar and G
  114. can you explain how the unit Joule works?
  115. Could a pair of black holes undo each other?
  116. Can gravity be geometrically shown as an extra dimension ?
  117. does anyone know the exact value of MF in H-1?
  118. Radioactive Decay
  119. Electron collider ?
  120. Rearranging equations?
  121. a few questions on neutrinos:does its mass determine a new elementary category ?
  122. what is momentum (p) ? They say p = m*v. It is not enough !
  123. asymmetrical capacitor
  124. speed of light
  125. Multiple mirrors
  126. Breakdown
  127. The Day Earth Stops Rotating
  128. rocket net force
  129. Entropy and thermodynamics
  130. Time
  131. nuke decay?
  132. How to calculate total resistance?
  133. Would Like to Know? on velocity
  134. Do photons ALWAYS travel at c through their current medium?
  135. Energy and Force?
  136. Plasma (where are we at?)
  137. Neutrinos?
  138. why total amount of energy/matter conserverd ?
  139. Question on Higgs field & Big Bang
  140. How works the Veegtrón!
  141. Circular Motion Question
  142. Question about Hawking Radiation
  143. probability density
  144. Ionosphere
  145. time travel and dimesions
  146. Deceleration due to Electromagnetism
  147. Shadow
  148. Dark Energy and Gravity
  149. Causality Effect - Settle a disagreement
  150. Maximum bending moment in blade
  151. Lagrangian Mechanics
  152. Doppler's effect
  153. solid matter.
  154. time travel possible?
  155. Suggestions for a project...
  156. TIME
  157. m theory
  158. communicate over light years of distance?
  159. what effects would we expect to see at absolute zero?
  160. energy in massless particles?
  161. How is Math used in Physics?
  162. Newton's 3rd Law
  163. Janus , couldn't send you a PM , what happened to my post ?
  164. Time and Motion
  165. Sound waves and air resistance and gravity?
  166. contraction of space?
  167. Wireless Electricity
  168. Energy, Time, and Einstein
  169. Falling object and sound barrier
  170. Resistance of a conductor
  171. Is there a known particle that is responsible for gravity.
  172. Big Bang Singularity
  173. General Physics
  174. PLS HELP....
  175. Physics Book Reccomendations
  176. Need help rigging something to chill soil.
  177. empty space??
  178. could perspective answer what happens at the event horizon?
  179. Time
  180. Darkness
  181. Diamond Syncrotron?
  182. Grand Unification Epoch
  183. A thought on 'mass'
  184. New heat pump principle ?
  185. hydraulic technique
  186. Do photons have mass?
  187. Audio Equipment and Frequency Response
  188. Just a thought
  189. A More Detailed Explanation of Varying Velocity Please?
  190. What is Science's basic definition of mass?
  191. questions on force
  192. Gravity constant
  193. sound question
  194. Books to read?
  196. expansion of space quick question
  197. Another Impossibility Bites the Dust?
  198. Positronium binds to form stable particles?
  199. What is behind a black hole?
  200. A idea of what may have went on before the big bang.
  201. [Asking for a Book] Life, Energy and entropy
  202. invisibility
  203. about matter wave....
  204. Question on motion
  205. We cant achieve absolute zero??
  206. Things I learned from Star Trek
  207. magnetic field
  208. Rifle shot payloads to space?
  209. Does time really exist?
  210. 4000 km^3 to m^3
  211. A very simple question yet very mysterious to me
  212. Is magnetic flux quantified only near superconductors?
  213. top physcicist currently alive
  214. Please suggest a book
  215. Does antimatter really go backwards through time?
  216. Magnetism
  217. Gravity
  218. Unhearable
  219. Best General Physics Text
  220. Do all things fall at the same rate?
  221. Do you think time travel will be possible one day?
  222. Does the universe have more matter than antimatter?
  223. Why is the strong nuclear interaction force CP-invariant?
  224. kinetics
  225. perpetual energy observed
  226. Black Hole Radiation
  227. My theory on why we are here. :D
  228. Human-Machine Integration
  229. Refraction and Diffraction of Light Waves. Sound Waves, too?
  230. Path of least resistance
  231. Is there a limit on the frequency of light?
  232. Evaporation?
  233. Expansive spacetime?
  234. How to determine RPM of small rotating drum
  235. Losing the object’s speed in atmosphere
  236. dimensionality
  237. Atomic model
  238. Compactification of dimensions due to inflation
  239. Blood splashes?
  240. Limits to optical/radio telescopic imagery
  241. PLEASE HELP: Looking for optical technologies
  242. Science behind Shattering ?
  243. Martial Arts Physics
  244. Rockets
  245. How is thurst in space possible? (hopefully correct place)
  246. Does an object's charge change as it approaches C?
  247. How to calculate deceleration?
  248. Conservation of Energy
  249. How strong is gravity in the center of the earth?
  250. Electricity question from a fantasy author