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  1. Freezing an atom.
  2. solar receivers
  3. how much momentum does it take to harm a person?
  4. Accelration at gravity
  5. Harmonic Resonance
  6. question about: laser fusion to propel spacecraft
  7. Does a substance emitting light lose mass?
  8. Locus of the Earth and dark energy
  9. What is time?
  10. Greater than 2 spin
  11. Question on higher dimensions and gravity
  12. Circulating laser time machine
  13. Pseudogravitational field in General Relativity
  14. Dimensional Analysis
  15. Unified Field Theory
  16. can anybody solve my problem on space-time
  17. Uncertainty Principle
  18. Why does ice float on water ?
  19. Expanding into annihilation?
  20. Containing the reaction of metallic hydrogen for use as a space vehicle fuel
  21. How dangerous is a TV repeater?
  22. Which component of the electromagnetic spectrum does Communication satalites use ?
  23. how do you spin a wheel with electricity?
  24. Expansion?
  25. Mass-Energy equivalence in SR
  26. A space time experiment . . .
  27. Where's the beef? I mean the mass
  28. Space boundary
  29. Do photon contain/carry more than energy, momentum and angular momentum?
  30. Kinetic energy
  31. Doubly Special Relativity
  32. Physics of Brainwaves
  33. Questions About the Region of Space Occupied by Quarks and Gluons- Shape Probabilities etc
  34. Basic questions about neutrino
  35. Wanting to understand photon emission from an accelerated electron
  36. Magnetic Field Reduction
  37. Optical black holes: "Hawking radiation"?
  38. Electricity generation using lightning
  39. Thermionic converter vs. Ignitron efficiency
  40. its the wiki right? quantum pseudotelepthy
  41. What's beyond the Neutrino?
  42. Why is vacuum suction so darn powerful?
  43. Results of Blackhole's Mass
  44. What's the use for black holes?
  45. Why do stars twinkle
  46. Kinematics - Ball drop problem!
  47. Does spacetime behave like pizza dough?
  48. A catalyst physical action
  49. if you trow a beam from a plane does it fall vertical or horizontal?
  50. Time Dilations for Gravitational Potential and Escape Velocity are Equal?
  51. need help with heat
  52. Escape Velocity
  53. science question
  54. Video Suggestions
  55. How quantum is wave-particle duality of Couder's walking droplets?
  56. dynamics problem
  57. The graviton
  58. Phonons: particle wave duality, relativity as a wave phenomenon
  59. Is a Magnet's Field Attached to It?
  60. Please explain a Higgs Field in spacetime to me and how they can create Higgs Bosons from collisions in Proton Smashers
  61. Usage of a chart for the interaction of mass in a computer simulation?
  62. Help me explain this...
  63. Dumb Question Time Again
  64. resistivity
  65. Would there be less gravity or different gravity if you were to travel to the center of the earth?
  66. Why is the sky blue
  67. Leaping Leptons!
  68. Plz hep,l i dont see how angular momentum is conserved in this case
  69. Covering one's heat signature in space
  70. Dual wings for a flying creature?
  71. Why does this happen?
  72. sailboat paradox and em sail propulsion
  73. How work particle beam weapon ?
  74. Can gravity be affected by surroudings.
  75. one way magnetic field
  76. Linear motor vs. angular motor in space
  77. Has the One-Way Speed of Light Really Been Tested?
  78. Does a super-cooled magnet levitated in a vacuum maintain its temperature?
  79. Gravitational Time Dilation Between Two Masses?
  80. Swinging of a ball
  81. plz help on understanding tides and conservation of energy
  82. .
  83. Effects of Rotation on Independent Movement
  84. Special Relativity Question.
  85. Simpleton's Query
  86. Non powered boat move upstream
  87. are normal and tangential aceleartions perpendicular in an spining tube?
  88. LED's efficiency exceeds 100%
  89. Does a clock in free fall through a gravity potential run faster than a clock held at that gravity potential?
  90. Grade 10 Optics question - Converging Mirrors
  91. Accelerating Protons and Light
  92. Controlled delayed quantum erasure - where is the causality?
  93. Spectral difference between H and H2?
  94. How "real" is gravitational time dilation?
  95. Sport science
  96. Thermal properties of Protium, Tritium and Deuterium
  97. one question i dare not ask my teacher not to look stupid
  98. just a question
  99. Microwave
  100. Is this a DI-TOROID Field?
  101. Would it be Possible to Make Deuterium Oxide Ice?
  102. Sheldon Glashow to retire physics if OPERA test proves accurate
  103. will astronauts in the future be shot to space sunk in breathable fluid?
  104. When Schrödinger's wavefunction reacts on rapid change of potential?
  105. Deposition of radioactive isotopes on solids
  106. forum questions?
  107. polarized glass
  108. Is earth's core an electric turbine for a perspective?
  109. Physics crossword help
  110. I need help plasma physics problem
  111. Wind Power: A source of Energy
  112. The weight of earth.
  113. Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations
  114. Teaching yourself Physics
  115. systems physics
  116. Tube shear strength 6061-T6
  117. From who's perspective do we measure Lorentz Contraction?
  118. n-body problem with coordinate change
  119. What if the Earth's rotation was much faster?
  120. Why do we need Gravitons?
  121. Question about the holographic universe
  122. Question regarding Gravity
  123. [SCHEMATIC] please i need your opinion.
