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  1. Cartesian Keplerian Orbit?
  2. derivation of E=hf?
  3. mechanic hoist system
  4. Air Pressure question
  5. The Fundamental Forces of Nature Question
  6. How fundamental is the Law of the Lever?
  7. Superconductivity and Pressure?
  8. Balancing entries: contacting ET by means of relay chat
  9. Expansion problem question
  10. If Hubble discovered that the universe was expanding, then why did Permutter get the Nobel
  11. If galaxies are moving further away from us, aren't we the center of the Universe?
  12. Confusion over derivation of angular momentum
  13. Gravity/mass
  14. what is the name of this relativity formula?
  15. inspirational video
  16. Can gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) release gold ions?
  17. Lorentz Force Paradox?
  18. Convert math notation to latex?
  19. Wavelength and chroma in the Lch-colour space?
  20. beginning help
  21. What are the formula for relativity theory
  22. Interpretation of deformation electron density maps (for Al alloys).
  23. Acceleration and Deceleration - The breaking point of a rope
  24. Spin, Twisting & GUT
  25. Derivation of General Relativity
  26. Controlling of RH and temp of air.
  27. Gravity, The Strong Nuclear Force and Anti Matter
  28. dissertation
  29. List of all the cross and dot products in physics?
  30. Wavefunction and quanta
  31. How to rearrange particles in matter?
  32. Big crunch again (Last time I swear!)
  33. Earth
  34. How is information transmitted from satelites?
  35. antimony 126 decay scheme help
  36. Energy
  37. work done by spring force
  38. Help with Single slit experiment
  39. Curious about effect of earth rotation on air travel times?
  40. Superfluid Plasmas
  41. Measuring Energy
  42. Physics Education: I could really use some advice
  43. CERN Trip 2013
  44. (Ask) Quantum Machine
  45. How is the age of the universe calculated???
  46. nanoparticle
  47. Van de graaf expert required
  48. Barycentric Time Dilation
  49. magnetic anomonly described by NASA
  50. Can you help me understand the double slit experiment
  51. The Mechanical Universe
  52. Does this theory REALLY proves Many World theory of QM?
  53. Perpetual Motion
  54. Sonic Weaponry + Destructive Interference Dead Spots
  55. Fastest Spinning Object Ever, At 60 Million RPM
  56. Center of Universe?
  57. Infinite acceleration dilemma.
  58. Motion within a infinite space
  59. Fermi Bubble Geometry and Mixmaster Model?
  60. Nuclear Fussion
  61. A salt pan's reflectiveness
  62. Maximum speed in space(ish)
  63. moving faster than light violates causality?
  64. do devices that cause complete and permanent blindness from a powerful flash exist?
  65. Ok, here is PROOF that the universe IS finite!
  66. Atmospheric retention
  67. explaining the universe
  68. The most stunning science website ever !!!
  69. Gallaxy Colliding
  70. Delta-V for "direct descent" to the lunar surface?
  71. Sides of a holographic screen?
  72. A new type of capacitor?
  73. Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?
  74. Flatness Problem: To call a spade a spade.
  75. One Equation?
  76. Why we need diferent models to explain the underlying laws of the universe?
  77. SPLIT : Discussion of Solving Einstein Equations Sticky
  78. Momentum in space
  79. Why Push Gravity Does Not Work
  80. Does exist the time at very small scales (eg Electrón or Planck scale)?
  81. Air compression
  82. Solving the Einstein Field Equations
  83. The fluidyne
  84. mass of an object in water
  85. plasma
  86. Piezoelectricity
  87. Railroad Car Energy Storage
  88. Ways to transmit electricity
  89. Why are String theory and M-theory considered scientific theories?
  90. Light / Laser to change paint color on distance?
  91. Helium Spectrum
  92. beginner physics book?
  93. Crookes Radiometer at Home Depot
  94. The second Higgs boson?
  95. What would one see from inside a reflective sphere?
  96. General Proof that Special Relativity is Self-Consistent
  97. can we build a sound dependent resistor
  98. How is carbon formed? From what?
  99. What are different kinds of "futuristic X-Ray" technology
  100. Is the world gray?
  101. Temperature of a box containing heated water
  102. Strings or quarks?
  103. Infinite electricity
  104. False vacuum
  105. parallelogram of forces problems, help
  106. Name your favorite theories
  107. SPLIT : Discussion of Relativity Tests Sticky
  108. Modern Tests of Relativity
  109. Planck time
  110. Relativity for dummies (as in, me)
  111. Timetravel
  112. Decoherence
  113. Floating on Neptune? (pressure? density? gravity?)
  114. Why does radioactive material decay exponentially as opposed to at a constant rate?
  115. String
  116. Gravity question
  117. Color Charge
  118. Spin
  119. How does light gain momentum?
  120. Dimensions
  121. Gauginos and other particles.
  122. Relativity
  123. Water properties under pressure
  124. Fringing force
  125. Pool Physics
  126. Piezoelectricity
  127. Why are there dimensions?
  128. Help me start the journey to a Physics degree
  129. work and gravity
  130. Nightmare Scenario
  131. How charge is distributed in nucleon, nucleus? Can proton share its charge with neutron?
  132. Light - Wave & Particle Duality
  133. Asking about lifting an object of mass 5 kg against gravity
  134. Guess:How much is I2 as measured value?
  135. photo-electric cells + colour?