  124. energy question, 100W bulb
  125. energy question, lift 100kg
  126. energy mass ratio
  127. if time is a dimension why isn't light?
  128. just a question
  129. Please Help...
  130. essence of fundamental particles
  131. How are black holes able to move?
  132. Sonic invisibility!
  133. Improved PV cells with carbon nantubes?
  134. Hawking Radiation Constituents Questions (originally posted in general forum)
  135. Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Introduction
  136. Emptiness of space
  137. Space charge Triboelectricity?
  138. FTL communication
  139. how can i find this difficults geometric relations for dislocations ?
  140. Video on Magnetism in space
  141. Hypothetics: Time and Light
  142. The First Evidence Of The Higgs Boson Particle?
  143. What makes light so special?
  144. Mercury perihelion precission
  145. Wave Function Collapse
  146. Demonstration of temporal cloaking?
  147. Earth movement and physical vacuum energy harness
  148. Train Wheels
  149. The SSC.
  150. The energy in Universe is constant?
  151. Why planets do not go closer to Sun?
  152. What about 2nd law of thermodynamics in Cyclic Universe Model?
  153. Summary of today's Fukushima report
  154. questions on the kinetic molecular theory of gases
  155. Kinetic molecular theory of gases
  156. New Boson Discovered by ATLAS collaboration
  157. Pressure diffusion
  158. video - would this experimental setup detect a potential?
  159. Expanding Universe
  160. Simplifying phisics
  161. Thermodynamical thought experiment with time reversing loop?
  162. How are Headphones able to produce immense sound effects?
  163. Black Hole Location in Universe
  164. Persistent Current
  165. Light Year Calculation
  166. 400 nm laser pumped by HB fusion?
  167. slit screen experiment question
  168. Question on dark energy...
  169. The Universe in different dimensions
  170. black objects
  171. finding the the next big thing
  172. Perpetual Energy- the expansion of freezing water
  173. bohr model: cloud or rings?
  174. Are Weight & Temperature Linked ?
  175. Displacement amplitude of sound wave at minimum audible intensity
  176. Magnetic Field of an electric generator.
  177. What are physicists worth?
  178. Questions about gravity
  179. Close look at the gyro
  180. Time Travel is Imposible
  181. intra atomic space
  182. Addition of extra electrons to the plasma
  183. Forces throughout universe?
  184. Dynamical Csimir effect
  185. exact distance where gravity of earth ends?
  186. what is balancing force in universe?
  187. why sound cant be polarised?
  188. can we go back in time?
  189. Those neutrinos that keep breaking the speed limit.
  190. Faster Than Light?
  191. Heat Dissipation Question
  192. Problem with the constancy of the speed of light.
  193. Ventriloquial Sonic Laser
  194. Repeatable energy storage
  195. Ionization by resonance?
  196. electromagnetic waves
  197. is there any negative / anti -energy? (like matter)
  198. Mass of photon
  199. Vision at the speed of light
  200. light and relativity
  201. On the Origin of "p = mv"
  202. SteveH time machine
  203. Synchrotron radiation equation?
  204. What would happen to light if...
  205. Flywheel Bike:
  206. Solution Manual of Statics, Meriam&Kraige(6th Edition).pdf
  207. what makes buoyancy?
  208. The spring buoyancy
  209. escape velocity for an object on earth
  210. spherical vs cylindrical lens
  211. can shadow be of green red etc colors
  212. coal vs matter
  213. if matter has inertia then what energy has!
  214. intermediate between matter and energy?
  215. How many volts of electricity are needed to ignite a stick of unsalted butter?
  216. photon zero mass and e=mc^2
  217. photon zero mass and e=mc^2
  218. 2 questions on neutrinos
  219. Does water vapor equal the same mass of rain?
  220. has dark matter been proven?
  221. Relativity and time.
  222. pressure problem
  223. Pressure on a lateral side of a tank
  224. Introduction to hydrodymanics?
  225. Steady State question
  226. I'm really curious
  227. Nuclear Equations
  228. mass increase and time dilation
  229. Times of Flight between a Source and a Detector observed from a GPS satelite
  230. Why is time ignored by physics?
  231. A bird flies into a train
  232. Can you move an atom like this?
  233. Confused about black holes?
  234. Propagation of waves
  235. Pressure at points on the same horizontal plane
  236. Entropy versus the cosmological constant
  237. powerful levitation
  238. Thermo equilibrium
  239. Standing waves on a spring
  240. Rotation matrix formulation from 2 angles in the first coordinate system
  241. voltage in a synchrotron
  242. Extreme Levitation
  243. question on archimeneds principle
  244. Vollema Value
  245. Moddeling mass in water
  246. Special relativity breaks down in media?
  247. help needed
  248. Extreme Levitation
  249. TE / TM polarization of a Laser Diode
  250. Atmosphere to a galaxy