  136. Will there be any more laws of physics?
  137. What if there was life in another galaxy?
  138. What force holds a human being's atoms together?
  139. Wave
  140. I need a study book that deals with the math of Physics
  141. Question about sunlight and wavelength at different latitudes
  142. Love the Quantum Bomb
  143. How is the Higgs mass measured?
  144. about space ships
  145. question about colors and light
  146. Energy swirling around an electron
  147. why walking shoe worn out?
  148. Cloud and Bubbles
  149. Inertial mass
  150. Speed of light question
  151. angular velocity.
  152. physics and system dynamics
  153. The scale of the universe!
  154. PSU as a Magnet generator powering a computer
  155. how does a higgs field get excited?
  156. Suspended magnet with a small plastic model?
  157. Journal articles on the concept of mass
  158. HELP : linear momentum.
  159. Exotic Matter and a Higgs-Boson question
  160. Northern lights
  161. Big Rock turned into small Bullet
  162. If photons are the carriers of magnetism, then..
  163. In the beginning... what do we believe existed first outside the singularity?
  164. "Shape" of the Universe
  165. faster than light communication (obviously I'm mistaken somewhere)
  166. antigravity
  167. worm holes
  168. The future of Nuclear Power? LFTRs
  169. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  170. God particle hunter is an Indonesian
  171. Conservation of Energy vs. Conservation of Angular Momentum
  172. Expanding Universe
  173. the higgs boson
  174. Beyond the big bang
  175. Helium-3
  176. Defining Physics in a way that kids understand (Nuclear Fission and Fusion)
  177. If you could bottle dark energy...
  178. A few questions :)
  179. gravitational force
  180. Do atoms lose mass as they slow down?
  181. CERN physicists report strong evidence of Higgs boson
  182. does the electromagnetic field have density
  183. How much time did it really take?
  184. Time and Distance
  185. Gravitational Force Too Large; Distance Too Small
  186. Theory of relativity, where to begin?
  187. Ultrasonic rays
  188. Range of the electromagnetic waves
  189. Photon mass (or not) as pertains to light pressure and solar sails
  190. Universal Symmetry, Was C Faster In The Past
  191. Energy directly proportional to frequency of wave ..?
  192. Black-body radiation concept...Help.
  193. Basic electrical current theory trouble
  194. Lens Magnification Calculation
  195. Double-Slit: Possible Reason for Disappearance of Interference
  196. First experiments and results of CERN
  197. Nonstandard approach to relativity
  198. How to make a map of rising air, in 3 dimensions, from a distance, and in real-time? For use by (glider) planes.
  199. Question about moving objects in space
  200. Conservation of momentum in perfectly elastic collisions
  201. Terminal Velocity without Drag?
  202. Causality in our two worlds
  203. Will the exhaust of a rocket move straightly backwards forever?
  204. An expriment makes me confused!
  205. Carbon Dioxide-CO2 Replacing Steam
  206. A free cost ELF comunication
  207. Uncertainty
  208. exhaust system of automobiles
  209. Main principles of Ling's physical theory of the living cell
  210. Uncertainty Principle
  211. Operators in QM
  212. theory of general relativity: please help.
  213. Does vacuum have friction?
  214. does time have an elementary unit?
  215. What is the most powerful form of destruction known to science?
  216. Trajectory of a jet of water
  217. Irradiance distribution of an optical system with Gaussian source using fft functions
  218. The Holographic Principle with Special Relativity
  219. Zero Total Energy
  220. Charpy impact testing angle measurement suggestions
  221. Thyristor or Transistor
  222. Calculate friction for falling object
  223. magnetic resonance in a variable field
  224. particle dimensions
  225. Question about magnetism.
  226. Real Gravity vs. Pseudo-Gravity
  227. n particle probability density function divied by one paricle probablity density functions equal to n particle probability distribution function???
  228. vibration and magnetism
  229. A diamond sword so sharp that it can cut through virtually anything?
  230. Do electrons, protons, neutrons, REALLY exist???
  231. Faster than the speed of light
  232. Hot rocks energy harness
  233. Optics help
  234. magnetic field of superconductors
  235. source for the NavierStokes equations
  236. Differentiating between gravity and the General Theory of Relativity
  237. what is an adaptive noise?
  238. why mach no ?
  239. Would a deep space flight really require cryogenic freezing?
  240. Could there be a harmless electricity?
  241. Need your comments on the principle of floatation
  242. Canonical Distribution with 3 states
  243. Wave-Particle Duality
  244. what would a paramagnet do?
  245. testing resistivities
  246. basic questions about electron spin
  247. Electromagnetic manipulation of lasers
  248. Object gaining relativistic mass as it accelerates
  249. Final M-Theory Equation
  250. Does Halo's NOVA bomb have any truth to it whatsoever?